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Woman Catches Her Husband Having Sex With Dog

According to a report culled from the sun uk, a woman refused to go to bed with her ex-husband found him having sex with her dog soon afterwards, a jury heard today.

Naked Nicholas Saunders whistled Sasha the bull mastiff to his ex-wife’s bedroom, it was said.

Stunned Kelly Thacker, who had gone downstairs to sleep, told police she opened the door to the shocking scene.

Prosecuting, Frank Abbott said Ms Thacker “found it difficult to believe” when she saw Saunders “clearly trying” to have intercourse with Sasha. Mr Abbott said: “Ms Thacker just couldn’t believe what she was seeing to start off with so she looked away and then looked again.”

Shocked Ms Thacker told 46-year-old Saunders “in no uncertain terms” to leave her house, Mr Abbott told Gloucester Crown Court. The dad-of-two later agreed to have a swab taken – and dog DNA was found by a forensic scientist, the court heard.

Mr Abbott said Saunders had gone to see his ex-wife – they married in 1999 and separated three years later – after being kicked out by his girlfriend. She agreed to let him stay the night in her bedroom – but made it plain she would not be having sex with him and would be sleeping downstairs.

They chatted for half an hour before going upstairs to her bedroom where she sat on the bed as he got undressed and got in it.

The dog turned up and Saunders said to it: “You’ve just ruined my chances”, said Mr Abbott.

He added: “You may think that he had rather hoped to have sex with his ex-wife, and the dog getting on the bed had got in the way.”

Later Ms Thacker heard Saunders whistling the dog to go upstairs. She followed it up – and then saw her husband having sex with Sasha, said Mr Abbott.

The prosecutor said when Saunders was arrested he told cops the dog had got on the bed when he was naked and woken him up by licking his face.

He denied any indecent act had occurred but refused to make any further comment. The prosecutor said the jury would be hearing from forensic scientists for both the prosecution and defence.

He added: “It is not only something unusual but it is also something which you might find repulsive. “It is something which of course is wrong and criminal to all right-thinking people.”

Saunders, of Lechlade, Gloucestershire has pleaded not guilty to having intercourse with an animal. Trial continues.(the sun uk)

Benue State Has the Most HIV/AIDS Infected People In Nigeria

The Benue State Commissioner for Health and Social Services, Dr. Oduen Abunku, has disclosed that over 600,000 persons are currently living with the dreaded HIV/AIDS in the state. Abunku lamented that skyrocketing figure had left the state on the top of chart of available statistics of the most endemic states in the federation. The Commissioner, who spoke at the joint Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, signing ceremony between the Benue State Government, the NKST Health Services and the Nigeria Indigenous Capacity Building Project, regretted that HIV/AIDS infestation in the state was destroying and eroding the state’s capacity in the food and agriculture. He said: “In Nigeria, Benue State has for many years topped the chart of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS with over 600,000 persons living with the virus in the state.

“The virus is destroying our farms, schools and churches and that is why we will continue to partner organisations who are providing services to the infected and affected in the state.”

He called on all development partners in the current war against the virus in the state to redouble their efforts at curbing the prevalence of the virus in the state.

In his remarks, Governor Gabriel Suswam, who was represented by the Secretary to the State Government, SSG, Dr. David Salifu, said his administration would continue to partner relevant agencies and international partners to ensure that the scourge of AIDS in the state was effectively checked.

Suswam, who disclosed that at the inception of his administration, the state had only one HIV/AIDS treatment centre, however, noted that his administration had established 20 more centres for the benefit of the infected.

The governor urged the people of the state to put aside their socio-political differences and join forces against the virus in the state, adding: “We must put aside our socio-political differences and stand up against the virus, so that our people will be able to lead a normal live.”

Source: hotnaijanews

PATHETIC:16-year old girl gang-raped in SUV for 5 days

A sixteen-year-old girl from the city of Jaipur in India survived a 20-day ordeal where she was repeatedly raped by five youths in a forest near a village in Ajmer district.

According to a report in The Times of India, the teenager managed to escape and inform her family who then approached the police.

During the entire period, the girl was confined in an SUV in which she was allegedly kidnapped.

The report says the girl was at her aunt’s house for the summer holidays when she was abducted.

“She says that she was kept in the car for 20 days and the five youths took turns to rape her. She says she was repeatedly raped,” the report quoted a policeman as saying. The victim claimed that she was made to eat and sleep in the car only.

S*H*O*C*K*I*N*G:Igbos are Bombing our Mosques - El Rufai.

The Former FCT and the indicted BPE boss, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has accused the Igbo Christians as been responsible for the bombings in the North, especially the Mosques.
Malam El-Rufai in his recent twitter post, said that an Igbo man was arrested for trying to bomb a mosque in Niger state over the week.
He accused the Igbos in his earlier facebook post, for been behind boko haram's attack in the North.

A twitter follower of Malam El-Rufai expressed his shock and replied him in the same thread, "Igbo Man?", "Unless d the bomb is fake. Igbo man love his life and business than bombing himself."

The Niger state Police command refuted this monstrous allegation and described it as false and diversionary. The intended bomber was later identified as a Kanuri man from Borno state.

A week ago in Yola, One Bama Habibu who was declared wanted by the Nigerian security was killed in a gun battle with JTF squad, few minutes later, news was that an Igbo man, named Bernard Opara was killed by the JTF, instead of Bama Habibu.

Last two weeks in a Kano, four young men were caught trying to plant explosives in a Mosque. The suspects was branded Igbos, but the timely intervention of the Kano police PRO, who announced that the Suspects were from Kano and Yobe and one of them do worship in that local mosque.

Kaduna church bombing early this month, was dubiously credited to one fake name, Mr Odia. The same name was used as a suicide bomber in Bauchi and Yobe respectively. The police also refuted that intentional misinformation and announced that the suspect is from Katsina state and has nothing to do with the over-used fake name, Mr Odia.

A boko haram ring leader who was arrested in kano in May, 2012, was rumoured to be a Yoruba man. The man claimed to come from Ogbomoso, but on interrogation, he confessed that he is from Maiduguri, but just relocated to Kano. He told the police that he was instructed to claim a Yoruba man.

We should all remember when Al Qaeda in Iraq bombed a Shite holy Mosque few years ago, and their propaganda machine said that it was an attack from the Sunnais. The retaliatory attack lead to the inter-tribal war that left over 197,000 people in Iraq dead in less than 28 months.

This is the same game, Malam El-Rufai and his cohorts have been playing through the social media and words of mouth. They should be aware that this will certainly destroy the corporate existence of our treasured country, if they refuse to apply caution or been stopped now by the security.

It is time to tell Malam El-Rufai, that the patience and silence of Nigerians on his attacks on our peace and Unity should not be seen as cowardice or ignorance. Enough should be Enough. - Eric Odejimba, Maiduguri, Borno state.

