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How I travelled from London to Nigeria by road – Newton Jibunoh

Dr. Newton Jibunoh is a man of many parts. An arts enthusiast and environmental activist, the 74-year-old founder of Didi Museum and Fight Against Desert Encroachment, a Non Governmental Organisation, wears his passion like a badge.

Surrounded by art in different forms at Didi Museum, venue for the hour-long chat, the former chairman of Costain West Africa, speaks animatedly about his interests that have since become his identity.

On the museum, he says, it is an educational institution which he traces its genesis to a small room in Apapa.

“As a child, missionaries referred to these artifacts as taboos and tried to get my people to get rid of them,” he recalls. “What shocked me was that the missionaries were taking away some of those things. When I got to London in the early 60s and visited the British museum, I found most of these works there. So, I decided to start a campaign to keep our history. When I returned to Nigeria in 1966, I started collecting works. Moreover, because I was also finding myself in the midst of artists like Segun Olusola, Akin Yuba, Wole Soyinka, Dr Ekpeyong, I learnt a lot from them.

“Dr Ekpeyong, who was the director-general of the National Museum, would come to my house and see the works. He always commended them and urged me to show it to the public. That was how I started from a parlour exhibition to a room exhibition and to what it is now.”

Famous for his trips across the desert, Jibunoh rhapsodises on his first trip which he made when he was in his 20s. “When you are in your 20s, that is what I will regard as your formative era, when you decide who you are and where you are headed. One of such examples was the arrest and trial of Nelson Mandela. He said on the day he was sentenced, ‘this is my cause, this is what I believe in, and I will continue to do so even if I die in the process.’ The other statement was that of John .F. Kennedy, who was challenged for trying to explore the space and the moon because of the huge amount of money America, was investing in it. He told his opponents that it was only by doing hard things that good things come out. That also stayed with me and that inspiration started in earnest. I decided that I was going to be part of my era and the only way to do that was to try the impossible. It took me six months to get to Nigeria from London.”

You wonder why he still takes the risk of going on expeditions at his age. In a fit of amusement, he enumerates the reasons for his sustained interest.

“It is like going to the moon and what they have achieved by going to the moon. To go on an expedition like this, you have to put your life on the line and be ready to die. You do not do things like this for nothing; you have to have a course because many times people have asked what this whole thing is about. It is about the air we breathe, it is about the water we drink, the food we eat and it is about the land we came out from and will go back to when we die. How much are we doing to protect and preserve the land that is so important for life?”

Recounting his several near-death experiences, he tells without mincing words that he is undeterred. “If you are stuck in the sand and you cannot get your car out of the sand and you do everything (maybe for four or five hours) and you are 600 miles from help, what do you do? You just stay there and die. Alternatively, when you are attacked by bandits, they wonder why you are there, and they want to kill you, what do you do? You either surrender or try to talk them out of it.

“I have gone through so many near-death situations but somehow, I think it is the fact that once you are ready to die for anything, death stays away from you. It is when you are scared of dying and you are faced with death that you panic.”

In spite of all these, he still finds time to relax. “I do relax but maybe when I go to that six feet beneath, I will relax. I do many things and I cycle around a lot. When I am in London, I use my bicycle to go everywhere because there are bicycle tracks. In my village in Delta, I ride my bicycle. The same applied in Amsterdam, wherever I go to visit my daughter and grandchildren. In Lagos, I don’t ride often and when I have to, I take my bicycle to some island or one of these estates where it’s a lot safer.”

Bu his childhood was not as pleasant. Hear him: “I did not know I was an orphan until I was seven years old. What my sister and I were told was that our parents travelled. Family and friends offered to put us up here and because of that, I went to so many schools.”

His educational sojourn brought him to Lagos. “After secondary school, I came to Lagos, where I did a number of courses at the emergency science school now known as YABATECH. First, I got a job with the Federal Ministry of Works and I found out that I could sit for scholarship examinations. I failed the first time and passed the second time. That was how I travelled out of Nigeria to study building engineering in 1961 and I graduated in 1965. I then came back to Nigeria in 1967 and went back to the Ministry of Works where I worked for a little over a year. I found that I was not sufficiently challenged and I left there for a private sector organisation, which was like a subsidiary of Costain. From there, I moved on to Costain and whilst there, for 36 years, I worked there — I was CEO for 16 years.”

Married to Elizabeth, he remembers their meeting many years back. “It was a Christmas day. I did not have what you would call a family, so, I liked moving around during Christmas. That Christmas morning, I saw two young women and it turned out that the other lady had spent the night at my wife’s place. So, she escorted her to her parents’ place to explain why she spent the night.

“On my way back, I saw my wife alone and I greeted. She ignored me but I repeated my greeting and I followed her. She continued to ignore me and I followed her to the house where she just walked in. At night, I went back to that same house and met her mother, who was pleased with my honesty. Today, we have five children and nine grandchildren.”

Ask him what he would like to be remembered for and he stares back at you in amazement and says, “Anytime I am asked that question, I am at a loss. When I am gone, I am gone. I think it is my legacy that will determine. I do not think I want to predict. First, I do not know when I am going and I do not know how I am going to go. When I hear people talk about what they would like to be remembered for, I am not impressed.”

Source: PM News

Dance Queen Kaffy Set to launch own dance reality TV show

The Guinness book of record long dance record holder is set to launch her own reality TV show, it’s a dance reality show, watch out and it’ll soon hit the show biz world.

Oba Of Benin Honours 2face, Uti Nwachukwu, Others

Taken from Nigerain Entertainment Today

Hardwork, perseverance and dedication to one’s art will always be recognized sooner or later. Not minding his relatively young age or state of origin, the Oba of Benin Kingdom, Oba Uku Akpolokpolo Erediauwa yesterday in Benin, Edo state gave honour to whom it was due as he recognized and honored African pop icon Innocent “2face” Idibia.

The event which celebrated the ‘Oba of Benin as a Preserver’ was attended by a number of personalities including Big Brother Africa winner Uti Nwachukwu and Nollywood movie producer Lancelot Imaseun Oduwa amongst others.

The 37-year-old musician who was one of few personalities so honoured by the Oba, was given two wrist bands made of beads.

A very excited 2face took to his Twitter page to show off his beads while he wrote;
‘Oba of Benin just gave me some royal beads! I’m so excited and honoured! One love 2 Benin kingdom’.

Janet Jackson Plans $20M Wedding With Arab Billionaire Wissam al Mana

Janet Jackson is planning a world class wedding with her Arab billionaire fiance, Wissam al Mana, insiders disclosed. The wedding expenses is expected to cost $20 million US dollars.

