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20 Years Old UNN Student Commits Suicide This Morning(GRAPHICAL PICTURE)

The students of University of Nigeria, Nsuka, woke up to find one of their own hanging from a rope in an unfinished Franco building beside the hockey pitch in their school. Roommates of the dead student said he left the room around 2am this morning and they thought he had gone to study, only for his corpse to be found dangling from a rope this morning. He's a 3rd year Physics and Astronomy student in his early 20's. So so sad!!!

"I Can't Do Without daily Sex" - 10 year old Girl.

The girl (10), is shockingly addicted to sex that she complains that she cannot live in a day without being made love to.
She was sexually abused by people living around her in Mile 12, Lagos at the early age of 7.

The abuses now lead her to be insatiable and demands for sex regularly and cannot control her desire for it.
"I cannot do without having sex with different kind of men daily, irrespective of who they are or where they are from".

The victim who is still a primary school pupil said if she did not see any man to have sex with her in her area, she would go to a popular under bridge at Mile 12 Lagos and beg for sex from touts.

Fashola Recalls Sacked Doctors.

Lagos State Govenor, Babatunde Raji Fashola has recalled with immediate effect the 778 Medical doctors who were sacked earlier in the month.
The annoucemnet came shortly after a meeting with ACN leaders, including Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Nigerian Goldie Cries For not getting a Man On Big Brother Africa

Prezzo followed Goldie in the bedroom at night and he re-assured her that he actually loves and cares about her and that all the housemates know that he really cares and loves her. Prezzo and Goldie fell out over a disagreement about cigarettes which led to the rapper feeling disrespected.

He warned Goldie not to mistake his kindness for weakness. he said he was  not weak.” Goldie begged repeatedly for his forgiveness but Prezzo remained unresponsive until she ran out to go cry in her room.

The Nigerian celeb was screaming, crying and vomiting during the day, she again broke to tears at night as she talked to Prezzo.

Does MKO mean this little to his people that he so much loved.?

MKO Abiola made the biggest Individual financial contribution to Nigerian Schools and Universities than any living or dead Nigerian.
**Donations to build 41 libraries in Nigeria
**Funds to build 63 secondary schools across the Country.
**Millions of Naira donation to all the Universities in Nigeria to improve learning and UNILAG received the lion share of these funding.
**In the 1980s when the Naira was devalued and Nigerian students were unable to buy text books mainly printed overseas, Abiola set up, Abiola Bookshops to print and distribute low price textbooks to Nigerian students at all levels, across the country.

Whatever Abiola's shortcoming may be, No Nigerian have come close to match his contribution to Education in the country in the above areas.

Because of Politics and Ignorance, MKO was paid back in this Shameful and disgraceful manner exhibited by UNILAG students, their teachers and opposition politicians, especially those of them that came into prominence via the annualment of june 12, and death of Abiola.

Don't Destroy Nigeria because you want to run down Jonathan's administration. As a visitor of that University, he does not need National assembly, University Board or consent of Students before changing the name of University of Lagos.
The noise makers are very much aware of this constitutional right of the president and commander-in-chief and visitor to Nigerian universities.

B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G News! Kidnapped German Killed in Kano.

The Commissioner of Police, Kano state, Mr. Philemon I. Leha, has confirmed to journalists that he has been made aware of the death of the kidnapped German national, Raufach Edgar during a JTF raid this morning.
Security sources also confirmed that 5 suspected kidnappers including a woman were also killed. The corpse of the German and his suspected abductors have been deposited at the Gamji Military Hospital, Kano.

A top security source had told Daily Trust earlier this morning that Raufach Edgar, who was kidnapped in Kano on January 26 this year was killed by his captors before he could be rescued by men of the JTF.

The JTF had conducted a raid at Danbare area opposite the new campus of Bayero University Kano this morning after tracing the kidnapped German to the hideout where he was being held but the captors killed him before the JTF could apprehend them.

The raid went on for hours after the killing of the hostage and residents reported that sporadic shootings were still being heard, keeping them indoors for the most part of the morning. A military helicopter was also hovering overhead, providing aerial support to the forces on the ground.