PHOTO:Ghanian and former Leicester City player John Paintsil Locked In His Hummer jeep

The Ghanian player, and former Leicester City player John Paintsil on Monday afternoon experienced an embarrassing moment when he failed to get the engine of his flashy Hummer car started in a crowded market in Kumasi.
The player was in the car, registered JP 4-09, with his male friend in the passenger seat and two gorgeous ladies at the back. Paintsil tried starting the engine of the car, but he somewhat got some figures wrong, resulting in the complex car’s engine being jammed.
The embarrassing incident occurred right in front of Melcom Stores at Adum, the commercial nerve center of Kumasi at 1:00pm. Hundreds of people that were trading at the area left their products and rushed to the scene to catch a glimpse of the ‘disaster’ that had befallen the national star.
The huge crowd at the scene caused vehicular traffic which affected business in the city on the day. Paintsilwas among the football stars and musicians that had stormed Kumasi the previous day to play a charity game at the Baba Yara stadium.
The soccer stars and musicians had visited the Melcom Stores at Adum as part of activities marking the charity game. Sources at the scene told DAILY GUIDE SPORTS that they saw a different person driving the car when the stars arrived.
According to them, when news got round town that the stars had visited the area, several people quickly besieged the place to see them.
An eye witness said perhaps the player wanted to show off, hence his decision to drive the car this time around. However, Paintsil, who was evidently uncomfortable behind the wheels, committed a blunder and got the car locked up.
Unfortunately, since the player’s car was parked just right in the middle of a busy road, its inability to move caused massive vehicular traffic in the area. Paintsil, who was seen sweating profusely behind the wheels, tried several times to get the car’s engine started but to no avail.
In the end, it took the intervention of some people at the scene who volunteered to push the heavy car to shoulder of the road.
Whilst some of the curious people that thronged the place tried to offer a helping hand to the distraught player, others who sounded envious of the flashy cars on parade by the stars were seen casting insinuations on Paintsil.
They argued that from all indications Paintsil did not know how to drive the car but he tried doing so when he saw the huge crowd, but committed a mistake in the end.
Later on, Togolese international Emmanuel Adebayor, who was part of the team, left his car and came to the scene, perhaps to console Paintsil who was still seated in the Hummer car.
Adebayor then took Paintsil, his male friend and the two beautiful ladies to his (Adebayor) car and they sped off.

PHOTO:Can goats carry weapons or bombs?

This is serious...what is your take on this?

Married Woman Dies During Intimacy With Boyfriend

A married man, Amaechi Uche Padmore, has been arrested by the police and charged to a Lagos court on the allegation that his lover, Edith Nwokolo, died while he was intimate with her.

He is now facing a murder charge at Ebute Metta Magistrate’s court, Lagos over her death.

We learnt that the lovers, who are both married, engaged in intimate romp at 94, Mushin Road, Mushin, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

It was gathered that while Uche was on top of Edith, she started breathing heavily, jerked and died.

They were reported to have dated each other before they got married to different spouses.

Sources said immediately the incident happened, Uche, who has three kids, abandoned his pant and shoes and fled.

Edith was found dead on top of a bed and a neigbour who saw Uche with her before she died, raised the alarm and the matter was reported to the police at Olosan Division.

He was arrested and arraigned on Wednesday for murder before the presiding Magistrate, Mr. T. Aborinwa under section 221 of the criminal code law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.

It was gathered that her death triggered controversy as the deceased woman’s family insisted that Uche was responsible for her death.

But the autopsy report presented at the court showed that she died of heart related problem. When the matter came up at the court, Uche pleaded not guilty.

The presiding magistrate granted him bail since the autopsy showed she died as a result of heart problem.

The court referred the matter to DPP for advice, while adjourning it till 25 July, 2012.


Is this what happens in some marriages today?

Someone said this is what happens in some marriages today. True or False?????


"Before I joined the church of Satan, I sacrificed a baby, I drank blood and so many other things, which I shouldn’t have done. I also sold myself to the devil for fifty years.”
This confession summed up the story of a 29 year old businessman who in his quest to be rich joined four occult groups where he committed the worst of abominations.
At 21, Steven Kofi (not real name) from West coast in Ghana, began his journey into the occult world by joining the church of Satan international before going deeper to join others such as the score and bone cult, region of doom and free mercy debunked all in his bid to make wealth.
A once vibrant man with wife and a child along with a prospering oil business had to abdicate his matrimonial responsibility to his wife for eight (8) years after sacrificing his manhood as a condition for wealth.
Faced with the threat of death after being given a 49 day ultimatum to live, the Ghanaian ran after God and recently got a relief in Lagos during the Lord’s Chosen Church programme, “Time To Recover All” where Saturday Sun had an encounter with him.
How did he join such groups at an early stage in life? “The story started in my final year at the university of Ghana, I was studying oil and gas engineering, I got my master degree in oil and gas engineering. At the final year, things were so tough for me that I needed to finish my education, but there was no way to get financial help, at the end of the day I consulted my parents but it was fruitless”, he stated.
According to him,“usually I chat with somebody on the internet that helps me with money. He is a man and that was before I later got married to a Norwegian lady in 2003. We had a kid before she travelled, but she usually call me on phone once in while, at that time, I called her for financial help but she didn’t have any cash.”
He said the person who used to assist him complained that he could not continue sending money to him, and as such, he has to fend for himself. “He told me that he cannot continue sending me money. He said I have to work for myself, and I asked him, how, he said you have to do it on your own”, he stated adding that from that point he decided to locate the church of Satan in Ghana where he was told that his initiation would be done in far away Califonia, USA. In deed, travel documents were prepared for him and he travelled to ground Lodge at Early Noise in Califonia where his initiation took place.
He said after the initiation process, he demanded to see the devil, and was asked to write a request letter to the devil which he did. His request was granted within two weeks, and he was able to meet face to face with the devil who asked him to make three wishes, adding that his third wish for long life could not be granted because church members only live within the space of thirty years after joining the church of Satan.
“The devil demanded that I make three wishes from him, which I consented to, that I want to be famous, wealthy and live long, but the third one he refused to grant, disagreeing to the idea that any one that joins the church of Satan will always live for thirty years, once you join at 20, you live till 50. This I agreed to because I was eager for money”, Kofi stressed.
He further disclosed that after joining the church of Satan, Satanic Bible was made available to him, sword of slaughter, initiation glove, Suit and other items. He however explained that he didn’t lose his manhood until he added another feather to his cap in the occult world by joining yet another group. “When I joined the Score and bone society, that’s when I sacrificed my manhood to increase my wealth”, he added.
Beside the monetary gains from the cults, he was also sent on an assignment which is to win souls for the kingdom of Satan. Through this, he has won more than 23 souls for Satan, using the advantage of the wealth he was given. “Boys and girls who are eager for money, wealth, I show them the way. I have offices in Port-Harcourt, Warri, Abuja, Ghana, I give them what to do and they begin to make money on their own and also teach them how to join and I send them over”, he added.
How did this bring joy to his parents? Kofi said after making money, he decided to open a plaza for his mother in Ghana, but she rejected the offer, claiming that it was a blood money, because of her attachment to Christ and a vision she saw in which she saw the source of his wealth. But his father and siblings accepted him.
His trouble however started after he became uncomfortable with his life. At that point, he began to look for powerful pastors that could save his life. When his cults discovered he was going astray, he was penalized and given only 49 days to live. “I was given 49 days to live, I have spent 19 days, and it remains 30 days, before deliverance came to me through Pastor Mouka of the Lord’s Chosen”, he stated.
Having learnt some bitter lessons, Kofi is advising youths not to covet what others have while urging parents to restrict what their children watch on television screens. On his manhood that was restored during the deliverance session, Kofi said “I give God all the glory that my manhood was restored back, am happy now that I can make more babies again.”

"I Received Money From Otedola, Not Bribe!"- Farouk Lawan

The suspended Chairman of the House Ad-Hoc Committee on the Monitoring of Subsidy Regime, Hon. Farouk Lawan, yesterday opened his defence of the $620,000 bribery allegation levelled against him by the Chairman, Zenon Oil and Gas, Mr. Femi Otedola.

