Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Of 9 Died Of Generator Fume Poisoning(GRAPHICAL PHOTO)

The Imo state government said it has finally unraveled the cause of death of the Emekuku family of nine who died on July 9, 2012.

According to the autopsy result released by the Imo state government, they were said to have been killed by generator fume poisoning.

The Imo State Commissioner for Health, Dr Obi Njoku, disclosed this yesterday during a radio phone-in programme.

He stressed that the family slept and forgot to switch off their generator set and subsequently died as a result of the generator fume they inhaled while asleep.

Dr Njoku said that the assumption that the family members were killed by an ‘evil spirit’ was not true, maintaining that when he visited the place with health officials on the morning of the incident, he saw a generator set but waited for the result to avoid wrong presumptions.

However, the community has disagreed with the autopsy result, pointing out that there was no generator set in the compound
According to one of the village heads who pleaded for anonymity, “the result is unacceptable, even the government agreed initially that there was no generator, and we were with the Njoku family late into the night and there was no generator.


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