Sunday, August 26, 2012

Female Access Bank Marketer Killed By Hypertension While Trying To Meet Target

In desperate bid to increase its capital base, Access Bank, like love-vendor, has resorted to numerous unethical practices. In desperate bid to remain in business, set unrealistic targets for their female staff insisting that they either live up to expectations or lose their jobs.

A huge number of female bankers have either lost their jobs due to non-compliance or kept the jobs by embracing what has now been tagged ‘corporate prostitution.’ While some of them have died of heart-attack. Access Bank, we hear, has even gone a step further by buying official cars for some of the ladies who go about in skimpy revealing dresses to seduce high net-worth ‘customers’ to make deposits. This ‘trade’ has been so mastered by some ladies that they don’t have to fix a date or a venue for the exploitation, as they have ‘ready-made package’ for randy depositors who wish to explore the spontaneity aspect of the business.

Aig Imoukhuede led bank has literally turned the female bankers to LovePeddlers and they make no pretence about it. Those who could not stand the heat are always advised to get of the system and look for jobs elsewhere.

Sadly, however, one of the female marketers, Solabomi Olugbemi of Retail Business Unit at Simbiat Abiola branch of Access Bank, died early this morning. She had being on admission for over two weeks. Her Friends and co-workers who visited her said she confided in them that she had being under a lot of stress because of Deposit Mobilization mandate (OJC) Operation. Just because the Divisional Director gave them an ear-pulling warning early this year to raise cheap funds for the bank on N1 trillion in 6months. Solabomi lost her life because of bad accounts she inherited from a product called Auto-online (Car Loan) coupled with the incident of one of her customers withdrawing 200million naira from his account which threw her balance sheet to negative.

We also gathered from an insider in the bank that Solabomi collapsed on the last day of OJC target deadline because she was unable to maintain a huge demand deposit balance. She was immediately rushed to Jolade hospital in Gbagada, Lagos but she was later taken to Military hospital in Ikoyi, Lagos where she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Young and jovial Solabomi (29 years old) who was married with 3 little children and a lovely husband died early this morning. Sources also confirmed that over 60% of access Bank staff are highly hypertensive and run the risk of heart attacks in their young age.

Source: Daily Post

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