In a rare show of appreciation to all invited guests,the couple would be giving out $10,000 dollars as ‘Thank you for coming’ gift.

Information so far gathered shows that the wedding would take place in Qatar, the home country of Mana. A yet to be announced date has been fixed for 2013.46 year old Janet sees nothing wrong in dating or marrying a younger person as long as they are happy together.

14 year old Girl Strangles Her Newborn Baby, Hides His Body In Shoe Box & Dumps It Inside

A pregnant fourteen-year-old girl secretly delivered her baby with a pair of scissors in the family bathroom before throttling the boy to death and hiding the body in a shoe box.

Cassidy Goodison, 14, has been charged as an adult with first degree murder after police learned how she killed her child following months of fearfully disguising her pregnancy from her mother and father.

Her harrowing case has shocked even experienced officers and graphically illustrates the problems of the 750,000 teenage Americans who fall pregnant every year.

Goodison went into labor in her home in Greenbrier Village, Florida on September 19 and instead of calling for help, disguised her screams of pain by running the tap and gripping a towel between her teeth as she sat on the toilet.

After prising the 9.5lb boy form her body with a pair of scissors, she felt for a pulse and then strangled the boy to death and hid his corpse in a shoe box with dirty laundry.

Three days later, as Teresa Goodson cleaned her daughter’s room, a foul odour drew her attention to a pile of soiled, wet clothes in which she found the deceased infant hidden in a box.

An autopsy performed determined the victim was a full term infant and that he was alive and breathing prior to death. He died as a result of asphyxia from strangulation and blunt force trauma.

Miss Goodson had gone to great lengths to hide the transformation of her 5ft 3in 100lb body during pregnancy, according to Polk County officials.

Throughout the summer, as she walked around in baggy sweat pant and loose-fitting T-shirts.

Members of her family grew suspicious of her appearance and attempted to discuss the possibility she was pregnant with the teen’s mother.

But Mrs Goodson denied the suggestions, said the report, claiming that she had made her daughter do two home tests, albeit in the privacy of her bathroom, which both came out negative.

Husband Timothy Goodson agreed meanwhile that he had noticed Miss Goodson’s weight gain and that she had been walking around at home wrapped in a blanket.

An interview with the teenager on September 22 revealed that after the 14-year-old had delivered the 9.5lb, 20.4in boy into the toilet, she had felt for a pulse and then strangled him to death.

Confirming he was dead by once again checking his pulse, she then cleaned herself and the baby and tucked the evidence out of sight.

Shortly after, however, Mrs Goodson noticed blood in the toilet she knew had been recently used by her daughter so took her to Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

There medical staff treating the high school student told Mrs Goodson that she had suffered a miscarriage and showed four to five lacerations on her v*g*nal wall.

Though these injuries were in reality self-inflicted when the teenager had pried the baby out of her with a pair of scissors, she falsely confessed to her mother that she had indeed had a miscarriage at home and flushed the fetus down the toilet by mistake.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies, along with members of the Department of Children and Families responded to a call from the hospital reporting the case and details were retained by the PCSO Bureau of Criminal Investigations for follow up investigations.

According to the Sheriff’s Office affidavit, on the evening of September 22, at approximately 7.30pm, Mrs Goodson removed a bag of smelly, wet clothing from a storage stool in her daughter’s bedroom.

While sorting through the clothing she found the body of the baby concealed in the shoe box.

In a panic, Mrs Goodson called her sisters who in turn alerted the police.

Miss Goodson told detectives she was motivated to hide her pregnancy and choke the baby ‘to stop him from breathing,’ by the fear that her relationship with her parents would change if they found out the truth.

Miss Goodson was arrested on Thursday and transported first to the Juvenile Assessment Center and then to the Polk County Juvenile Detention Facility.

She is charged with Premeditated First Degree Murder, a capital felony and Aggravated Child Abuse, a first degree felony.

Polk County Public Information officer, Donna Wood, told MailOnline: This is the most perplexing, confusing, disheartening case I’ve ever seen in my 18 years on this job. Everyone has been touched by it.’

Read more: DailyMail

Dencia Posts HOT and SEXY Photos

Continue to see more photos below: like???

Bayelsa State Governor, Mr. Seriake Dickson Critically Ill,Flown Abroad

There was public concern over the health of the Bayelsa State Governor, Mr. Seriake Dickson, on Friday.
It was gathered that the governor had been absent from the state for over three weeks fuelling speculations that he might have been sick.

While some said Dickson was flown to the United Kingdom to be treated of an undisclosed ailment, others insisted that the governor took some days off to rest.

There was also an indication that Dickson may miss all the activities lined up for the Independence Day and the 16th anniversary celebration for the creation of the state.
But the government broke its silence over the matter debunking claims that the governor’s absence was caused by illness.

The government said the governor was on official and private tour abroad, maintaining that Dickson was on a working leave.
The Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Affairs, Chief Fred Agbedi, said the governor was hale and hearty.
He insisted that his absence had not in any way affected the administration of the state.

He said, “Governor Henry Seriake Dickson has gone abroad in his bid to woo investors and develop the state. On a private note, the Governor is also on holiday. He has not gone on holiday since his election into the House of Representatives, which he won after the turbulent rerun, and shortly after that, he went into the governorship primaries.

“He went through a rigorous campaign. Since then he has not taken a deserved rest and that is what he is doing now. The Governor did not travel because of ill-health but he travelled for the interest of the state and to rest. He added that there was no law that made it compulsory for the governor to be present during the Independence anniversary celebration.


May D Flaunts New Car With Personalized Number

The singer, who recently started his own record label, Confam Entertainment, just got himself a 2011 Nissan Maxima with personalized number - May D

R*E*V*E*A*L*E*D! Canadian High Commission Denied Adegbite Visa for Medical Trip Before his Death.

It was learned that yesterday’s death of the prominent Islamic Cleric and senior legal practitioner, Dr. Abdulateef Adegbite, may have been a consequence of unexpected interruptions to his routine medical checkups, a key one of which arose from a new Canadian policy under which he was denied a visa to travel to that country two months ago.

Although family sources say they do not want to trade blames over the cause of the late cleric’s death, some medical accounts show that his health grew critical after he was denied an important travel opportunity by the Canadian High Commission. At the time, his health grew so bad that rumours began to fly that he had died, but they were dispelled by his wife, Hajiya Modinat Adegbite.

The Canadian High Commission reportedly denied all visa applications, citing new a directive to thoroughly screen applicants regardless of their status. That development affected Dr. Adegbite’s plan for treatment in Canada, and may have contributed to the deterioration of his health for close to two months before he was eventually flown to London for the treatment he needed.