Lawan, who was interrogated behind closed doors by the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics and Privileges, which began investigation into the allegation yesterday, said what he collected was money and not a bribe.

Restating his earlier statement to the media, Lawan said he collected $500,000 from Otedola not as a bribe but as exhibit that he planned to use as evidence of the attempt by the oil marketer to influence the report of the subsidy probe.

Otedola, in his account of the transaction between the duo, had claimed that Lawan made repeated demands of him for money to stop the ad hoc committee from indicting his company, adding that he had to bring in security agents who advised him to play along with the lawmaker in a bid to nail him.

The security agents, he added, provided the serialised dollar bills that were given to Lawan, who collected the money without knowing that he was being recorded.

A source told THISDAY that Lawan appeared confident throughout his session with the Ethics Committee, but he was rather evasive when asked about the whereabouts of the money he admitted to have collected.

Unlike in the past when he claimed that the money was with the Chairman, House Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes, Hon. Adams Jagaba, Lawan said the security agencies would establish the whereabouts of the money during their investigations.
On his part, Jagaba in different letters to the House Speaker, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal and acting Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, had denied Lawan’s claim.

THISDAY checks showed that besides his oral testimony, Lawan also tendered documents said to contain call logs obtained from a telecommunication service provider to substantiate his claim that Otedola initiated the transaction and not him.

It was learnt that the committee might recall Lawan to give further clarifications on his testimony as the investigation progresses.

Earlier, Lawan, who had arrived at the venue of the committee at 1.05 pm, expressed surprise at the heavy media presence. He expressed pleasantries with his colleagues and reporters before taking his seat.

Chairman, House Committee on Ethics and Privileges, Hon. Gambo Dan-Musa, gave a synopsis of the case under investigation and shortly after, ordered reporters to excuse the committee to enable it interrogate Lawan in camera.

Dan-Musa said the committee’s mission was to establish the facts of the bribery allegation and after a series of meetings, it decided to invite Lawan, Otedola and other stakeholders involved in the matter to appear before it at different times.

“The committee is set to carry out its assignment with a very high sense of commitment. We shall strive to be fair and just to all parties involved. It is our belief that at the end of the day, our report will meet the expectations of the House and indeed that of the Nigerian public,” Dan-Musa said.

Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Hon. Zakari Mohammed, who addressed reporters later, said the decision to conduct the investigation secretly was to create a conducive atmosphere for Lawan and others to give their testimonies freely and without distraction.

“You know that it is an investigative hearing and we want to avoid a situation where his (Lawan) presentation would bungle certain people’s submissions.

“Of course, the police are doing their own investigations and they are doing that in camera. So we believe that this also should be done in camera to at least give everybody some protection and the freedom to say all that he or she knows.

“If you are sure there are cameras, there might be certain things witnesses might want to hide. So it is not as if we are trying to hide anything but we want to ensure that we do a thorough job of this investigation,” Mohammed said.

PHOTOS:Ghanaians In London Demonstrate

Ghana High Commission
13 Belgrave Square,
London SW1X 8PN

ATTENTION: H.E. Prof. Kwaku Danso-Boafo

Dear Sir,


We the Young Patriots and the entire Ghanaian community in UK are taking this opportunity to express our frustration, disappointment and disgust concerning the recent happenings in Ghana under the present government. We have been dumbfounded ever since it became public that over GHC600 million has been paid in the name of judgment debts to people and organisations who have done no work whatsoever for the country. The Economic and Organised Crime Office after President Mills’ instruction has confirmed with a report that one Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome defrauded the nation a tune of GHC51,000,000 and the UK construction company CP has also been given over €94,000,000 as confirmed by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee.

Ghana, our country is known internationally as a pinnacle in the fight for freedoms and the citadel of democracy in the sub-Saharan Africa. With this posture, most countries have been working so hard to emulate these shining examples of Ghana. Unfortunately this beauty is being destroyed by the recent high level of state sponsored unprecedented corruption under purview of a Law Professor President J.E.A. Mills.

Ghanaian residents here in United Kingdom and Diasporas have serious misgivings about the Mills/Mahama government’s lack of alacrity and commitment to retrieving the gargantuan money their administration has intentionally and unlawfully paid out to some unscrupulous people in Ghana without any justifications.

We Ghanaian residents in the UK are hereby today petitioning your good offices to impress upon the government to retrieve these sums doled out illegally through the conscienceless officials to these people and organisations without any regards to morality.

We, Ghanaians in UK are respectively demanding the following actions to be effected in the on-going corruption cases and trials.

1. Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice Hon. Martin Amidu should be invited as quickly as possible as a prosecution witness in the Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s case due to his knowledge and facts he has on the case.

2. With immediate effect, the President should dismiss the following people for their conspiracy and failing to protect our finance and defend the state in court after their deliberations with Alfred Agbesi Woyome. These unprincipled government officials are Dr. Kwabena Duffour, Minister of Finance & Economic Planning, Mr. Barton Oduro, Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Valerie Sackey and Alex Segbefia both deputies Chief of Staff,

3. We are urging President Mills as a matter of urgency to compel the Attorney General to prosecute Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu, Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice for her negligence and lack of due diligence; her deputy Hon. Barton Oduro for his will not to defend the case in court; Dr. Kwabena Duffour Minister of Finance & Economic Planning, for his failure to obey the President’s directives not to pay the money to Mr Alfred Woyome; Mr Neequaye Tetteh Former Chief State Attorney and his spouse for their involvement in this gargantuan crime against the nation

4. For the sake of public confidence in Alfred Woyome’s case, the President should publish and prosecute the names Hon. Martin Amidu sent to him on 6th January 2012 about their involvement in the Woyome gate scandal.

We strongly believe that the retrieval of these monies can be used for infrastructural developments across the length and breath of the country. The failure to adhere to these demands will compel us to petition governments of the international community to exert pressure on the Mills / Mahama government to retrieve the money from these nation wreckers to the people of Ghana.

Thank you for the attention and co-operation to exert pressure on government.

Pp: On behalf of the Young Patriots - UK branch.

Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus-Glover 07943225930
Nana Ansah Oborfour 07411461007 / 07535484911
Justice Appiah 07445353804
Rosemary Cullis. 07852771321
Peter Antwi Boasiako 07950388567

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Zambian Sisters,Talia and Tamara Fight Again

The gloves are off in Downville as the Zambian sisters came back for round two of their sibling rivalry.

Just when it looked like the Downville dames had made peace with each other and were finally getting along things between the have soured again.

“I am not scared of you Tamara,” shouted Talia repeatedly. The argument began as the Housemates were all gathered in the Diner playing drinking games the two started disagreeing over which words rhyme. Soon the argument escalated with Talia calling her sister “dumb” this infuriated the older sister who started banging on the tables and the two women engaged in a screaming match.

The Housemates tried their best to diffuse the situation but to no avail. An incensed Tamara had enough and was give younger sibling a beat down and had to be held back by her fellow Housemates. “I cannot take this,” she shouted out. Big Brother had to step in once again and called Talia into the diary room. After much pleading from the other Housemates Tamara calmed down a bit and decided to head to bed to call it a night.

When she came back to the bedroom Talia confided in Jannette telling her that this is nothing new and the even when they are back home Tamara always wants to be right even when she is wrong.

Come on Talia and Tamara this is no way for ladies to act, especially sisters. Get it together before it’s too late and one of you does something that they will end up regretting.

By Lihle

Popular Nigerian Music Video Director, DJ Tee Stabs Artiste On Set

DJ Tee
Top music video director, DJ Tee reportedly stabbed an up and coming artiste, Tolani while shooting a music video yesterday in Ikeja, Lagos.

