Friday, September 28, 2012

I*N*S*U*L*T*S! Saudi-Arabia Deports more Nigerian Women Pilgrims.

**510 deportee arrived today.
**171 were deported on Wednesday.
**1,500 in detention in Saudi.
**a man joined his wife home, as she was not allowed into Saudi.

The deceitful government of Saudi Arabia last night ignored protests by the Nigerian government over the deportation of our female pilgrims to the Holy land.
The second batch of Nigerian female pilgrims numbering 510 arrived Aminu Kano International Airport to add to the 171 deported yesterday.

It is no apparent that the bogus reason given by the double-tongue Saudi Govt, that Nigerian female pilgrims were without their statutory male escorts which is a prerequisite to entry into the country was not totally correct, but a show of disrespect to Nigerians by the Kingdom.

A Nigerian male pilgrim whose wife was also detained protested why his wife should be denied entry and detained with other 1,500 female Nigerians, but his protest that he came with her fell on deaf ears.
He decided to return home with his wife.

The involvement of other married women that travelled with their husbands and/or certified male escorts, but were also refused entry shows that there were more to the stance of the Saudi authorities than meets the eyes.

This arrogance and pig-headedness of the racist Saudi Arabian government cannot be condoned any more.
Iran pulled out of Mecca and Medina religous visits, when they were treated in a similar disrespectful manner. Iran recorded a shocking revenue when their own shrine was turned to a religious site of about $5.8billion, as Shiites all over the world redirected their visit to Iran.

Enough of these humiliation is enough!


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