Raufach Edgar was until his kidnap working with Dantata and Sawoe construction company. He was abducted by two gun men around 8 am on January 26 along the Zaria - Kano expressway were his company is located.

 -Daily trust

Star Actress, Tonto Dikeh Battles Keri Hilson In Skin Bleaching Contest

Both girls are competing for the person to have the lightest skin, and the winner is............................

Man dies in the middle of a lap dance at a strip club

A 67-year-old Texas man died yesterday night at a strip club while getting erotic lap dances....More details coming soon...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

" Pastor Sign Fireman Is A 419ner" -Pa Enebeli Elebuwa

Some days ago, controversial man of God, Apostle Sign Fireman posted a video on video sharing site, YouTube claiming to have healed veteran actor, Enebeli Elebuwa of his partial stroke ailment he has been battling with for some months now.

The video showed Enebeli struggling to walk during the healing service done for him. The pastor thereafter claimed that in a matter of days, Enebeli would be able to walk well.

In a political programme, Focus Nigeria aired live on African Independent Television (AIT) this morning, the show's presenter, Gbenga Aruleba reported that investigation carried out reveals otherwise.

According to the report, Pa Elebuwa was interviewed and he claimed that his condition has not improved after his visit to Fireman’s church some days ago.

The report further disclosed that the actor is presently lying critically ill at an Abuja hospital, where he is currently being taken care of by Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, who is paying the bills.

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PHOTOS: Unilag/ Mau Students Occupy Third Mainland Bridge

Unilag/Mau students blocked the third mainland bridge this morning....continue to see more pics...


Another UK girl going out naked In the name of summer

Summer Madness!!!

"We will not reverse decision on UNILAG’s name" - FG

It appears that the students of University of lagos (now Moshood Abiola University) will just have to stick to the new name and move on, as the Federal government today announced that it will not revert its decision of renaming the University of Lagos after the late winner of the 1993 presidential elections and business mogul, MKO Abiola.
Speaking to state house correspondents after Wednesday’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku said that what the president did was an answer to the outcry of concerned Nigerians who witnessed the events of June 12 and the subsequent demise of the man that was the acclaimed winner of the election.
“Yes sometimes government decisions get reactions from the populace we do not as an administration see this as a disapproval. We just see it as a normal way in every democracy that when you make major decisions definitely sometimes you have public reaction but we should not allow the protest to overshadow the national significance of what Mr. President has done.

I think he has shown that he is a true statesman and he truly appreciates the significance of M.K.O contribution in the political development of our country and as people who were adults in 2003 we think that this decision has been long over due and that today Abiola can turn in his grave and say this nation for whom I made a supreme sacrifice for political development has recognized my contributions.

“It is our hope that reason will prevail and that the decision to honor one of our nations’s icons and heroes will be appreciated by all Nigerians including our youths and students who are the future leaders of this country” he said.

According to the minister, ” if there is any figure that symbolizes sacrifice of self for this nation, that figure is Chief M.K.O Abiola who clearly won the June12, 1992 Presidential election and died in that captivity because he stood for principle, he stood to defend the principle of democracy, and or anyone that is familiar with the development of our politics in the last two decades, there is no event in the political history of our country that touches the hearts of quiet a significant number of citizens like the June 12 Presidential election.

“In the last two decades there have been widespread outcry that this democracy has not given Chief M.K.O Abiola and other heroes who passed on in controversial circumstances as a result of what they did to stand for the democratic development of this country. These outcries have continued to come from citizens spread across the nation. What Mr. President did was to listen to the outpouring of appeals of persuasions by Nigerians across this country that MKO deserved to be immortalised. What he therefore did in his capacity as a visitor to the University of Lagos was to name the University after Moshood Abiola of blessed memory.

He did so in the best interest of the country, he did so because any nation that does not honor those who clearly stand out and make a sacrifice as a role model or others to follow cannot appeal to the best in its own traditions for citizens to follow.