Alhaji Adegbite, 79, was battling symptoms of old age and had been taking care of himself through such trips until his experience with the Canadian High Commission two months ago.

The Secretary to the Late Chief Adegbite at his Law Chambers in Lagos, partly identified as Mr. Yusuf, said all efforts were made to ensure Dr. Abdulateef’s record and status were immediately verified to enable him proceed to Canada when his health grew worse, but that the High Commission did not yield.

“His friends and associates tried all that they could to enable him clear the visa for his treatment in Canada, but all proved abortive” said Mr. Yusuf.

He further described the circumstances in which Dr. Adegbite’s children finally made the decision to fly him to London for his treatment, noting that in the one and half months that his family was actively trying to obtain the Canadian visa and his being taken to London, Dr. Adegbite was receiving medical attention at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital [LUTH].

A member of his legal chambers in Lagos said before Dr. Adegbite’s July attempt to fly into Canada, he had been visiting that country twice a year, one for his sabbatical rest and the other for medical treatment. Dr. Adegbite’s last return from Canada was on 18th March, 2012 and he celebrated his 79th birthday one week later, on 26th March, 2012.

One of the cleric’s more memorable recent activities was his well-publicised advice to the United States to exercise caution in designating the violent Islamic sect in Nigeria, Boko Haram, a terrorist group.


Woman Butchered By Husband For Infidelity (GRAPHICAL PHOTO)

The picture above has been trending on social media for some days now. According to the story circulating, the woman in the picture was caught cheating by her husband and the end result is what you see in the picture.

It happened somewhere in the country. Isn't this just the height of madness? 

Three of 10 Nigerian men are not fathers of their ‘kids’ -DNA expert

Is paternity testing becoming an issue in Nigeria?

We have seen that there is serious need for it because in many homes things are happening that are scary both to the lives of children and their parents. And for the general statistics that is now available, it is found that three out of every ten men are not the fathers of their babies. Similarly, three out of every ten children are not fathered by men they have seen as their biological fathers. What we have found out is that, anytime we take ten men, at least three of them eventually found that they are not the fathers of the children they call their own. And these men would have taken care of the children for all their lives.

Now, the global statistics is 100, 000 out of every 300, 000 men. But what we have found that is that the situation is higher in Nigeria than other places. For example in our laboratory here, 50 per cent of the cases comes out negative. And we also realised that majority of the first-borns are affected. You only need to be here to see big men cry like little kids and watch children weep in agony. It has been that bad. And I dare say it is becoming something every home must do and you may be quite surprised at the level of dastard revelation.

About thirty per cent of fathers are unknowingly bringing up children who are not biologically theirs. And it is suspected that this percentage may be on the increase due to sexual recklessness. According to recent trends in sexual health, especially in Nigeria, it was suggested that unprotected sex and multiple partners are comparatively common occurrences with a large proportion of conceptions still unplanned. So, more than half, that is, 50 per cent of all paternity tests carried out by our lab comes out negative and the most affected are first-borns, except in a few cases.

Do these cases happen mostly in matrimonial settings or in casual relationships?

In both matrimony and casual affiliations! I tell you, we have had series of married men come here and go back home devastated. In one instance, a man came here with his wife. Out of the five children he thought were his own, he discovered that only two belonged to him. And they are both duly married, living together as husband and wife. You see, the major problem we have in our country is that most of these cases are not duly documented. So, people don’t know we have such issues among us. In fact, some even don’t know where to go for the test to determine their child or children’s paternity. And I tell you, if you go to ten homes as we speak, you will be amazed to find that in almost all of them the children there do not belong to the men. It is that rampant.

If it is that rampant, how would you describe the three years since you started testing men?

Now, the general statistics by the American Association of Blood Banks is that globally, 100, 000 out of 300, 000 men are not the actual fathers of their presumed children. And like I said earlier, the Nigerian situation is even alarming. Also, Duess International, the condom manufacturers, once noted that Nigeria has the most reckless sexual life. So, you can then imagine what the outcome would be like if we say okay, let’s start taking statistics one-by-one.

How many families do you attend to each week?

We test about 15 to 20 families. People come here as a result of various types of controversies over the paternity of certain children. You know, families have come to us with claims that a child neither takes after the mother nor the father in looks and character. So, the man of the house would be curious to ascertain facts. And when they come here with such children, the fears of the fathers have often been affirmed. Fathers usually have the doubts; maybe he has been hearing some rumours, and you know, men are often the last to hear such things about themselves. Until many of them come here to take the test, they have nurtured other men’s children before realising it.

What does it take to do a paternity test?

Technology has made it so easy. It is just like any other deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test. In less than two seconds, we take the sample from the man. We use the Helix Swabs like a “big cotton buds” to extract some cells from the man’s mouth. We rub the ‘Swab’ up-and-down the mouth to get some epithelial cells from around the cheek bone. In the nucleus of every cell, there is DNA. Once we collect that, we purify, extract and then multiply it and get the genetic profile which we then send to DNA laboratory abroad for testing.

What happens in situations where DNA samples do not match as we saw with someDANA victims?

So many reasons could be responsible for that. We have had a case in which a boy went to an hospital to claim the body of his deceased dad and on testing him, it was found that he was not fathered by the dead man. The genetic profile of the boy does not match with that of the man he claimed to be his father. And DNAs don’t lie. The medical experts conducting these tests have nothing personal against the people that come to them for testing. Every human being take half of the genetic profile from either parent. Therefore, it is a matter of case closed if the genetic profile of the living does not match with that of the dead man. He is simply not that father.

Source: The Nation

Woman Killed Boyfriend After Facebook Fight

A woman in Puerto Rico is suspected of killing her boyfriend after he became upset about her activities on Facebook, police say.

Wilnilia Sanchez Falcon, 30, is expected to be charged over the death of 25-year-old Jesus Rivera Algarin, according to Lieutenant Candido Pagan. The victim was stabbed in the torso at a house in the central mountain town of Comerio.

Mr Pagan said the suspect’s two children, a 10-year-old boy and a girl, just under two months, were in the property when the killing happened.

But the officer also said it was not known if they witnessed the stabbing.

Mr Pagan provided no information about what Sanchez may have posted on her Facebook account to apparently upset Rivera.

He said Sanchez did not have a criminal history but Rivera was charged with domestic violence in 2010.

Please Help me! WRONG Offering to the Church.

Today in a local Church in Abuja, Mr Uche, in a hurry to give his offering, mistakenly gave the only N1,000 in his pocket, thinking it was the N100 note he earlier had planned to give.