DJ Tee, who is an ex-military man, was said to have stabbed Tolani when he tried to stop DJ Tee from beating his siblings on location.

According to reports, Tolani was at the Daily Times location of the video shoot of an artiste called Malcolm, which he went for as a way to support his friend, Malcolm.

At a point, DJ Tee was said to have ordered those not on set to leave the shooting area but a lady was reported to have defied that order. This, as gathered, infuriated him and he started calling her some 'censored' names.

Not happy with DJ Tee's actions, one Dolapo also on set told him to be calm on the lady with such harsh words. His advice got him a slap from DJ Tee. He was said to have ordered his boys to beat up Dolapo for interfering in the matter.

While Dolapo was being beaten, his 17 year old sister named Bolaji reportedly pleaded with DJ Tee repeatedly to tell his boys to stop beating his brother, who was then receiving the beating of his life.

Rather than heed to Bolaji's appeal, DJ Tee was said to have descended on her by ordering his boys to give her the same treatment meted on her brother, Dolapo.

At this point, the stabbed artiste, Tolani, who is also the brother of Dolapo and Bolaji, reportedly jeered forward to stop the terror let loose by DJ Tee and his boys on his siblings. It was at this point DJ Tee was said to have broken a bottle and stabbed Tolani in the face and got them out of the premises.

He was said to have continued his shoot. Tolani is reported to be receiving treatment at a hospital in Ikeja.


Friday, June 29, 2012

You Can Sell anything, But not this House.

Which city in Nigeria will you find this particular house?

W*A*R*N*I*N*G. This is the Floaded street of Lagos and not swimming pool.

It is Dangerous for those who can not swim to jump into these flood water, as they may not be opportuned to Jump out.
Stay away from the Flooded areas.
SHARE to SAVE Lives.


In 1995, the group was said to be operating under the name Shabaab, Muslim Youth Organisation. It operated from the Indimi Mosque, located along Damboa Road, Maiduguri, Borno State and had one Mallam Lawal as leader and another Mallam Usman as secretary.

It was learnt that in 1999, Lawal left Nigeria for further studies at the University of Medina, Saudi Arabia, thereby yielding the leadership of the group to the man known as Mustapha Modu Jon, commonly called Mohammed Yusuf.

Yusuf’s leadership was said to have opened the group to political influences and increased popularity.

Although Yusuf’s religious activism was linked to Kano, where he had brushes with popular Islamic clerics, he was said to have laid the foundation for the growth of the organisation.

Details about the late Yusuf, however, indicated that he hailed from Gingir village in Jakusko Local Government Area of Yobe State. He was born on 29 January 1970, married four wives and had 12 children.

“By 2000, Yusuf had won the respect and confidence of some clerics and youths at Indimi Mosque. He started presiding over some mosque activities and along the line, he upstaged all the teachers to emerge a leader. Many youths who followed him saw the older clerics as secular and anti-Sharia.

“His followers are largely illiterate youths who engaged in petty trading or had dropped out of school,” a source said.

He then established his own mosque in an area called Railway Quarters in Maiduguri, while also extending his preaching to the mosques located at Kandahar, Unguwar Doki (near Monday Market) and Millionaire’s Quarters.

Investigators were also told that by early 2004, the Islamic sect had grown in states of presence with Borno, Yobe and Bauchi being notable and that some of the converted youths abandoned their studies to join the group. The ready-made army of followers were, however, said to be the Almajiri.

It was after 2004 that the sect leaders were said to have established links with the Algerian Salafist Group, now known as Al-Qaeda in Islamic Magreb, (AQIM), which gave them training on combat and use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

From trainings acquired in AQIM, it was gathered that members of Boko Haram were able to show dexterity in handling of weapons and manufacture of what is called “dirty bombs” through IEDs

It was gathered that investigations by operatives have revealed that following recent arrests of high profile members of the sect as well as the fortification of most high targets, including headquarters of security outfits, a strategy has been put in place to ensure precision of attack.

Said a source close to the administration, “recent discoveries have shown that due to the fortification of premises of important buildings set aside as targets by Boko Haram, strategy has been put in place to simulate convoys of high profile Nigerians so as to gain access to target buildings.”

The plan, according to sources, is to use convoys with sirens to infiltrate headquarters of security agencies and local government area offices of such agencies to unleash terror.

Another strategy is to attack christian worship centers in volatile Northern states, this will trigger reprisal in all parts of the country, therefore the security will be highly involved in containing the situation that will enable Boko Haram to unleash deadlier attacks to their targets easily and achieve their aim of causing general chaos and anarchy.

As a result of the comments said to have been attributed to a top Nigerian security source that the Boko Haram would soon run out of suicide bombers, investigators were also said to have confirmed fresh recruitment drives.

It was gathered that the group now uses internet to propagate its activities and enhance its radicalisation and circulation of extremist ideologies.

Already, it was said that the sect is planning to double its huge following in such states as Kano, Bauchi, Adamawa, Yobe, Sokoto, Plateau, Kaduna and Katsina.

The recruitment drive is said to be targeted at muslims between ages of 17 and 30, a source said, adding that the group has also been recruiting its followers through prison breaks when freed prisoners are brainwashed to become adherents. - Nigerian Dan Arewa.

B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G News! JTF Arrest Militant General, Gbereke .

The Joint Task Force (JTF) have apprehended Mr Seiyifa Gbereke alias General Cairo. General Cario is one of the most wanted militants operating in the Niger Delta, who has been accused of been responsible for various pipeline vandalizations along Bayelsa and Delta creeks.
JTF release said that they lured to Bayelsa from Warri where he was arrested and been questioned for his activities.

R*E*V*E*A*L*E*D! House of Rep's Plans to Cover Bribe Case Against Hon Lawan

It has come to our attention the efforts of the leadership of the Federal House of Representative to bury and exnorate Hon Farouk Lawan through their Ethics committee.

An honourable member, and one of leaders of the House told Hope For Nigeria that he is still shocked by "the grand design of the House leadership to use the Ethics committee to clear Hon Farouk of any wrong doing".

"While I am not here to comdemn Hon Lawan or any other person, but the House leadership should weigh in the repacausion of such a derogatory move, especially from those that elected us, who are fast losing faith in our stewardship". "They are shopping for a defence line, where Hon Lawan will claim that he received the money, but not as a bribe".

We are certain that the Federal House's self deciet intention is quite regrattable and the defense by Farouk Lawan is self defeating
The Malam Ribadu and Former Gov Ibori's case might come to mind, when Ibori allegedly gave Ribadu some money to influence his case. Malam Ribadu been a smart person, lodged the money into Federal government account with CBN and was given a reciept.

On Hon Frouk Lawan's case, he received money from Femi Otedola and spent the marked money, instead of handing it over to EFCC, ICPC, CBN, as a cover.
Hon Lawan also refused to disclose the information to the House members and even members of the Subsidy regime probe committee. He has on numerous occassion lied about giving the bribe money to House members, who inturn denied ever receiving or having any knowledge of his claims.

In the same development, Hope For Nigeria was informed that there may not be any live TV coverage and the commiittee as they deemed fit, may not allow Journalists during their settings.

We are sending a message to Hon Aminu Tambuwal's leadership and members of the Ethics committee not to miscontrue the patience of Nigerians as weakness.
There were Media coverage during the Arunma Oteh and the disgraced Hon Hembe's case.
WHY should Hon Farouk's case be different. It is certain that heads will roll, but Nigerians will not be delighted with another wash and blackout from the House.

