Friday, September 28, 2012

My boyfriend is not as good-looking as most of the men I have dated in the past,Should I marry him?

My boyfriend is not as good looking as most of the men I have dated in the past. He is not as good looking as my best friend's boyfriend, but he is a great chef. He treats me like his sister and tells me a lot of things that a good father tells his daughter. He proposed marriage last night, but I need to think about his looks once again.

He is one of those happy people and even after we have been going out for over 6 months, I'm yet to find out what makes him happy almost all the time. He has a good job and his parents are great. I really cannot work it out in my head why his looks bother me.

Should I marry him?


  1. If this story is true then u need get over urself looks is not everything u need a man that will love u take care of u and a man that will u happy i think he looks has nothing to do with it i think it u not loving urself enough to no when something good is in front of u

  2. My dia luks will gradually fade wot wud stand time are d qualities ur man hav. U wud not luk like dis 10yrs down d marrige i promise u dat. So does dat mean he can den marry anoda wife... Marry d man n make him luk gud since u knw wat u want in luks. Enjoy ur man.