Now he
is frustrated about this development. He is confused on whether to ask for a balance of his offering from the church pastor or forget it as one of those things.

He sincerely need your advise before he takes a costly and wrong step.


Honest Taxi Driver Rewarded $3 For Returning $10,000

If you were in the taxi driver`s shoe,what would you have done?...Or Let us put it this way,you knew you would be rewarded with a megre fee and well knew you would have to wait hours before meeting the owner of the bag that contained the money you are about returning,what would you do?...uhmmm...Read the Report below and see if their are lessons to be learnt from it.

A sum of 10 UAE dirhams (less than $3) was the reward received by an honest taxi driver, who returned a sum of 36,000 ($10,000) left behind by a passenger in the cab, a UAE daily reported.

“I have to admit I felt a little bad because I spent a lot of time trying to track the passenger down and even spent more than an hour waiting at our office for him to come and collect the money. But I would have returned the money with or without the reward, so it doesn’t matter,” UAE’s the Gulf News quoted the Pakistani driver, Shaaban Ali, as saying on Wednesday.

Ali discovered that the passenger, a Saudi, has left his bag behind, so he had to go in a few rounds looking for him, but he failed to find him, so he took the bag back to the office.

“The bag contained Dh36,000, the man’s passport and some other documents,” Ali said.

In an hour, the passenger was contacted and he came to the office to collect his belongings. “He told me thank you and handed me AED10,” Ali told the Gulf News.

According to the newspaper report Ali’s family — wife and parents — live back home in the Pakistani town of Kohat.

It was not the first incident to have taken place with drivers of the taxi company. Another Pakistani driver, Sajjad Arif, has recently returned valuable belongings to a Nigerian businessman.

“A laptop bag with 106,500 Nigerian Naira (AED 2,480), passport, laptop, blackberry, cheque books and watch was left behind in my cab,” Arif, who hails from Sialkot in Punjab, Pakistan, was quoted as saying.

“We are here to earn our money by working, and not to make easy money. No matter what I would not even consider for a second about holding on to someone else’s belongings,” he said.

Arif said that the next day the passenger collected his belongings and thanked him cordially. He added that he had returned back mobile phones and other belongings to passengers several times before.

Intresting!!! No matter the condition we find ourselves,honesty should always be our ultimate policy.


A powerful explosion has occurred at an area close to the Guest House of the Emir of Zaria in Tukur-Tukur area of Zaria.

Eyewitnesses said a powerful explosion occurred in an area already cordoned off by security agents in the city.

Earlier, gunshots rang out in the area as an unidentified Islamic cleric house and nearby Mosque was raided by troops as a result of intelligence gathered by the Joint Task Force that a group linked with Islamist militant group Boko Haram was planning a major attack on churches early Sunday.

Today's explosion happened some five minutes drive from a series of churches where some christian worshippers were killed and wounded in major bomb attacks in June.

A church leader told online media, Saharareporters that they were tipped off to the effect that Boko Haram sect members had arrived the city of Zaria with a massive car bomb since Friday.Tt There are no reports of casualties on the scene of today's explosion as at the time of publishing this report.

The spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency, Yushau Shuaib, said two persons were killed by security agents while the injured were taken to nearby hospitals.

Sad End Of A Corps Member

The desire of every young undergraduate in Nigeria is to put on the uniform of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and be addressed as a ‘corper'. But fate was very cruel to 24-year-old Augusta Chizoba Ndukwu of Umufu-Amaimo, Ikeduru Local Government area of Imo State. She was gruesomely murdered by unknown persons at Upper Iweka area of the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra State.

It was quite sad that Augusta, who had survived a series of hostilities and bombings by the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, in Adamawa State, where she observed her one-year mandatory national youth service, would painfully meet her untimely death in a place she felt was her home. Her voice was filled with joy when she spoke to her relatives in Owerri on phone, telling them that she had finally come home. She told them that she was at the luxurious park in Upper Iweka, informing them also that she would join them in Owerri the next morning. But she never lived to see the faces of her loved ones, as she was gruesomely murdered by unknown persons that fateful night.

Daily Sun gathered that the deceased, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State, was found lying in the pool of her own blood at the notorious fly-over at Upper Iweka on September 12. According to a family member and the Vice Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists, (NUJ) Imo State Council, Chief Chris Akaraonye, Chizoba left Yola, the capital of Adamawa State on September 11 where she was having her NYSC primary assignment. She was travelling to Onitsha en route Owerri but could not get to her final destination that time because it was already late.
Chief Akaraonye further said the deceased, who had boarded a luxurious bus belonging to a popular transport company (names withheld), called her relatives to inform them that she could not make it again to Owerri. She also informed them that she had decided to pass the night at the company’s motor park together with other passengers. However, according to him, the following day, the family of the deceased, including her fiancé, waited in anxiety for the arrival of Chizoba in Owerri but to no avail. They then started trying her mobile line, but it had been switched off.

“At first, we thought she had a low battery. But after waiting for almost the whole day, we realized it was not usual and we decided to make moves to know why somebody that spoke to us at 10 pm last night could not be reached on phone or could not get to Owerri. In the course of our doubts and fears, we started going through different police stations and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) formations along the Onitsha-Owerri Road to ascertain if she was involved in a motor accident.

It was when we came to Onitsha that we found her corpse at the Onitsha General Mortuary with gunshot wounds to her chest.” In the next morning, early passersby were shocked to their marrow when they beheld the gory sight of a lady lying in the pool of her own blood at the Upper Iweka axis with two travelling bags filled with children clothing and popcorn. One of the eyewitnesses who pleaded anonymity said that the deceased was a victim of ritual killers.
She confirmed that she was found lying at the Upper Iweka flyover with gunshot wounds on her chest and two travelling bags containing children clothes and popcorn beside her corpse. Though the police swiftly said the deceased could be the victim of an armed robbery attack, they also revealed that the bags were planted by the assailants to divert police investigations, stressing that the police had commenced investigations into the circumstances surrounding the murder.

