Sunday, May 27, 2012

OGA, MADAM & Ekene.

Ekene is a house boy who drinks the
wine of his Boss with impunity then
adds water to cover his tracks.
His Boss was suspicious & decided to
buy pasties (a French wine that changes
color if u add water just like dettol). Unknowing, Ekene, drank from d wine
& topped it up with water as usual.
Sadly for him, immediately he added
water, d pasties became milky & when d
Boss came back & noticed it, he knew he had nailed Ekene. Ekene knew he was in trouble & decided to stay put in d kitchen when his boss came home.
The Boss told his wife about what he
“Ekene!”, he called from the sitting
He answered: “Yes, Boss”.
“Who drank my pasties?”.
Ekene :No answer.
The Boss asked again: still no answer.
Then d Boss went to the kitchen 2meet him there: “Are u insane or what? Why when I call u say “yes boss” but when I ask you a
question u don’t answer me? ”
Ekene retorted, “Hmmm oga when u are in d kitchen u don’t understand
anything at all, except ur name.” “Is that so?” asked the boss, “Okay, go to the bar stand beside Madam, while I’ll go into d kitchen & then ask me a question”
Ekene accepted. When his boss was in d kitchen he shouts: “Boss”. “Yes, ikem” his Boss answers. Ekene
then asks, “Who goes into the maid’s bedroom when Madam is not at home?”
No answer.
D boy shouted again: “Boss, I say who dey sneak to d maids room when madam no dey house?”
No answer.
The Boss came out from the kitchen
shouting, “Wonders will never cease!
Ekene, It is true, when one is in the
kitchen, one does not hear anything, except one’s name.”
D wife interrupted, “That’s not true. It’s
a lie without argument.”
Ekene asked if
she’ll enter d magic kitchen 2 be tested.
She agreed.
Ekene asks madam, “Who’s junior’s biological father? Me or oga?”
Madam madly rushed out of the
kitchen saying, “This kitchen needs to be fumigated I can't hear anything."

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