Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Facebook Misuse Is Affecting Children Negatively" - Nigerian Parents

Some parents in Lagos have decried the growing abuse of the social network, Facebook.

They said that the medium was promoting immoral acts among the youths.
Facebook is a social network on the internet that connects individuals.

A cross section of parents interviewed by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Saturday, said that that the youths had neglected the positive aspects of the network.

Mrs Gladys Ohanu, the Principal of Young Covenant Group of Schools, said that the new development was sad as almost “every youth is on the Facebook”.

She said that the original intention of the site was commendable, but expressed disappointment that that the youths were abusing it.
Ohanu said that it was shocking that even under aged secondary school students were also involved in the menace.

She said that many minors were using it as an avenue to enter into sexual relationship.
Ohanu advised parents and guardians to adopt measures to guide their children and wards in the right direction.

Mr Isaac Nvene, a Lagos-based lawyer, said that another dimension to the social menace of the Facebook was pinging on BlackBerry phones.

He said that even children between the ages of 12 and 15, who were considered minors by law, were now boasting of having the opposite sex as their “BB mates”.

Nvene said that youths now chat recklessly on the network, even while walking on roads as if they were not well brought up.

“You see them pinging on the streets, in commercial buses, on the roads and most surprisingly inside the church,” he said.

He said that the youths were bound to be influenced by contacts they established through Facebook and other social networks.

Mr Bright Gbolahan, another lawyer, said that many were using the Facebook for immoral acts.
He cited a case in court that emanated from a connection through the Facebook.

Gbolahan said that the complainant alleged that he came in contact with a friend on Facebook who invited him over to his house.

He said that the complainant said on reaching the house it was discovered that the person in question was a homosexual who wanted to lure him into the act.

Gbolahan said that Facebook should be for only adults, but not youths who invited strangers they had never met.

“Most of the people they meet on the site are strangers and there is nothing educating or inspirational that they learn from the site,” he said.
He advised the youths against using thce site for immoral acts like pornography.


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