The Campaign for Democracy (CD), South East Zone has reacted to the incident, describing it as a sin against God and humanity. The group called for proper investigations into the matter with a view to unravelling the circumstances surrounding the senseless killing of the deceased. The Chairman, South East Zone, Dede Uzor. A. Uzor condemned the act while calling on the Inspector General of Police, Mr.Mohammed Abubarka to personally detail a crack team of investigative police officers to look into the death of the corps member. Dede Uzor further questioned the omission of the deceased’s name in the passengers’ manifest and the alleged role that the transport company played when they returned the bags of the deceased to Yola without contacting the police.
Also speaking on the incident, Chairman of Ndigbo Unity Forum, Mr. Augustine Chukwudum condemned the act, describing it as the most wicked act and cruelty ever meted out to any corps member in the history of the state. Mr. Chukwudum also said his group would mobilize to make sure that criminal elements are sacked from the commercial city. He said the presence of such criminals was hindering the development of commerce and industry in the city.
However, policemen attached to the Central Police Station, CPS, Onitsha led by the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Mr. Abdul Yusuf said they have arrested three persons in connection with the death of the corps member, adding that they were still working to unravel the circumstances surrounding the murder of the deceased.
The police said, though, that it could be possible that the girl was murdered at the park by some criminals who then took her body to the Upper Iweka where they kept two bags containing clothes belonging to a boy of six years just to divert police investigations.
According to the police, the deceased was not a victim of ritual killing. It was further gathered that the driver of the luxury bus that brought the deceased from Yola to Onitsha on that fateful night, the manager of the transport company and one other person whose identities were not yet known as at press time have been arrested by the police.
They were picked up to allegedly help give insight to the death of the corps member as well as explain how and why the management of the company swiftly returned the bags of the deceased to Yola without informing the police. When contacted, the Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ralph Uzoigwe confirmed that three persons have been arrested by the police to help them in the course of investigations.
He appealed to the general public to help the police with more information that could lead to the arrest of the real killers of the corps member. 

PHOTO:Chioma Ajunwa and her triplets

Chioma Recently Gave birth to triplets 18 years after marriage. 1 girl and 2 boys.

I’m now a complete woman, she says!


BREAKING NEWS! Bomb Blast in Zaria

Multiple reports of a bomb blast in Gaskiya, Zaria. Nigerian Officials has confirmed a bomb detonated near an Islamic boarding school, causing unknown casualties. Yushau Shuaib, a spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency, said the bomb blew up Sunday morning in Zaria, a city in the far north of Kaduna state.

Shuaib said there was gunfire afterwards as soldiers and police arrived. Police officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

May God save us in this Country!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Is Terry G Normal In This Picture?

Is he the Lucifer?

PHOTOS: Qatar Airways Crashlands At Lagos Airport

A Qatar Airways airbus aircraft with 248 passengers onboard crash-landed at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos after making distress calls to the control tower in Lagos.

Below are Photos that shows the tires of the aircraft after it landed safely in Lagos:

Can You Guess Who This Little Girl Turned Out To Be?

Can you guess who the little baby in the pics is? The first picture was taken on her naming ceremony, while the other two was when she was growing up.  

Clue:She is a presenter who just started writing for a Magazine. She has interviewed a lot of entertainers and also runs a website.She just relocated back to Nigeria from UK.

Now tell us you don’t know who this is.

BREAKING NEWS: Ayo wins Project Fame season 5!

Project Fame Winner season 4 – Monica with AYO at the Valedictory party
Ayobami Ayoola Ayolola better known as AYO for short has emerged as the 5th winner of the very popular Project Fame West Africa talent show.

Ayobami, a 25 year old personal assistant to a renowned saxophonist Mike Aremu edged out other finalists to win the top prize this evening, Saturday, September 29, 2012. The finale will be broadcast tomorrow.

The first runner-up position went to Marvellous, second runner-up to Adetoun and third runner-up by Ella.

AYO last year contested at the first ever Nigerian Idol and made the final 12 but was evicted in the first round of the finals.

He now joins the past winners, the likes of Iyanya, Mike Ayansodo, Chidinma and Monica…

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See How This Teenage Girl Transformed Herself Into A Living Cartoon (PHOTOS)

 Anastasiya Shpagina from Ukraine has transformed herself into a living cartoon character, complete with miniature waist, vividly-coloured hair, and a defined pout.
The 19-year-old takes style inspiration from the cartoons and computer animations that have a huge following in Japan, and has even adopted a Japanese name - Fukkacumi.

Shpagina, who is just 5ft2ins tall, is already reported to have slimmed down to just over six stone in her attempts to resemble a living anime character, and is said to spend 30 minutes painstakingly applying her dramatic make-up to each one of her eyes

Continue to see photo of the real Anastasiya Shpagina

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B.U.S.T.E.D!!! Senior Immigration Officer Working For Boko Haram Arrested

The resolve of Nigeria’s security agencies to flush out the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram from parts of the North, yielded more fruits culminating in the arrest of agents of the terrorist group in some paramilitary agencies

Among those arrested in the latest onslaught was Ahmed Grema Mohammed, a top immigration officer whose confessions led to the arrest of others who have been carrying attacks on government officials across some States of the North.

According to the Spokesman of the JTF, Lt. Colonel Sagir Musa, those already apprehended are some security personnel who have been carrying out attacks in Borno and Yobe which he said was a major breakthrough in their efforts at flushing out insiders in the security forces collaborating with the deadly groups.

A Statement by Musa said that those arrested have confessed to being active members of the Boko Haram sect who joined the sect well before the 2009 crisis and received a lot of training in and outside the country.

He said that Grema also confessed to have been trained alongside 15 other members of the sect on weapon handling, assassinations and special operations in Niger Republic.

Musa said Grema was arrested at a checkpoint on his way to Maiduguri while impersonating as a Nigeria Army lieutenant.

He further said during the trip Grema had planned killing a former special adviser to the immediate governor of Borno state.

He also disclosed that Grema had equally confessed to the killings of some senior civil servants, security agencies and politicians in Yobe and Borno States who spoke against the activities of the sect, including the slain former chairman of Damboa LGA, Alhaji Lawal Kawu.

Grema was also among those that led attacks on Yobe Police Command, Damaturu Prison, some primary schools, among others.

REVEALED!!! Nigerian Women Are The Biggest Spenders In UK

Despite the fact that an average Nigerian live on less than $2 per day, however, London evening standard, a popular UK tabloid recently revealed that wealthy Nigerians spend over £5000 (N1.3M) on sweets, chocolates, shoes, bag and other stupid irrelevant luxury items on each visit to London.

It doesn’t end there, some of these addicted, dump, stupid and greedy shoppers like the lady that was interview, Simi Osomo visit the UK more than 6 times in a year to blow over N15M on shopping, making visitors from Nigeria are the UK’s fourth biggest foreign spenders and four times what UK shoppers typically spend.


Every year, Simi Osomo makes six trips to London from Nigeria. The 25-year-old spends about two weeks here and every day she goes shopping. Today she’s at the boutique shop Matches Townhouse in Marylebone with a personal shopper.