"Nigerians Are Having Too Many Children" – President Goodluck

Nigerians should limit the number of children they are having, according to the country’s leader. President Goodluck Jonathan said people were having too many children, and went on to back birth control measures. He said that in particular, uneducated people were having too many children, and urged people to only have as many children as they could afford.

The United Nations has estimated that the population of Nigeria could grow from 160m to 400m by 2050. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, and previous attempts to encourage adults to have fewer children have failed.

Mr Jonathan said legislation and policies aimed at controlling the number of births might be considered in future. He said he had asked the National Population Commission to inform people about birth control before taking the issue further. The president acknowledged that the issue was a sensitive one, saying:

“We are extremely religious people… It is a very sensitive thing.”
   Mr Jonathan was quoted as saying :

“Both Christians and Muslims, and even traditionalist and all the other religions, believe that children are God’s gifts to man. “So it is difficult for you to tell any Nigerian to number their children because… it is not expected to reject God’s gifts.”

CASABLANCA!!! Nigerian Pastor runs mad while praying for mad man (PHOTO)

Scene of the mad man and the pastor, at Oke-Ado, Ibadan, Oyo State, on Thursday. Photo: Seye Adeniyi
Fuuny right???....Continue reading:

PEOPLE living at Oke-Ado area of Ibadan, Oyo State, as well as shop owners and automobile dealers along Molete road in the town, on Thursday, watched a drama involving a pastor and a mad man.

The pastor, whose name is Timothy, according to an eyewitness, got to Ososami junctions of Oke-Ado around 5.20 p.m and went to meet the mentally-deranged man, popularly known as Tunde, who was sitting in front of a building in the area.

According to Semiu, a shop owner around the spot of the incident, the pastor began to read the Bible on sighting the mad man, while he moved closer to him and laid the hand on his head.

“At a point, there was a hot argument between the duo, which made the pastor to raise his voice as he was offering a deliverance prayer for Tunde, the mad man. The hot prayer lasted for over 15 minutes before another strange drama began,” Semiu told the Nigerian Tribune.

Speaking further, another witness, an okada rider, said at a point, the mad man removed the pastor’s hand from his head, adding that “suddenly, a strange spirit got hold of the pastor and he began to remove his cloth. He was naked and laid flat on the ground, speaking a strange language, with foam oozing out of his mouth.”

The mad man, it was gathered, initially left him in this position and sat at some distance away from the pastor, before the duo later sat closer to each other, while onlookers watched the strange drama.

The pastor remained in state of insanity until the Nigerian Tribune left the scene of the incident.

Nigeria Tribune

45 Things a Lady Want But Might Never Request For

1. Touch her waist.
2. Actually talk to her.
3. Share secrets with her.
4. Give her your jacket.
5. Kiss her slowly.

6. Hug her.
7. Hold her.
8. Laugh with her.
9. Invite her somewhere.
10. Hangout with her and your friends together.

11. Smile with her.
12. Take pictures with her.
13. Pull her onto your lap.
14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.
15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can’t get to her friends.It       makes her feel loved.

16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her.
17. Kiss her unexpectedly.
18. Hug her from behind around the waist.
19. Tell her she’s beautiful.
20. Tell her the way you feel about her.
(One last thing you need to do to show her
you actually do mean it.)

21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car – it
makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts
to act like a gentleman.
22. Tell her she’s your everything – only if you
mean it.
23. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her – if she denies something being wrong, it means SHE DOESN’T WANT TO    TALK ABOUT  IT – so just hug her.
24. Make her feel loved.
25. Kiss her in front of OTHER girls you know!


26. Don’t lie to her.
27. DON’T cheat on her.
28. Take her ANYWHERE she wants.
29. Text message or call her in the morning
and tell her have a good day at school, and
how much you miss her.
30. Be there for her whenever she needs you, and even when she doesn’t need you, just be there so she’ll know that she can always count on you.

31. Hold her close when she’s cold so she can hold you too.
32. When you are alone hold her close and kiss her.
33. Kiss her on the cheek; (it will give her the
hint that you want to kiss her).
34. While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her lightly.
35. Don’t ever tell her to leave even jokingly or act like you’re mad. If she’s upset, comfort her.

36. When people diss her, stand up for her.
37. Look deep into her eyes and tell her you
love her.
38. Lay down under the stars and put her head on your chest so she can listen to the steady beat of your heart, link your fingers together while you whisper to her as she rests her eyes and listens to you.
39. When walking next to each other grab her hand.
40. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.


41. Call or text her at night to wish her sweet dreams.
42. Comfort her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
43. Take her for long walks at night.
44. Always remind her how much you love her.
45. Sit on top of her and tell her how much you love her and then bend down to her face and kiss her while you’re sitting on her. You’ll never know when she needs just a little more love ..

PHOTOS:Woman Breaks World Record For "Most Butt Injections" In One Person

Woman with the Biggest Butt injections in America. She injected hydrogel injections into her bum to make it BIGGER!
Meehnnnn, believe me you cannot handle this shitty-ass

Checkout pictures below...

"I Will Marry Another Beautiful Woman In December" - Okotie Boasts

A lot of drama seems to be playing out at the Household of God Church headed by 'big grammar' Pastor, Chris Okotie. The political-pastor (he was a presidential candidate) and his wife, Stephanie only ended their four-year-old marriage recently due to "irreconcilable differences".
But according to latest reports,the popular Lagos-based Pastor is getting ready to take another shot at matrimony, which would be his third.

Pastor Okotie, who was said to have opened up that he fell for his estrange wife's beauty without considering other important virtues, is now planning to get married again by December. It was gathered that his reason is because the Bible said it's not good for a man to be alone.

It would be recalled that Pastor Okotie separated from his first wife, Tyna, after 17 years of marriage. The news of the break up came as a shock to many since it was highly celebrated. They had their honey moon in Dubai, London and France for some weeks.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

CHILD ABUSE:Woman Pours Hot Water On Step Son(PHOTOS)

The alarming human in humanity that reigns supreme in most polygamous homes has just played a fast one on a young boy whose step-mother poured hot water on.

The increasing rate of home abuse, wife battery, especially child molestation, maltreating, and abuse calls for serious and quick intervention by all.

Ola in a critical condition is said to be under a serious intensive care in a hospital around Igando area of Lagos. His step-mum who works with the Lagos Internal Revenue Service took laws into and hands and punished him for beating her little daughter by pouring hot water on him while asleep.

Read the story as it's being said by the youngster; “the argument that led to the sad incident started when my step-mum saw me beat my sister, she got very angry and wanted to harm me back in anger, she reached for and did all she could physically, I tried to defend myself but she overpowered me.

She got more furious after my father and some neighbors tried to stop her, and she started scattering the house and even broke bottles.

My uncle who also lives around was able to drag her away from the house. I was still sleeping on my bed the next morning, when she walked into my room and bathed me with hot water; I staggered to the living room and saw my father and uncle. That was the last I remembered before I passed out and woke at the hospital."

"The father said his brother came into the house around 4:30am the next morning to settle the rift that occurred the previous day; they all sat in the living room, when the wife stood up and went into the kitchen. She was going in and out, and they thought she was preparing herself for work, not until Ola walked out of the room, looking weak and skin peeled, and fainted on the ground. We quickly rushed him to the hospital, while she stood staring and mocking him for calling out for help." His Uncle narrated

Meanwhile, the case has been reported at the police station, while the boy is still at the hospital wallowing in serious pain, and the step-mum has disappeared into thin air........Continue to see more photos of the poor boy:

We shall keep you posted as event unfold.


