Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PHOTO:Is This Punishment Justifiable By The Nigeria Military?

They are men of the Nigerian Army. Fully trained, armed and equipped to protect and defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria against external aggression. But due to the peculiar security challenges facing the nation, they have been called upon on countless occasions to quell internal uprisings that seem to overwhelm the Nigeria Police whose constitutional responsibility it is to maintain law and order.

However, when these boys in khaki who most times have a false impression of themselves that they’re above the law and therefore untouchable, go to the extent of allegedly torturing civilians in illegal torture camps where they base, it calls to question their professionalism. And no matter what the excuse is, it is not the Nigerian Army’s place to torture civilians or handle civil cases as that is the purview of the Nigeria Police.

This is a picture of civilians allegedly being tortured in a particular part of the country (region withheld) for an unknown offence.

Is this punishment justifiable?

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