“When it comes to shopping and Nigerians, I can tell you it’s just what we have to do,” she tells me while admiring the patterned dresses.

For Nigerians, London is a shopping mecca. Visitors from the West African country are the UK’s fourth biggest foreign spenders, parting with an average of £500 in each luxury shop they visit — four times what UK shoppers typically spend.

When I ask Osomo how much a two-week shopping trip in London costs she makes a bashful face. “Ooh, should I really be saying this? It depends, but most times about £5,000.”

Osomo is wearing a green top from Zara that’s “the colour of the Nigerian flag”, blue skinny jeans and new Christian Louboutin shoes. Later today she’s going to buy an iPhone 5 for her sister.

“You can get lots of things in Lagos but they are cheaper here and you get to take a holiday and relax a bit. It’s only six hours away.” The number of Nigerian visitors to the UK increased by more than 50 per cent to 142,000 a year between 1991 and 2011, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Nigeria is projected to become Africa’s biggest economy by next year and the world’s fifth most populous country by 2050, and London is cashing in.

Debenhams’ Oxford Street branch has put up signs in Hausa, one of the official Nigerian languages, and said customers from this part of West Africa are its biggest overseas spenders.

Yet Osomo says it’s not just rich Nigerians who come over. “Middle-class people can afford to come and spend £600 on shopping in a week here. What I like about the UK is that it doesn’t discriminate.

As long as you’re able to prove you have an income, accommodation in London and a return ticket, the authorities are more than willing to give you a visa. It’s closer than America and the customer service here is phenomenal.”

Back home in Lagos, the technology market has been flooded with fake products from China, which means more people are coming to London for electronic goods and are even taking items back to sell.

“No one wants to spend more than 100,000 naira (£390) and find out it is fake, so they prefer to come over for a holiday and buy something they know is real and has a guarantee in case something goes wrong.”

Marks & Spencer is one of Osomo’s favourite shops. “I love their fajitas. You can’t get them in Nigeria. I also buy soy sauce and Thai green curry paste, which is good because it lasts for a long time.

Oh, and Crunchy Nut cereal, Skittles, Maltesers and tea. There’s nothing like a British cuppa. I get Lipton, PG and green tea.” She likes the variety of London. “I love Zara, H&M, Topshop. But if I want something more high end, there’s Sloane Street.”

More than £3 billion a year is spent on high-end goods in London, according to the London Luxury Quarter Report, and it predicts this will rise to £4.5 billion by 2020, with new shops including Burberry’s flagship fuelling the trend.

Luxury concierge services are also popular. Osomo is a client of Quintessentially, which organises shopping trips and parties for her and has an office in Lagos.

Although summer is the height of the shopping season, Osomo likes to come back for the January sales too. Her mother, a lawyer, and father, a businessman, often join her.

She has just finished a law degree and is about to start a job in fashion journalism, which she hopes will give her enough holidays for trips to London. But flights can get booked up quickly.

“You don’t want to get the Lagos to London flight in July. It’s packed with parents and their kids making noise.” Return flights at high season start at about £369.

But what about getting her haul of shopping back from London to Lagos? That, says Osomo, is costly. “All I pack when I come over is one pair of jeans and three tops.

I bring two big suitcases but I always have to get another one and pay for excess baggage. I never learn.” British Airways has increased its excess baggage charge on flights from London to Lagos from £40 to £97 per suitcase in the past year. “They must have realised we always put an extra bag in and thought they’d try to make money out of it,” says Osomo.

Fashion-wise, she still picks up the odd item in Nigeria. Six months ago Zara opened an outlet store in Lagos, and Mango has been there for about a year. “Zara is affordable because it’s an outlet but what I find is that things are a bit last season.

Nigeria’s hot all the time so there are always maxi dresses and swimwear but the colours are boring and we lack variety. Customer service is not great and some shops can get really crowded, which is challenging.”

There is a burgeoning online shopping industry in Nigeria too. Currently, ASOS is the only shop that ships to Lagos free of charge and everyone Osomo’s age uses it.

“Nigeria is a fun place, I’d encourage people to go. Shopping is evolving. In five years I think a lot of stores will come to Nigeria because there is a gap in the market.

Ten years ago I never thought Zara would come to Nigeria. I believe in the next five years we will catch up. But I still love London and won’t stop coming here.

PHOTO:Giant Sea Turtle Captured In Oniru Beach, Lagos

The people were hungry and God sent Manna from above!

"Nigerian Men Are Bombarding Me With Marriage Offers" -Hong Kong billionaire’s daughter

Gigi Chao, the daughter of a Hong Kong billionaire says she had been bombarded with marriage proposals – and even nude photographs – from as far as Nigeria after her father offered £40 million to the man who could woo her. 

Gigi Chao, daughter of property tycoon Cecil Chao, entered a civil partnership with her girlfriend of seven years in a ceremony in Paris five months ago.

But Mr Chao, 76, has told the South China Morning Post that reports of his daughter's civil ceremony were "false". He announced the HK$500 million dowry earlier this week.

It has sparked a deluge of offers. Speaking on Thursday Ms Chao, 33, said she had received about 200 proposals and that the number of people following her on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook had jumped by 1,500 since her father's announcement.

"People are contacting me on Facebook, by email, on Twitter. It's ridiculous. I can't sort out the serious proposals from the half-hearted ones. I can't make head or tail of it," she told The Daily Telegraph.

Ms Chao, an executive director of her father's company, Cheuk Nang, said that in addition to receiving enquiries from gentlemen who say they are looking for love and ask her out on a date, she has received some introductions that are less conventional.



Big Boy doing big things!!! The singer acquired the Rolls Royce Phantom while in America recently. These entertainers are cleaning out! Congrats to him.

Name The Pastors That Begged You For Sex - PFN Blasts Tope Alabi

This is funny, but that is what PFN, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, wants the gospel singer Tope Alabi to clarify. Tope recently granted an interview where she said, some notable Pastors have asked her for sex in the past. PFN is not pleased with this. They want her to mention names in other for them to be able to differentiate the bad eggs from the good ones.  Read their official statement after the cut…

In a statement, the official wrote, “it is not impossible that a pastor pestered her for sex as she claimed, but she needs to come out and name such an individual in order to teach others a lesson and cleanse the body of bad eggs.

 Making such unsubstantiated claims on the pages of newspapers will not make any impact but rather bring shame to the body of Christ. She knows the proper channel to follow to report something like that.”

See What A Father Did To His Only Son

This little boy was found this morning (29th Sept 2012) inside bush near a river in Okpuno Awka crying by the community security service during the sanitation exercise.