1. Insult upon injury
2. Nonsense and Ingredient
3. If I sound u ehh, I will soon slap you
4. How Far?
5. Can I see your particulars?
6. Anything for me sir?
7. Are you mad?
8. Half-caste
9. Next tomorrow
10. Make I come block you dia
11. Lie, Lie
12. See me see trouble oh
13. Shift small for me lemme sit
14. abeg vamus / abeg commot
15. nonsense say wetin happen
16. Abomination
17. Over my dead body
18. God forbid bad thing
19. I need to retouch my (h)air
20. any word with 'bloody' e.g. bloody fool, bloody liar, bloody idiot
21. Na wa oooo
22. Tell me something
23. Why do you want to know my name?
24. Abeg joo
25. Can u imagine.....
26. wonders shall never end / cease
27. Tofiakwa (n some people feeling janded will say TUFI!!!!)
28. Chei, Kai
29. Oya me we dey go
30. Hold on lemme branch somewhere
31. Come and Escort Me
32. Stop at that junction over there
33. Borrow me your pen/biro
34. Still yet
35. Me and you will enter the same trouser
36. You are so annoying
37. Why? Because Y has a long tail and branches
38. What is the time? Quarter To buy your own
39. Effico
40. ITK- I too know
41. Muumu
42. How are you? 'We're managing'
43. and so what?
44. I want some assorted biscuits e.g. Rich tea, Digestive
45. Your face look familiar or similiar(kano horses)
46. You are so daft
47. NFA- No future ambition
48. Are you already ready?
49. That is so dry!
50. My belly is full
51. Did they sack you?
52. I trekked all the way here
53. Where is the toilet, I want to piss
54. I want to drink cold mineral
55. Which ones now?
56. Can u imagine, he was trying to toast me
57. Jacker
58. Your head is not correct
59. Have you seen that film before?
60. Just imagine!
61. My school fees money
62. No wahala!
63. Revise back small
64. Oya, shake body
65. Shine your eye
66. Carry go
67. Don't try me o
68. Enough effizzy
69. Nna, You chop?
70. Ashewo bastard!
71. What happen?
72. We must wash am! -


LAGOS RAIN:Some people carrying their okada on head(PHOTO)

Hope you no see rain oh?....Some people carry their okada for head oh,Share your yesterday rain experience.Do you prefer the rain or the sun?

PHOTO:People Use Umbrella Under Rain While Driving Convertible

I saw this picture on Linda Ikeji's blog. It does not require too much explanation.
Look for the umbrella in the middle of the picture.

PLEASE HELP:My Husband No Longer Desire Me Sexually After 17 Years Of Marriage

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and have 3 children – 15, 12 and 10. We have been going to marriage counseling since he announced 6 months ago that he no longer finds me attractive and feels that we are more like best friends. For the past 10 years, I have been the one to initiate our love making, this has made me feel like sex is a chore, and over time I simply gave up trying so much. It has now led to an almost non-existent sex life. In counseling we have covered many areas that have affected our relationship, and have been able to work on building a stronger level of trust and respect. It has also helped my husband share his feeling more easily with me. Last night, I discovered that he has another facebook account that he uses to chat to other women (mainly Asian women – since visiting China a few times for business, he seems to have become “obsessed”. He has had pics of asian girls on his laptop). He says his chats are not sexual, but that he finds the conversations stimulating. He has also discussed our relationship with these strangers. When I asked him about it, he was open and honest with me (I think). I feel so angry and lost, as I have no idea where our relationship is headed. He once again said that he no longer desires me sexually and that our relationship feels more like a friendship. When we have made love he said he simply doesn’t feel anything for me – this hurt immensely. When I asked him if he was attracted to Asian women, he could not answer, and honestly was not sure. He still enjoys my company and loves to cuddle (but that’s about the depth of our intimacy). I am confused, because if I keep my distance from him, he notices and complains that I do not cuddle him anymore? He told me he would try and make our marriage work, but I do not know how much longer I keep feeling this way.

What Do I Do, I am Confused—Help Me!

PHOTO:A Nigerian Girl paid to be Caressed by Monkey

Monkey Love, All For Money.
A Nigerian Girl paid to be Caressed by Monkey.
Last Month, Another Nigerian lady, Cynthia died after she was paid $2,000 to suck and sleep with Monkey.

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Goldie Forgives and Forgets Prezzo

Straight from the horse’s mouth came the words: “I have forgiven him but I have also forgotten him.” This was Goldie’s response to Big Brother after he asked about the status of her relationship with Prezzo.

Never did we think that a day would come when the overly clingy Goldie would actually consider parting ways with Prezzo but today it looks like that day has finally dawned. Every woman has a breaking point and it looks like Goldie has finally reached hers. “There’s no point of thinking about him,” said the Nigerian.

It seemed that the biggest issue for the singer was her man’s habit of reminding her of all the things that he has done for her whenever they dispute. “If the day that you are not too happy you are going to count how many times you have bought me perfume, then why do you bother doing it?” she asked Biggie rhetorically.

“The songstress also did not hold back her tongue as she lambasted Prezzo’s tendency to label people with ugly names including her. “No I don’t take that because I don’t give it. For me it’s a wrap.” Whoa… is this really the same fragile woman that had a hysterical fit after Prezzo told her that they were friends?

Earlier in the day the musician sang a medley of songs about breaking free from love.Guess the saying is true when a woman is fed up there's nothing you can do about it.
By Lihle / DStv Online

PLEASE HELP:" I’m having an affair with my Dad’s Sister"

I’m in the middle of an amazing affair with my Aunt. It was just about sex at the start but now it feels like I’m falling in love. I’m 26 and my dad’s sister is 45. She started it and NOT me. She gave me a kiss at a Christmas Party Last year and after She dragged me off to a dark places for more. No-one noticed anything; It was only a squeeze but it made me feel brilliant inside.

She turned up at my residence the next day and that’s when we started our crazy affair. Her marriage was short of excitement, she said. She’d been so bored for so long looking for partner, the way she felt now was, “Anything goes" which I think she find me suitable for the vacancy. It was scary, tempting and surprised to see if she meant what she said. I told myself I was helping her out plus getting some sex in as well.

We tried crazy things in the bedroom that I’d never thought of that before. Maybe she thought it was her last chance to try out some sexy ideas before old age set in on her. Due to my busy schedule we split up for a couple of months, I see this as an opportunity to cool down so that no one will notice. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see her again, but she appeared on this day and she said that she missed me like mad.

She is the most sexually attractive woman I have ever been with, despite her age she is still outstanding. I see this as an abomination and I want out. But she disagreed, Aunt want the relationship to continue 24/7; I think she has fall completely. But I can only guarantee part time basis cos I want to get married soon.

What should I do- Mr. J. J.

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Goldie Wants To Fly Away?

Goldie was up bright and early this morning singing her heart out in the kitchen while preparing breakfast for her and her fellow Housemates.
The ‘Golden One’ as her man Prezzo calls her, went into a medley of great pop hits starting with Madonna’s ‘Take A Bow’. “I’ll always be in love with you. I guess you’ve always known it’s true. You took my love for granted, why oh why. The show is over, say good-bye,” sang the Nigerian.
Afterwards the songstress tackled Nelly Furtado’s ‘I’m Like A Bird’ singing: “I’m like a bird I wanna fly away.” This quite an interesting selection of music from the Upville dame as both songs are about wanting to break free from someone that you love and it was just a few days ago the songbird and her man had a fiery quarrel.
After that it seemed like the two were both ready to wash their hands of the relationship as Goldie swore that she would not allow Prezzo to get to her again and the rapper confessed to Keitta that he is done with Goldie.
So was it a coincidence that these chosen lyrics come at a time when the singer is going through a rough patch with her StarGame lover? Or could it be a sign that Goldie really wants to break free from Prezzo for good?

