Saturday, July 28, 2012

PLEASE ADVICE:My Landlady wants to sleep with Me

Goodday Naija Gossip,My name is Steve,I reside in Agbor,Delta state.I have been staying as a tenant in this house for two years now.I use to have a good job not until I lost it few months back which made me to be owing house rent.My wife is a petty trader and her income is not sufficient enough to feed the family talkless of paying the house rent.My Landlady is aware of our condition and she has been very nice to me and my wife,not until recently when she started making sexual advances to me.I have never cheated on my wife ever since we have been married for four years now and we are blessed with twins.But now,my condition is very critical,my Landlady promised to raise me money for any business I will like to do and to forget about the house rent only if I yield to her advances.Am so confused,am scared to discuss this with my wife.Please advice me,what should I do?


  1. My candid advice as a person is that you should look for something to do at all cost and avoid further advice from people as they might mislead you, don't runaway from her cos doing that or telling it to your wife may trigger problems and once you're able to raise money from anywhere not by trick or other unscrupulous deals, pay her and appreciate her, then look for a way to move advice but subject to criticism.

  2. OGA go fuck am ooo u no no say nah wicked world... infact fuck her yansh so she no go need ask for rent.. tell your wife make she pack well.... tell if i hear am for your pocket... but go Fuck OOOO to avoid homelessness.... infact give her long one through back... my name nah akeem Aka AKIN... email me on this for more advice on FUCKING...