His legs were bound in chains and locked with a padlock. From investigation his father whose photo also appeared above known as Alhaji by his fellow Okada riders and hails from Igala community of kogi state is the one chained his two legs and left him in that bush for three days now without food or water.

It is this same man that told his neighbors that his son has been missing since three days now and both him and neighbors were searching for him together without them knowing that he knew where his son is.

But luck ran out on him today when the security men from the community discovered the boy crying in the bush. The little boy happens to be the only child from his former wife. Who is no longer living with him.

"I Cheated For 5 Years With My Husband’s Best Friend & It’s Hard To Move On"

Okay, I have been seeing this guy off and on for about 5 years and I’m trying to break it off but it is hard.

The thing is that I’m married and have been for over 10 years and the guy that I’m messing with is, or was, my husband’s best friend. I know what you are thinking, but it is not about the sex. Believe me it’s not. I have some type of emotional attachment that I just can’t break.

My husband knows because I couldn’t take the guilt and he believes that we are no longer having any contact with each other. I haven’t slept with him in almost a year, but we still send each other text messages and emails.

And whenever I’m in the same room with the both of them I feel so guilty. My husband had cheated on me so it was my way of getting even, but it turned into something more.

I’m happy with my husband now and things couldn’t be better. It is just that I often catch myself thinking about the other guy. How do I break it off for good and move on? What is this that I’m feeling? It can’t be love.

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"I Am Ready To Auction Off My Virginity For $160,000" -20-Year-Old Lady

Her name is Catarina Migliorini from Brazil.According to Reports,the 20-year-old Brazilian woman is auctioning off her virginity for a one-time tryst on an airplane.

To make the skies even friendlier, Catarina Migliorini says she'll donate some of the money to provide housing for poor families in her native Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

The Internet bidding reached $160,000 Friday afternoon. The auction ends Oct. 15.

Migliorini insisted in a statement to the Sao Paulo daily Folha that she is not a hooker and still believes in love. "For me, it's not prostitution," she said. "When someone does something once in his or her life, this is not considered a profession. If you take a picture and it comes out good, you are not a photographer because of it."

But there are some eyebrow-raising aspects to her venture. The Daily Mail reported that Migliorini is having sex for the first time as part of an Australian film project called "Virgins Wanted." She's getting $20,000 and a 90-percent cut of the auction price. The documentary also features a male virgin named Alex Stepanov, who received a $1,300 bid on Friday.

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Oyinbo Madness!!!

Drink/Smoke:"I'm Always High"- Uche Ogbodo

Beautiful but single actress, Uche Ogbodo recently revealed that she doesn't smoke nor drink any hard drink, the reason is because, she is always high and doesn't need stimulant to make her high.

"I do not smoke and drink. I am just like that. Did I give you a wrong impression? You should judge from what you are seeing? People should not imply that I smoke or drink. I do not smoke or drink. I am high already, so I do not need any other thing to get me high. Spiritually, I am high, physically, I am over the roof," she said.

Uche who was accused and disgraced at a hotel behind TFC for sleeping with friend's husband the last time also commented about her performance in Nollywood.

"I can never go down, I only ascend. I am still hot, forever hot in the industry and will always be hot. I do not even have time to myself because of so many jobs coming my way. Nollywood is moving forward, it can never go backward. So many things have changed. We have changed so many ways of doing things. Our productions have become better. We now have better pictures and equipments, here and there. I can only say we are going further and further into other markets because we now have good quality productions. And our relationship with other movie producing countries has improved in confidence too. We are going stronger and can never go backward," she said. 


I Had Sex With Our House Helper, I Cry When Urinating!

I am a 13-year-old student form [Unrevealed] School and I have been having sex with our house helper and I think I have a sexually transmitted disease.

In the beginning of this year I had sex for the first time with her and I enjoyed it a lot. I have become hooked to sex with her and I often run away from school just to enjoy sex with her before my parents show up.

Recently I realized I cannot urinate without going through pain, I at times end up crying in the toilet and have even noted a pimple that has some puss on my private parts.

I am in so much pain and do not know what to do since I cannot tell my parents, they will definitely kill me.

Please help me, because I can't bear this pain anymore. Which drugs can I take?

‘Iyanya Is A Very Special Person To Me’ - Yvonne Nelson

She cut her teeth recently as a movie producer but Yvonne Nelson does not think that the Ghanaian movie industry has been too fair to her.

With seven years as an actress on the tow, Nelson takes OVWE MEDEME through the dark days of controversy to being the highest paid actress in Ghana. She talks movies, career, fashion and relationships in this interview.

IS Single and Married your first production?

No, this is my second outing as a producer. The first one is not out yet. I produced that last year with Majid Michel. We haven’t premiered that yet. We decided to premiere Single and Married first. My first production is titled The Price.

What stands Single and Married out from other movies?

The cast was different and the locations were amazing. As for the storyline, we have seen a few things like that before but I decided to spice things up by bringing in new faces, musicians and TV presenters. I discovered a young actor, Kweku Elliot, who we featured in the flick. I just wanted to do something different. People are tired of seeing the same faces so i wanted to change that a little bit. The premiere in Ghana was amazing.

What message are you trying to pass with the movie?

Basically, people just have to know who they want to get married to before they tie the knot. We should know our partner very well before we enter into a relationship because we might get married and then realise that we don’t have anything in common. Marriage is a long term affair. There are a number of lessons to be learned. You don’t want to have any surprises in your marriage.

For a movie that is multi-themed, which of the themes relates directly to you?

I am not single and I am not married so I don’t fall anywhere. I am in a relationship. I have not had any experience that relates directly to the movie. I didn’t write the script and it was Pascal Amanfo who directed it.

What endeared you to the script?

I did not give the scriptwriter the story. He did everything himself and I paid for it. We talked about a fun story and we discussed about something everyone can relate to. There are single people everywhere and there are married people everywhere. People are having issues with their marriages. When I read the script, I loved it and I decided to go ahead with it. Nothing drew me to it. I have worked with Pascal so many times and I know what he is capable of doing. I knew he was going to give me a good script.

Currently you are rated as the highest paid actress in Ghana. Do you agree with that rating?

Why won’t I agree with that? I have paid my dues; I have been working really hard. I would say that I have been the busiest actress this year. That is what God has done.

At some point in your career was filled with controversy. What led to your ban from the Ghanaian movie industry?

