Sunday, July 29, 2012


Am a 17 year old girl that just finished writing the WAEC and NECO exams.One day,My Dad thought I had gone to school as usual for my exams,but i just finished writing exams the pevious day,so I had to take a long rest to relieve myself for all the exam stress i had gone through.My Dad has a business of his own,while my Mum works as a physiotherapist in a Government hospital.It is a usual routine that my Mum takes us children to school every morning.

It was 12noon when i started hearing some strange voices in the parlour.I never expected anybody to be at home at this time other than our maid,but the voices i was hearing looks like my Dad`s.My room is very close to the parlour and you can virtually see everything that goes on there.I peeped in through my room door and guess what I saw,My Dad on top of our maid making passionate love to each other.From what I saw,they have been on this for a while and to my utmost suprise,I overheard our maid calling my Dad by his first name.I hated my Dad for this action.It`s been over a week now that this incident happened,both of them never knew I saw them.But I can`t take this any longer,Please advice me,should I tell my mum?


  1. My dear dnt tell ur father nor ur mother abt this, just keep it to urself bt one thing is to make sure dt d maid leaves d house for good, false-fully accuse, pour insults on her and mk her feel uncomfortable as long as she is in dt house by so doing ur mother might start suspecting her even ur dad will nt b happy with d way u'll be treating the maid & also show ur dad dt u no longer appreciate him anything frm him irritates you. definitely he will start to question himself why ur attitude changed towards

  2. Hmmm just ask God 4 directn on wat 2 do cos wit him u can neva go rong

  3. Tell your mother.if not it will keep hunting you.tell her in front of your father and the maid before your mother is sent parking and the maid bcomes your stepmom.before it is too late.dont hid SIN