Friday, July 27, 2012

PHOTO:Drunken BBA Contestant Strips Off Clothes

After days of alcohol ban in the ongoing Big Brother Africa Stargame House, housemates were able to have a taste of it two days ago. For Jannatte, just two shots of booze were enough to make a 'factory reset' to her body system.

This could explain why she stripped uncloth and showed her behind in the presence of fellow housemates. The Ugandan joined her other housemates excluding Lady May and Prezzo at the Jacuzzi soon after the housemates took some shots of the booze.

Jannette, who once disclosed to ex-housemate, Chris that she was a virgin, stumbled out of the Jacuzzi and stripped down her knickers to show her butt. This has now made Biggie to rationalise alcohol in the House due to the failure to control their behaviours after taking alcohol.

The show is less than 10 days to wrap up. The winner of the competition takes 300,000 US Dollars.

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