The decision has been made in very good faith by Mr. President and we have seen the reactions by a section of the students of University of Lagos , we have also seen the outpouring of encomiums by patriots and statesmen who really understand the reasons why the President honored Abiola.

the information minister said the decision by the Federal government to rename the University of Lagos should “unify Nigeria, those who believe in one country, those who believe in one democracy, those who believe in the reward for sacrifice for the nation and I think that is exactly what the President did.

“I remember that around 1987-88 when one of Nigeria’s foremost nationalist and leaders Chief Obafemi Awolowo passed on. The Federal Government renamed the University of Ife as Obafemi Awolowo University. In addition to that also in the course of our history we have had several national institutions named after our past heroes and even living heroes” he said.

UNILAG/MAU Shut for 2 weeks!!!

In an attempt to quell the growing protests by students of University of Lagos (Unilag) over the renaming of the school by President Goodluck Jonathan to Moshood Abiola University, the authorities of the institution have announced the closure of the school.

 More details soon

Charles Taylor Sentenced To 50 Years In Prison

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor has been sentenced to 50 years prison following his landmark conviction for supporting rebels in Sierra Leone who murdered and mutilated thousands during their country’s brutal civil war.

The Special Court for Sierra Leone found Mr. Taylor guilty last month on 11 charges of aiding and abetting the rebels who went on a bloody rampage during the decade-long war that ended in 2002 with more than 50,000 dead.
The 64-year-old warlord-turned-president became the first former head of state convicted by an international war crimes court since the Second World War.
Prosecutors asked judges at the Special Court for Sierra Leone to impose an 80-year sentence; Mr. Taylor’s lawyers urged judges to hand down a sentence that offered him some hope of release before he dies, the Associated Press reports.
Taylor will serve his sentence in a British prison.
He is expected, however, to appeal his convictions and will likely remain in jail in The Hague while the appeals process plays out.
At a sentencing hearing earlier this month, Mr. Taylor expressed “deepest sympathy” for the suffering of victims of atrocities in Sierra Leone, but insisted he had acted to help stabilize the West Africa region and claimed he never knowingly assisted in the commission of crimes.
“What I did … was done with honour,” he said. “I was convinced that unless there was peace in Sierra Leone, Liberia would not be able to move forward.”
However, judges ruled that Mr. Taylor armed and supplied the rebels in full knowledge they would likely use weapons to commit terrible crimes, in exchange for payments of “blood diamonds” often obtained by slave labour.
Prosecutors said there was no reason for leniency, given the extreme nature of the crimes, Mr. Taylor’s “greed” and misuse of his position of power.
“The purposely cruel and savage crimes committed included public executions and amputations of civilians, the display of decapitated heads at checkpoints, the killing and public disembowelment of a civilian whose intestines were then stretched across the road to make a check point, public rapes of women and girls, and people burned alive in their homes,” prosecutor Brenda Hollis wrote in a brief appealing for the 80-year sentence.
Taylor stepped down and fled into exile in Nigeria after being indicted by the court in 2003. He was finally arrested and sent to the Netherlands in 2006.
While the Sierra Leone court is based in that country’s capital, Freetown, Mr. Taylor’s trial is being staged in Leidschendam, a suburb of The Hague, Netherlands, for fear holding it in West Africa could destabilise the region.

Punch News

Kim Kardashian Takes On British Airways For Stealing Her Personal Effects

Apparently Kim Kardashian flew with British Airways and when she finally got to her destination, some of her personnal effects were missing..She decided to use Twitter to voice her frustrations. Hmmmm guess same thing happening with our Nigerian airlines has started manifesting in foreign airlines.

Hon Patrick Angry With Nigerian Democracy.

"A celebration of democracy or a deprecable apotheosis of an hemorrhaging plutocracy, cascading into a mobocracy with all the ossifying proclivities of a kakistocracy? With our "democracy" enveloped in a paraplegic crinkum-crankum, we must all rise up to bring to focal hiceps and biceps, Nigeria's "Pluto-mobo-kakistocracy".... Certainly not democracy!"

Is this Poverty, Madness or Fashion?

What kind of heat will make one expose this much?

