Saturday, May 26, 2012


Mrs Akunyili Refuting the Insinuation that She sent her Children Abroad because of our poor Educational System.

Thank you all, my dear friends, for your responses to my request for you to join me in thanking God over my children's graduation. May be I should have explained how they came to school in America and that this started five years before I became NAFDAC DG on April 12, 2001 and 12 years before I became Minister of Information and Communications.

In 1996 my first daughter, Ijeoma, won the NASA scholarship to study engineering at Howard University, Washington, due to her outstanding performance in her WASC exams.

That same year (1996) I won the American Visa Lottery, which entitled my children to American visa and Green Card and eventual citizenship. When you become an American citizen you're entitled to all the rights of citizenship, including access to financial aid, assets and grants.

At first, we allowed my first five children to go because they were of age but we continued to stay in Nigeria with the youngest, Obumneme. Obum was however sent to America to join the others when during my days as NAFDAC DG, kidnappers attempted to kidnap him in secondary school.

Therefore, my children studying abroad does not in any way indicate lack of confidence in Nigeria's educational system, which produced me. Much of my career has been as a university teacher in Nigeria. Despite my busy schedule as a public officer after leaving academics, I still managed to find time to supervise doctoral candidates. Of course, my husband continues to teach in the Nigerian university system.

Here's wishing you all a memorable weekend and God's continued blessings.

Your friend
Dora {Former Information Minister and NAFDAC Boss}.

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