Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Prezzo's Done With Goldie!

Prezzo has had it with Goldie as it transpired just past midnight.
The Kenyan Housemate and Nigerian lass have been an item since the beginning of StarGame and though they have had their fair share of fights, they managed to work them out.
However, of late Prezzo hasn't really had much time for Goldie, who is the current Head of House in Upville. Things are just not the same between the two of them and if Zainab's plans of coming between the two are anything to go by, then she may just win this one hands down.
Earlier in the day, Zainab was flirting with Prezzo and he seemed to like it too. During the midnight chat, Prezzo told DKB that he had solved too many of Goldie's issues and he was not prepared to do it anymore.
"I wash my hands," Prezzo said which led to DKB sharing a Ghanaian idiom with him; "A man comes to do his work but not everything."
Don't you wonder how Goldie will cope without Prezzo especially because she already told Big Brother that playing the game without Prezzo by her side was not an option?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online 


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