Saturday, May 26, 2012

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Prezzo giving Goldie a hot massage in the bedroom

Goldie and Prezzo were getting all hot in the bedroom as he was giving her a massage. Not shy in front of the cameras, Goldie let out all sorts of moans and groans. They then lay next to each other when the session was finished.

DKB then came into the room and the three laughed and talked. Still complaining about not having cigarettes, Prezzo threatened to "pull the plug" (leave the show) if he didn't get some soon. Goldie was obviously upset about the comment and said "you're not leaving. Not on my watch." Prezzo is annoyed with Big Brother for always saying that he'll get back to him. He then turned to Goldie and said "come lie next to me, you're my nicotine." Goldie jokingly called to Big Brother and repeatedly said "please bring him some nicotine."

Prezzo said that he feels that he's being treated unfairly, to which Goldie responded "just be patient."

Maneta, Zainab, Barbz and Roki were outside enjoying the sun. Roki then got up and went to the bedroom, where Goldie asked him to wrap some tea leaves as a substitute for nicotine. DKB complained to the group about Maneta, after they had a useless tiff this morning about how to clean the floor.


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