Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Help!!! My Boyfriend Is Sleeping With My Junior Sister


Pls i nid ur advice.
My name is atinuke afolabi, am 4rm ondo state. Am 21yrs old and my boyfrd is 26yrs old and i have a junior sister just a sister 2 me,so i ntroduced my boyfrd 2 her and vice-versa. After 6mnth of introducing my sister 2 my boyfrd, my boyfrd toasted dis grl. 1day my sister told me dat my boyfrd is toasting her, i told her dat hes just pulling ur leg. After a mnth, i dnt heard anytin 4rm my sister again. So i called my boyfrd dat my sister told me dat u are disturbing her and he said am just playing wit her. 1mnth latr, i travelled 2 lagos, wen i came back i collected my sister phone and go tru her msg, and i saw both of dem sending demselves luv msg. I was shocked i dnt knw wat 2 do again, i started crying immediately,my sister saw me and asked y am crying i said notin, she told my boyfrd dat am crying,my boyfrd called me and sat me down,he asked me 3times y am crying i said notin. I desired 2 asked my boyfrd dat are u dating m
y sister, he said NO,we are just frd.i was sad dat day, i desired 2 travelled back 2 lagos so dat i wil b hapi. After a mnth, i came home, i saw both of dem have fought eachodar, i was surprised and happy. 2days latr, i called my boyfrd dat am around, hes happy 2 see me too, i talked 2 him asif i d'nt anytin, hes happy d way i talk so he now desired 2 tell me what is going on between him and my sister. He said dat my sister is too rude,lack of home training e.t.c. Dat he just wnt 2 treat her fucked up by fucking her.he said, hes nt in luv wit her. He told me wat dey always do 2geda like romantics,kissing e.t.c to d point of sex. I was shocked wen i heard dis,he begged me 2 4give him and 4get abt d issue and he promised nt 2 repeat it again, i accepted his 4giveness bcos i luv him so much, and i cnt leave him 4 anybody,I was happy 4 that. After 3weeks, dey both started talking 2 each odar witout my concerned, i try 2 touched my sister phone,and i saw there conversation by changing his name 2 slang e.g [~^¿*>] am shocked again wen i saw dis. So i desired 2 asked my boyfrd, i asked him but he turned it 2 angry,insulted me dat am jealous dat i shuld go if i wnt 2 go,dat hes tired of me, so i took it patient wit him by begging him. Now my boyfrd and my sister are back again. I dnt knw wat 2 do 2 dem bcos he told me dat he wanted 2 fucked dat grl and leave her. I dnt knw if is tru wit what he told me or nt.and wat cn i do wit dat my sister personally and dat guy,bcos i cnt talk it anymore.


  1. D three of u r nt matured enough. It's betta u quit dat relationship b4 it hit u below d belt.

  2. you need to quit that relationship. The guy doesnt know What he wants. He is Not matured