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Prezzo's Done With Goldie!

Prezzo has had it with Goldie as it transpired just past midnight.
The Kenyan Housemate and Nigerian lass have been an item since the beginning of StarGame and though they have had their fair share of fights, they managed to work them out.
However, of late Prezzo hasn't really had much time for Goldie, who is the current Head of House in Upville. Things are just not the same between the two of them and if Zainab's plans of coming between the two are anything to go by, then she may just win this one hands down.
Earlier in the day, Zainab was flirting with Prezzo and he seemed to like it too. During the midnight chat, Prezzo told DKB that he had solved too many of Goldie's issues and he was not prepared to do it anymore.
"I wash my hands," Prezzo said which led to DKB sharing a Ghanaian idiom with him; "A man comes to do his work but not everything."
Don't you wonder how Goldie will cope without Prezzo especially because she already told Big Brother that playing the game without Prezzo by her side was not an option?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online 


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PHOTO: Pastor caught solving pregnancy issue by having s*x with member

Obviously she went for a solution to her saddening problem, to someone she could really explain how she feels. Surprisingly the pastor, like a doctor, who had gained confidence, took advantage of this to solve her problem. The result will definitely be known in 9months, that is if her husband lets her live till then.

Photos Of Mama G At Her Son "Nduka" Wedding

During the ceremony, the ace actress tweeted several times

    "Today we walk down the aisle, where a father entrust his daughter to another man ... Today a heart sings a song, with another heart whispering back ... Once a upon a bride now a wife ... The day’s celebration is about to come to an end. This is when prayers and praise to God for the day take the family forward".
More Photos Below:

6 New States Coming Soon - National Assembly.

The quest for creation of more states by some groups in Nigeria will be actualized soon according to members of the National Assembly that spoke to Hope for Nigeria yesterday.

They disclose that the creation will bring all the geo-political zones at par in respect to number of states.

The South East currently with fives states, will get two more states. North East with six states now, will have an additional state. South-South and South West will add an more state to their current six, while North Central will have the remaining one.

This will bring to 42, total the number of states in Nigeria after the current review of the 1999 constitution by the National assembly.

JTF Arrests Top Boko Haram Leader In Kano

The Joint military task force (JTF) in Kano, arrested a man believed to be one of the top aide of the Terror group, Boko Haram's leader, Sheikh Abubakar Shekau.

The arrest according to JTF was done during an operation carried out in the early morning of Tuesday.

A source close to JTF in Kano said that, “we have carried out an operation and we have successfully arrested one of the top militants that are wanted by security operatives”.

The arrest made around the Darmanawa quarters behind Malam Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) was believed to be breakthrough in the fight against the militant group.

Our source said that identity of the arrested person will not be made public immediately but said he was arrested following a tip off after the JTF raid in his house Tuesday.

Spokesman of the Joint military task force (JTF) Lieutenant Ikedichi Iweha confirmed the arrest but declined further comment on the issue.

ACE NTA Reporter, Sele Eradiri Dies At 57

Sele Eradiri, the Nigeria Television Authority broadcaster who featured on a weekly popular program "Newsline" is dead.

Ms. Eradiri died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital early this morning according to former colleagues.

A former colleague who did not want to be named told said that Eradiri had been laying sick at LUTH after her condition deteriorated shortly after returning from a successful surgery in India a few months ago.

Born on March 13, 1955, Ms. Eradiri attended the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton from where she graduated in 1983 ·

May the Almighty give the family the strength to bear the loss...

Nollywood Actor,Al-Hassan Babatunde Taiwo a.k.a Ogogo’s daughter set to wed

Popular Yoruba actor Al-Hassan Babatunde Taiwo a.k.a Ogogo will be giving his daughter’s hand in marriage in a couple of days.
 His daughter, Rasheedat Ololade Taiwo will be exchanging marital vows with her heartthrob, Al-Hassan Oluwatoyin Yusuff in June. The Engagement and Nikkai ceremony is slated for 16 and 17 of June at the multi-purpose hall of The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun State. Congrats to her.

Gombe Governor's Wife Security Detail Beheaded.

