Thursday, May 31, 2012

Does MKO mean this little to his people that he so much loved.?

MKO Abiola made the biggest Individual financial contribution to Nigerian Schools and Universities than any living or dead Nigerian.
**Donations to build 41 libraries in Nigeria
**Funds to build 63 secondary schools across the Country.
**Millions of Naira donation to all the Universities in Nigeria to improve learning and UNILAG received the lion share of these funding.
**In the 1980s when the Naira was devalued and Nigerian students were unable to buy text books mainly printed overseas, Abiola set up, Abiola Bookshops to print and distribute low price textbooks to Nigerian students at all levels, across the country.

Whatever Abiola's shortcoming may be, No Nigerian have come close to match his contribution to Education in the country in the above areas.

Because of Politics and Ignorance, MKO was paid back in this Shameful and disgraceful manner exhibited by UNILAG students, their teachers and opposition politicians, especially those of them that came into prominence via the annualment of june 12, and death of Abiola.

Don't Destroy Nigeria because you want to run down Jonathan's administration. As a visitor of that University, he does not need National assembly, University Board or consent of Students before changing the name of University of Lagos.
The noise makers are very much aware of this constitutional right of the president and commander-in-chief and visitor to Nigerian universities.


  1. You are crazy with your comment, the current students in Unilag what do they knw about MKO. It is not about changing name, it is about making allowance for pple to make their choice not imposition in any manner or form on them, Jonathan Badluck is such a bastard I hope he's not even dreaming about coming back in 2015!!!

  2. I hope this write up is not from Naija gossip. Can't the writer see the hand writting on the wall that the clueless president is using every means to skim for his his come back in 2015? Unfortunately this time it booomerang. The West are more enlightened than all these political propaganda.