Thursday, May 31, 2012

"I Can't Do Without daily Sex" - 10 year old Girl.

The girl (10), is shockingly addicted to sex that she complains that she cannot live in a day without being made love to.
She was sexually abused by people living around her in Mile 12, Lagos at the early age of 7.

The abuses now lead her to be insatiable and demands for sex regularly and cannot control her desire for it.
"I cannot do without having sex with different kind of men daily, irrespective of who they are or where they are from".

The victim who is still a primary school pupil said if she did not see any man to have sex with her in her area, she would go to a popular under bridge at Mile 12 Lagos and beg for sex from touts.

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  1. So sad that a 10yrs old kid is addicted to sex and all d grown up men that abuse her shame on u someone needs to get her help before something bad happened to her