The chief detail to Hajiya Adama Dankwambo, wife of the Gombe State governor, has been found beheaded in Potiskum, Yobe State.

Sakina Idris was 32 and her remains have been buried according to Islamic rites.
Our correspondent gathered that the chief detail, who was an operative of the State Security Service (SSS), has been declared missing by the family since penultimate Monday after she travelled to visit a sister in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State.

A source close to her family house said the family has been disturbed by failure of the deceased to return home as expected after spirited calls to her mobile phone in vain.

He said the family resorted to fervent prayers after all effort to locate her whereabouts has not been successful.

Four days after the search and prayers, her lifeless body was located in a bush along Potiskum-Fika road with her head missing and her fingers chopped off.

UNILAG students protest renaming of institution after MKO Abiola

Students of the University of Lagos on Tuesday morning organised a protest against the renaming of the institution after the late acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola.
The students began gathering in groups in the main campus at Akoka, Lagos immediately after President Jonathan announced the decision in his Democracy Day 2012 speech to the nation.
They subsequently trooped out of their hostels chanting protests songs and denouncing the change of the institution’s name.
They also blocked access to the institution and disrupted traffic on University of Lagos Road and St. Finbarrs’ College Road


UNILAG Renamed MKO University. - GEJ.

The FG has decided that late Chief MKO Abiola should be honored...A deserved recognition for his public spiritedness".

In honour of Chief MKO Abiola, the University of Lagos is renamed the Moshood Abiola University".

Monday, May 28, 2012


(1) Where a man Happily meet a lady and when she goes back to her friends, their only question was "Is the guy loaded?
(2) Where leaders pretend to be patriotic when they are in office, out of office, they will turn to ethnic tigers.
(3) Where a blind beggar will reject a fake naira note.
(4) Where Groundnuts are sold in Bottles & Waters sold in Satchets.
(5) Where parents claim they always came first position in school.
(6) Where You Can Be A Driver For Years Without A 'DRIVER's LICENCE'
(7) Where Presidents and other government officials don't know the national anthem.
(8) Where the Police on a road block makes more money a day than motorist and their owners.
(9) Where Gala and Lacasera is the best option when stuck in traffic jams (hold up).
(10) Where you are jailed for stealing Maggi and yam and others given a chieftancy title for stealing billions and Front row seat in churches.
(11) Where we fight for everything. To gain admission to university, to get a job and to enter a bus!
(12) Where you are robbed of your phone and the robbers come back for your Pin code and the charger.
(13) Where politicians use big unnecessary grammar to scam people.
(14) Where your type of GENERATOR shows how RICH you are.
(15) Where you can easily blame your unsuccessfulnes on family members in the village.
(16) Where rich men must have a pot belly, and a healthy looking, slim Man is despised in the street as a pauper.
(17) Where if you where do anyhow you see anyhow.
(18) Where generator is a social amenity.
(19) Where people dey collect change for beggar hand.
(20) Where People produce Toyota Camry jeans and Dr. Dre slippers
(21) Where the man who had no shoes becomes the president.
(22) Where a 60-yr-old grandpa is a National youth leader of a party (PDP).
(23) Where citizens are more afraid of Police than Armed robbers.
(24) Where a civil servant saves $544,000 in her bank from Pure Water business in just 2 years.

We are always proud to be called Nigerians despite all these odds.
Naija For Life.

"Kenny Ogunbe(Kennis Music) is a Cheat"- Kelly Hansome Cries Out

This is what Kelly Hansome Tweeted some minutes ago......Kenny Ogunbe is the President of  Kennis Music,a one time top label in Nigeria,if not Africa.Kelly Hansome was signed under the label few years back...Below is the tweet:

"Poverty pushed me into drug peddling"– Actress Taiwo Akinwande (Yetunde Wunmi)

Taiwo Akinwande, popularly known as Yetunde Wunmi, is one of the most notable actresses in the Yoruba movie industry.

