Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Marrying More Than One Wife Is A Sin In Islam" - Adewale Ayuba

“I am a proud Muslim. I’ve been to the holy pilgrimage almost every year. My father was a prominent Islamic scholar from Ikenne-Remo in Ogun State. I can never marry a second wife. I have searched everywhere in the Holy Koran, I have not seen where it is written that a Muslim must marry more than one wife. Some people are merely twisting the scripture to satisfy their selfish desires by acquiring women and siring many children, whom, in most cases, they cannot cater for morally, educationally and financially.” -Fuji artist, Adewale Ayuba.


  1. Is nt a sin 2 mary more dan 1 wyf in is allowed 2 mary more dan 1 wyf 2 prevent adultery,and if d man can cater 4 dem al.

  2. Alh Ayuba Kudos to you. This is one of the reasons that distinguish you from others. How can one have more than one wife and treat them EQUALLY?