What my people or Africa do not like is when a woman is not happy with something and she voices it out. I have produced movies and I know how to treat people on set. The problem whoever had with me has to do with the fact that they don’t treat us well on set and when I voiced out, they start saying that I am rude or arrogant. They don’t want to feel we know our rights. I shot Single and Married with Chris Attoh and Nadia Buari and everything went fine. In nine days we were done. If you are working with your human resources and you treat them very well, nobody will have a problem.

Ghanaian movies are known to be on the explicit side. How well would you say you fit into the industry?

I am in the Ghanaian movie industry; I am a part of it. If I get script and it is good, I will take it. I don’t think I have done a movie where anyone can say they found Yvonne nelson naked. We do scenes and we do them well.

For the right price, would you act nude?

I certainly would not. I would have done it long ago if I would.

How true is it that you are romantically linked to Nigeria’s Inyana?

I am like Iyanya’s biggest fan. I love his music. I have his music on my iPod, iPad, Blackberry and iPhone. We are just good. He is a very special person to me.

How would you define special?

He is just a special guy.

So he’s not the one you are dating?

I will not say anything on that because I don’t say much about who I am dating or who I am not dating. I have even said a lot right now. I am in a relationship. I am happy and that is all I can say.

How soon do you hope to tie the knot?

for now I am happy and I am committed so let’s see how it goes.

How much interference does your relationship have on your career?

None at all. Whoever I am in a relationship with should know that I am an actress before we started dating.

So you were an actress before you started dating him?

Of course. I would have married this guy long ago if the relationship was that old because it has been seven years.

How has the seven years been like?

It has been wonderful. I have learnt so much. It has been a learning process for me. I am like one of the youngest actresses in Ghana and I thank God for how far he has brought me.

These days, actors and actresses are venturing into music and vice versa. Are you considering anything like that?

For now, I am not. I am ok with just being an actress.

 Source: The Nation

Bakassi Can Be Reclaimed — Falana.

Rights activist and Lagos lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), has said that Nigeria can still reclaim Bakassi Peninsula lost to Cameroun after a legal battle at the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

Speaking as a guest in a Channels Television, Lagos programme Friday morning, Falana admitted that Nigeria cannot appeal the ICJ judgement that gave Bakassi to Cameroun, but argued that the country could still seek a review of the judgement.
Falana frowned at the way the Bakassi issue was prosecuted, noting that $300 million was spent on the project, stressing, “we messed up the case.”
He said if Nigeria should go before the ICJ to seek a review of its judgement that gave Bakassi to Cameroun, it would succeed and reclaim Bakassi based on fresh facts that have just emerged.
One of the facts, according to Falana, is that the ICJ, in its judgement, outlined certain agreements which Cameroun must respect. These include: respect for the culture of the Bakassi people and non-imposition of taxes, but Falana said Cameroun has violated all the agreements.
He stated that Bakassi is still recognised in the constitution of Nigeria and that till date, about N2.5 billion was allocated to Bakassi monthly, making her rank fourth out of the 774 local governments in Nigeria.
Falana insisted that with the fresh evidence at its disposal, Nigeria could approach the ICJ for a review and it would not bring any embarrassment since the law provides that a review could still be done within 10 years of the judgement.
He berated the Nigerian government for not doing enough to protect the interest of its citizens.
Falana cited the example of an incident in the Gambia when the West African country put two Senegalese, two Nigerians and others on the death row but a Nigerian NGO, SERAP, filed an action before the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, court which ordered that further action on the matter be put on hold.
“The same thing is happening now. Saudi Arabia collected money from Nigerian female pilgrims through her embassy in Abuja and issued them with visa. At the point of entry, they (Saudi) said the women could not perform the Hajj because they were not accompanied by men. Saudi knew they were not accompanied by men when they applied and paid for visa,” Falana said, adding that they were only interested in collecting money from the Nigerian pilgrims.
He argued that Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister should have recalled Nigeria’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia that the Presidency should have taken retaliatory measures and declared a diplomatic face-off, adding, “our country must plan to respect the interest of our people.”
However, another senior advocate, Sebastine Hon, disagreed with Falana, saying, “Nigeria’s application for review of ICJ judgement may not succeed because international politics is involved.”
Hon who was contributing to the same television programme suggested that instead of government dissipating energy on review of the ICJ judgement which can result in embarrassment, it should resettle the people of Bakassi in Cross River and Rivers states. 
- PM News.


Don’t Blame Anybody for Detained Pilgrims – Abuja Chief Imam.

The Chief Imam of Abuja, Alhaji Musa Muhammed, on Friday called on Nigerians, especially Muslims, to stop blaming anybody or group for the detention and the ongoing deportation of Nigerian female pilgrims from Saudi Arabia.

Although he frowned at the development, he gave an assurance that God would intervene in the problem.

Muhammed made the call in his sermon at a special Juma’at prayer held at the National Mosque, Abuja, as part of activities marking the nation’s 52nd Independence Anniversary.

He expressed the hope that notwithstanding the current situation, all affected pilgrims would perform the pilgrimage.

He said he was aware that efforts were ongoing by relevant authorities to address the issue.


N30m Causes Ripples Between Charly Boy, Nigerian Idol

Contrary to the promise made last Wednesday November 19 by Optima Media Group (OMG), the executive producers of the dubbed most watched music reality TV show, Nigerian Idol, that there would not be any change of cast for the third edition, the latest scoop is that, Charly Boy, who was actively involved in the previous seasons, is on his way out due to disagreement over professional fee.

It’s no longer news that the highly anticipated talent hunt show is back, bigger and better.

Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, PortHarcourt, and Benin are states they have been storming in search of Nigeria’s biggest but undiscovered talent. Lead sponsor for this year’s season remains Etisalat Nigeria; Associate sponsors are leading beverage brand, Pepsi.

Charly Boy also called Area Fada is alleged to have suddenly turned an Oliver Twist demanding for the whooping sum of 30 million Naira before he could enter the race in search for the next Nigerian Idol.

It would be recall that CB as he’s fondly called was not at the media launch of the Nigerian Idol season 3 with the theme “Voice of Tomorrow”, which was held last week.

This actually raised speculations over Charly Boy's return to the judges’ seat. A bird in the know squealed that meetings between Charly Boy and the producers of Nigerian Idol had severally ended in deadlock as the former had insisted on pay rise.

Though, if CB insists to bug, Optima Media Group may be forced to look for possible replacement of Charly Boy as soon as possible.

While the information at my disposal has it that talk is still ongoing to have Charly Boy for the third season of Nigerian Idol, it’s unarguable that his controversial lifestyle, antics, craze and creativity as judge, earned Nigeria’s version of the world’s biggest reality TV show, more viewership last season.

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