By Lihle / DStv Online

This baby challenges any adult to a eating contest

THIS BABY CHALLENGES YOU........ This baby challenges any adult to a eating contest.....Are you brave enough????

PLEASE HELP:My Wife Angrily Deleted Her Number Off My Phone For Not Using A Pet Name

My wife just deleted her name from my phone.

Reasons: she entered mine in her phone as "My Love" whereas I entered her as "Solange" which is her name.

Honestly, I see nothing special in those lovy-lovy pet names. I am faithful not for her sake but for the fear of the Lord!
Since she did that over two weeks ago, I have not replaced it with any other name.

This is serious, not the usual play-play issues!

Is there any special meaning in pet names?

PHOTO:Firm Abandoned him After Machine Spoilt His Hand

When Ifeanyi Okorocha, a machine operator with Therapeutic Laboratories Nigeria Limited, set out for work on March 1, 2012, he was full of life and spirit.

But his joy was cut short in the afternoon of the fateful day when the company’s industrial machine chopped off his fingers and damaged other parts of his arm.

The accident led to his journey to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos.

Okorocha, who said the accident occurred about 1.45pm while mixing water with powder, accused the company of abandoning him when he needed assistance most.

The machine operator said after two weeks at the hospital, his company, located at 372, Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos, asked the doctor to discharge him.

But it was learnt that the doctor disagreed and insisted that Okorocha needed corrective surgery, warning that any hasty attempt to discharge him would worsen his condition.

He also said since the incident, the company had stopped his salary, adding that this had compounded his problem.

Okorocha, who spoke with PUNCH Metro in a voice laden with anguish said, “On March 1, 2012, about 1.45pm when I was adding water to the powder, my gloves became wet and slippery. After the process, I wanted to open the mixer from the bottom with my right hand when my left hand slipped and fell into the running machine.

“None of my colleagues could come and help me while I was shouting for help because they were scared. So, I had to switch off the machine myself and pulled out my hand at the same time. After pulling out my hand, I noticed two of my fingers had been cut off and I also broke my arm.

“My supervisor rushed me to the company’s private hospital at Ikeja. From there, I was taken to Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi. But after two weeks at the hospital, the company said I should be discharged.

“However, the doctor refused. The company stopped paying for my medical bills before the hospital went on strike. After the strike, I went back to the hospital, but I was asked to pay before I could be attended to.”

But the Administration Manager, Therapeutic Laboratories, Mr. Lawal Ebenezer, said Okorocha was telling lies.

Ebenezer said he was not in a position to say whether the company had stopped his salary or not, nevertheless, he said Okorocha was ungrateful to say he had been abandoned by the company.

The Admin Manager said, “He cannot say that before me. When the hospital was on strike, the company said I should arrange for a private hospital for him. I was supposed to go and pay some money only to be told he had left the hospital. When I called his line, it indicated it was switched off.

“For him (Okorocha) to use the word ‘abandonment’ is a wrong expression. We did not abandon him. As for his salary, I can’t talk about that. But for the treatment, I can say he did not say the truth.”

Counsel for the family of Okorocha, Mr. Silas Udoh, in a letter addressed to the company’s Managing Director, alleged that the accident occurred as a result of the firm’s negligence.

He, therefore, demanded N25m as compensation for Okorocha, failing which his client would take a legal action.

The letter reads in part, “We are informed that Mr. Ifeanyi Okorocha had his two major fingers cut off by your industrial machine and as well damaged other parts of his arm and body due to your company’s negligence.

“Aside from the above, we are also informed that although you took Okorocha to Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi and was admitted there since March 1, 2012, no efforts were made by your company to inform his family up till now, thereby subjecting the family to psychological and mental torture of tracing their son to the said hospital.

“Based on the above mentioned facts, we have the instruction of our client to demand from your company the sum of N25m as compensation for the damage occasioned by your company.”

via Punch

REVEALED:Reasons why Pastor Chris Okotie’s Second Marriage Crashed!

To avoid unnecessary speculations that may be trailing his failing marriage, Pastor Chris Okotie, the General Overseer of Household of God, took the bull by the horn and formerly declared that he and Stephanie, his wife of four years, are going their separate ways.

The flamboyant preacher and three times presidential candidate of FRESH Democratic Party was alleged to have announced during last Sunday Church service, “Stephanie and I are separated without any further explanation.”

Although, many are no longer surprise about broken marriage of top celebrities, as it has become rampant nowadays, Pastor Chris failed second marriage is more interesting. It would be recall that his marriage to Stephanie, a mother of three from different men generated a lot of controversy with many people saying he should not have married in accordance with biblical principle but he quickly debunked such talks, saying that his critics do not understand the word of God.

However, for those who might be wondering why the marriage crashed like badly arranged pack of cards, a reliable source squealed that Stephanie is been alleged of having spiritual problems which Pastor Chris could no longer cope with.

As the alleged spiritual problems become mysteries to be unravelled, Stephanie is said to have moved back to Marwa Gardens, where she lived before the marriage. “She did not pack out completely because her siblings and children stayed behind when she got married to Pastor Chris,” said an insider.

“They dated for 10 years and married for four years, is it now that he’s aware of her spiritual problems? There is more to that, and probably because she could not give him a child after four years of marriage,” another source said.

"My Wife returned home without her pant"-Ex-commisioner`s husband

Only in Nigeria!!!.... David Erhabor, husband  of a former commissioner in Edo State, Florence Igbinigie-Erhabor, on Wednesday, told a Benin High Court, that his wife of 15 years once came home without putting on pant.

He said, “There was a day she came back home drunk and without a pant on her. She was in the habit of keeping late nights.”

David while testifying in a divorce suit, No HAB/16D/2011, instituted by his wife, a former Commissioner for Women Affairs, under Chief Lucky Igbinedion, told the court he did not envisage a broken home in his life.

The respondent said trouble started after his wife was appointed commissioner, after which he said she began keeping late nights.

 David, an ex-Senior Adviser to former Governor Oswerhiemen Osunbor, told the court that there was a time the wife abandoned their two children, absconded from home for three days, “only to be caught red-handed inside a vehicle, romancing and kissing a man who had earlier gassed him.”

David recalled that it took the intervention of a former chairman of Delta State Oil Producing Community Development Commission, Chief Wellington Okrika, to resolve some of their matrimonial crises.

He also said his wife had once demanded N1m from him before she could allow  him to have sex with her, adding that on another occasion, he ran from home when he sensed that his wife was planning to send hired assassins after him.

On the custody of their children, David said they could always stay with whoever they chose when on holidays.

Florence among other prayers is asking the court to grant her divorce on the grounds of threat to life, violent assault and infidelity on the part of her husband.

The former commissioner, who has since 2009 separated from her husband, is demanding that she should be paid N150, 000 as monthly upkeep for each of their children. She also wants Erhabor to be compelled to pay the children’s school fees.

While being crossed-examined by David’s lawyer, Mr. Akakhomen Austine, Florence said her husband had at a time squeezed the children inside a vehicle and threatened to set them ablaze. She said it took the intervention of members of both families to broker peace.