She joined the acting world in 1981 as an apprentice under Sunday Akinola (Mogaji Feyikogbon) but later left in 1989 to team up with the Tate Alade Aromire. The light-complexioned actress has appeared in so many movies that she has even lost count of them.

In this interview with BAYO ADEOYE, the actress who was arrested, prosecuted and convicted for drug peddling, spoke about the challenges she faced on her journey to stardom, her views about the Nigerian movie industry and her ordeal in detention when she was arrested and jailed for possession of hard drugs at the Lagos Airport.

How do you manage your family and your acting profession?

I’m managing very well. I thank God that my children are grown ups and they are on their own. When they were still young during that time I told you earlier, I had a junior who was staying with me then and assisted in looking after them for me. Whenever I was away then, I would drop money for them to eat and equally bought food stuffs at home for them. Then, I could leave for two or three months before returning. I thank God that He gave me only two and I was able to take good care of them.

So, how about your husband?

My husband is alive but we are no longer together.

What happened? It seems that most actresses don’t keep their marriages

It’s this job. I love this job more than my husband.

And you sacrificed your husband for this job?

Yes, because I so much love this job.

When you married him, was he not aware of what you were doing for a living?

I’d married my husband before I took up acting as profession. In fact, I’d given birth.

You children were born to your estranged husband; so why did you have to leave?

It was when he didn’t like this job and I liked it. It was what I could regard asf conflict of interest.

So, you couldn’t drop this job to save your marriage?

No, I can’t drop it for any man. Never! In fact, never ever! Except when God calls me home; that’s when I can be[ done. As long as I’m still alive withouti any ailment, V11 keep going.

So, you are not even thinking of quitting at a certain age?

No, I^n not thinking about that at all. I’m not engaged in any other job.

Could you recall your own movies you’ve produced?

They are numerous. I did ‘Odun Mejo’ and Salawa Abeni played the major role in that movie. I did ‘Opa Ajobi, ‘Ade Ori’, ‘Omo Okunrin’, ‘Jawonlaya’, ‘Oro Omo Le’, ‘Aje Niyonu’, ‘Egbogi Oloro’, ‘Ori OIowo L’ori Mi’ and so many others.

After your brush with the law for being in possession of cocaine, how did you pick up your life from there?

Muslims believe that if anything happens to them, it’s only mere trial. May God not allow us to get into a trial that we won’t end. So, it’s only a trial for me and God just tested my faith. Even when God wants to test a Christian, He will give him a little problem and if the problem should go ahead and bring him down, that’s where he will end his life. But if such a problem should arise and the person who is with it believes God brought it, he can pray that God should lift it without looking here and there; and I believe that God will put an end to the problem and that particular person will stand on his feet once again.

What were you thinking then; was it a plot by someone?

No, I didn’t see it as a plot by anyone. I just saw that while I was in detention, I was thanking God that He kept me for a certain purpose because I didn’t know what happened. Who knows maybe if I were to be out there, I would have died. So, I kept thanking God and I couldn’t even think anybody was looking at me. I thank God because I snouted onto God and He answered me. It is God that called me to this job and not any human being.

While in detention what was actually going through your mind. Did you ever think that you would come out or be j ailed?

I was only praying to almighty Allah to forgive me and protect me through the ordeal and He did.

What really pushed you into that act?

Maybe I allowed my love for money to get too much over me. I was actually very broke at that time. Then? I could not boast of N10,000 in my savmgs. It was that bad. It was actually a temptation. And I thank God for His mercy.

Didn’t you face stigmatization and dejection even from your colleagues when you returned?

No, not at all. They were very supportive. Alhamdulilahi, they stood by me

"Stand By Me" - Jonathan Ask Nigerians.

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday appealed to Nigerians, not to abandon him.

Jonathan spoke at the 2012 Democracy Day Interdenominational Church Service at the National Christian Centre, Abuja.

The President, who read the Second Lesson of the service from Romans 8: 28-39, said he was hopeful that with Nigerians rallying round him and his administration, the nation would overcome its challenges.

“The only request I ask of you in this trying times is stand by me,” he said.

