Sunday, May 27, 2012

Whatever My Condition, God Is Good.

Ahmed has been sick for nearly 3 months and was on admission in a city Hospital that specialise on Respiratory and Heart condition related problems.

Ahmed is supported with a respiratory machine which weights about 8-10kgs. No matter his falling health, he goes outside his hospital room to pray Isha Salath carrying his 8- 10kg respiratory machine. Masha Allah.

He thank God for the gift of life and the gift of wisdom to the doctors that are battling to save his life. He thank God for been most merciful and very compassionate. Ahmed told doctors and fellow patients that his whole life is for giving thanks to the giver of life.

Medical staff are all in tears as Ahmed is speedily getting better against their diagnosis and expectations.
Allah has given so much to us but still we are unable to find time to pray. What is our Excuse For Salath? What is your excuse in being thankful to the Giver of life, like Ahmed?
Please Pray for Ahmed's health.
May the Almighty bless him with good health.

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