The former commissioner said she had been solely responsible for the children’s upkeep, including payment of their school fees over the past years.

She added that the children had been living in her family house where she relocated to when she suspected that her husband was after her life.

She also accused David of having extra-marital affair with their housemaid.

Justice Anthony Erhabor adjourned the case till August 4 for further hearing.

R*E*V*E*A*L*E*D:Police Confirms That Farouk Lawan Has Spent the $620,000.

It is now apparent to the Police investigators that Hon Farouk Lawan has spent the $620,000 bribe he collected from Mr Femi Otedola.
Hope for Nigeria's source at the Force Headquarters said that "Hon Lawan is tactically delaying and renaging on his promises to return the $620,000 bribe money".
We were informed of the Police frustration about the honourable members unstoppable lies on the whereabout of the 'marked' dollars.
"Our intelligence is aware of Farouk activities in sourcing the best Legal team to fight out our investigation, but I am sure that he will not succeed" - the police Investigation source.

The Secretary House of Representatives ad-hoc committee on fuel subsidy regime, Mr Boniface Emenalo has refuted Hon Lawan's claim of been in possession of $120,000 of the Bride money.
The House Committee Chairman on Narcotics and Financial Crimes, Mr. Adams Jagaba was also angered by Hon Farouk's claim of handing him the bribe he received from Mr Otedula and has formally written to the Police, indicating the he is not aware of Farouk's claims.

"PUNISH Bribe Givers and Takers,both are criminals"- Obasanjo.

Against the backdrop of the bribery allegation between a member of the House of Representatives, Farouk Lawan and business mogul, Femi Otedola, over the fuel subsidy report, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has said both the giver and taker of bribe must be punished.

“Fighting corruption is not a one-night affair. The givers of most of the corruption in Africa are from outside Africa. They do in Africa (things) they would not do in their own countries. In my part of the world, we have a saying that the man who carries a pot of palm oil from the ceiling is not the only thief. He has an accomplice in the man who helps him to bring it down. The giver and the taker are criminals, and they should be treated as such.”
Obasanjo told the newspaper that instead of saying Nigerian leaders lack accountability, the paper should say they are corrupt.

“You are being euphemistic when you say lack of accountability. Call it corruption. There is no part of the world where corruption is absolutely eliminated. But (in other countries) corruption has not been a way of life. When you are found, you are dealt with. And that’s what we need.”

Nigerian Lady, Chibundu Onuzo (21) Emerges UK’s No.1 Best Black student of 2012

Since 2010, Chibundu Onuzo has captured the world’s consciousness for accomplishing feat after feat. At only age 19, while still an undergraduate student at King’s College London, she made headlines globally by signing a two novel deal with U.K. publishing heavy weight, Faber & Faber which has published books by 12 Nobel Laureates and 6 Man Booker prizewinners. By clinching the deal, she became the prestigious publisher’s youngest ever female author. CNN did an extensive profile on her inspiring achievements as its way of joining in celebrating Nigeria’s then 50th year of independence.

“I wrote the book in my last year at school,” Onuzo told CNN. “I’ve been writing since I was 10, but this was the first novel I finished, so it was very liberating to be able to write ‘The End.’”

According to CNN, Chibundu found an agent before she had even finished writing, and sealed the book deal on her first meeting with a publisher.

Chibundu started writing novels at age 10. She grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and attended Corona Gbagada and Atlantic Hall Secondary School. She thereafter attended St. Swithuns, a school in Winchester and after that attended King’s College, London.

She grew up reading English classics like Jane Eyre and David Copperfield but also African titles by Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi.

Two years after signing her book deal with Faber and Faber, she recently published her book, “The Spider King’s Daughter.” The book has already started garnering critical acclaim including being longlisted for the the £10,000 Desmond Elliott Prize for debut novelists alongside a Booker prize-nominated Oxford professor.

And yet another feather was added to her long list of achievements. In June this year, Chibundu was voted the UK’s No.1 Best Black student of 2012.

She was given the accolade by a panel of leading black Britons at a glittering ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on Thursday 7th June 2012, in front of an invited audience of MPs, senior business heads, family members, friends and press. The award was given by Rare Rising Stars. By winning the award, she also became the first woman to come out tops in the list of the U.K.’s Best Black Students

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A*B*O*M*I*N*A*T*I*O*N! Man (51) Caught having Sex with His Daughter.

A 45-year-old woman was shocked to the marrow when she caught her husband (51) having sex with their only daughter of 15 years. The family lives at Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos.

The girl’s mother who is a trader at Oshodi, on the fateful day, went to Festac Town but had to return home because she was not feeling well. According to the source, the woman, on getting home, met her husband and their daughter on their matrimonial bed having sex and the man sucking her breasts.

The woman was said to have raised an alarm which attracted neighbours and passers-by.

Speaking with Crimewatch the woman said, “Must I be monitoring my daughter or be afraid when my daughter is with her father? One of our tenants once told me that the closeness of my husband and our daughter was suspicious.
I got annoyed and told the woman that she was talking nonsense but within me I thought it is not possible until I caught them in the act.

I am going to move out of this house with my daughter because it is a taboo, and in the future people will tell the story even to the person who may want to marry her”.

When Crimewatch confronted the man, he pleaded that he should be forgiven, claiming that it was the handiwork of the devil. The girl wept profusely and refused to speak when Crimewatch sought to hear her side of the story."

Gay lecturer threatened failure if student refused to succumb in ABU,Zaria

Dr Gambo Abdul, a senior lecturer in the Department of Public administration at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, has been arrested for allegedly harassing a male student Abubakar Abdulkareem into being his gay partner.

The student had severally rebuffed the advances of the lecturer who wanted him to be his gay partner but became agitated when the lecturer threatened failure if he refused to succumb.

It was gathered that following the threat from the lecturer who is from Minna, Abubakar reported the case to his parents. Consequently, the family of the student decided to investigate further and found out that the claim of their ward was true.

The student was instructed to play along last weekend when the said lecturer invited him to a hotel located at Eastern Bye Pass in Minna. The lecturer made advances and was apprehended and taken to Chanchaga police division.

Abubakar told LEADERSHIP that his ordeal in the hand of the lecturer started over two years ago when he was doing his Diploma programme at the University before he gained admission for his degree programme.

He said that the said Lecturer was his caretaker which was why he was close to him but decided to stay away from him when he started to make illicit advances towards him.

When contacted the police Public relation Officer, Pius Edobo confirmed the incident, adding that the case would be charged to court.

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My Wife is Now the Bread Winner.

Tunji lost his job after his wife gave birth to their second daughter. For 6 yrs, he could not secure another job and the wife became the bread winner of their family, it was like hell.

One day, the wife came in & told her husband that there was a job interview somewhere, the husband went. Among 126 applicants, all they needed was just only one person for the post of Assistant General Manager.
Tunji was not hopeful of anything good coming from there but his wife assured him that her uncle is a friend to the CEO of the company.

5 days after the interview, the CEO called Tunji to meet him in his private hotel room for his appointment letter. In a twinkle of an eye he got there, with joy he opened the letter, 550k monthly salary to start with, 2 official cars, 5 bedroom duplex at Ocean view, at the end of the letter was a note that "Your appointment could be terminated anytime incase there is any mis-conduct".

Out of joy he picked up his phone & called his wife. To his surprise his wife's phone rang right there in the hotel room.
He looked towards the direction of the sound only to find his wife's bag somewhere at the corner of the room.

What do you think is going on here?
What should Tunji do in this circumstance?

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