Saturday, May 26, 2012

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Mampi’s Real Look Revealed!

It was like Mampi‘s weave was worn out and therefore had to remove it for a treat. She first put it off for combing and her less haired scalp was revealed. Indeed It was perhaps a shock for other housemates, thanks to wigs and weaves, they really play a big part as regards ladies appearance

With the help of Goldie who was once her ‘enemy,’ the girl edited her look. It seems that she wanted to look good on Sunday while preparing for the live eviction show.

However she looked worried and no body could hardly tell what was going on in her mind. Anyway sooner or later I hope we shall find out why she had to give us that look.

Could she be worried of eviction, or its another issue far away from the Big Brother game?


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