Thursday, July 26, 2012

Picture of Sun Newspaper Editor that was shot by Gunmen

The editor of Daily Sun newspaper, Steve Nwosu, was on Wednesday attacked and shot in the right side of the head in the Maza Maza area of Lagos as he made his way to work. Mr. Nwosu was shot in the head by unknown persons, but he escaped being killed. The motives of his attackers have been discovered. They were robbers. The gunmen robbed him of N250,000 before fleeing the scene of the robbery on a motorbike. Mr. Nwosu is recuperating in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos. The incident happened at about 3.15p.m. The gunmen’s bullets ripped through the glass of the passenger’s door of Nwosu’s car before hitting him. The doctor, taking care of him described the incident as “a close shave with death,” but said Mr. Nwosu was stable and in high spirits. Although shocked by the incident, the editor would soon leave the hospital after preliminary reports suggested his condition was not alarming.

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