Jonathan also thanked the Nigerian Army for its professionalism, especially for not taking the advantage of the crisis created by the ill-health and subsequent death of former President Umaru Yar’Adua to sieze power.

He said his administration was putting all things in place to end the spate of violence in the country.

Jonathan said, “I believe we will succeed. Nigeria will move forward.”

“I thank all of you for your prayers. That is why we are hopeful that even though we have challenges, we shall overcome.

“Half way into our tenure, the President had health challenges, you all know what later happened.

“Because of your prayers and commitment, we are lucky that Nigeria did not derail.

“As a nation, we have a major challenge: terror that we never expected. We are faced with the reality of terror.

“We shall overcome by your prayer and commitment. We are doing all we can do. We were caught unawares. They came like a thief in the night.

“I will address the nation on Tuesday. One thing I can say is that even though some people have predicted Nigeria’s disintegration. Nigeria shall never disintegrate. Our forefathers worked hard to unite us.

“People are interested in us and reckon with us not because of oil but because of the potentials, population, resources and size.” - 

Punch news.

Boko Haram Shoots Imam, Muslims At Prayers.

Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members opened fire on Muslim worshippers outside the home of a controversial cleric in Nigeria on Sunday, killing at least one person and wounding others, the military and residents said.
The attack in the northeastern city of Potiskum occurred outside the cleric’s home, where he leads prayers on Sunday evenings, but it was not clear whether he was there at the time of the shooting.
Residents said he was present and unharmed, but the military said he was out of town.
The cleric is known to be critical of Islamist group Boko Haram, but has also criticised a military task force in the area over a recent attack that destroyed the city’s cattle market and left at least 34 people dead.
“Some unknown gunmen attacked Shia worshippers this evening, killing one and injuring four others,” Colonel Dahiru Abdussalam, commander of the task force, told AFP.
“Soldiers and policemen deployed to the area and cordoned it off with the hope of finding the attackers.”
Residents and a nurse spoke of two dead and five wounded, saying the cleric’s brother and driver were killed.
“It was around 6:30 when the cleric was leading his followers in evening prayers,” one resident said.
“Gunmen came in four cars … Apparently the cleric was the target, but they mistook his brother for him because of their resemblance. They shot him dead and his driver was also killed.”
The resident said “the attackers then opened fire on the worshippers … The gunmen then entered their cars and drove off.”

 - P.M.NEWS.

Gov Aliyu Denies Breeding Anaconda Snakes and Owning a University in Ghana.

Gov. Babangida Aliyu of Niger says he is not breeding anaconda snakes in his farm and does not have a university in Ghana.

“I have no snakes in my farm and neither do I have a University in Ghana, the lies are by enemies of progress,’’ he said while addressing children in Minna as part of activities to mark this year’s children’s day.

The rumour mill has been awash of recent with reports that the governor has two large anaconda snakes in his farms and that he is also the proprietor of a university in Ghana.

He said people should disregard such talks, especially children who could be easily swayed, “even me. I am afraid of snakes.’’


If you think Aki and Pawpaw are small,then you must see this pictures below.

The lady Evelyn Ochepe is a graduate currently doing her NYSC at Abuja while the man is begs for alms at Oshodi, Lagos.

Football Star Jailed Six years ago For Rape he didn't Commit: Seeks Compensation

Convicted for Rape, In Jail for 5 years, 5 years on Parole.
**Victim Cashed $1.5million and Confessed that she fabricated the Rape story.
** Exonerated at Last.

In 2002, when she was just 15, Wanetta Gibson (left), told police that NFL hopeful Brian Banks (right) dragged her across their school campus and raped her. Brian was arrested, tried and locked up. He spent more than five years in prison and another five years on parole. He had to register as a sex offender and was still wearing an ankle monitor until Thursday May 24th when he was exonerated after Wanetta admitted she lied about the kidnapping and rape.

While Brian was locked up, Wanetta’s family successfully sued the school district, claiming it had failed to adequately protect her. The school paid the family $1.5 million.

After ten years of torture for Brian, Wanetta eventually admitted in a videotaped interview with a private investigator that Brian never raped her. But then she was very concerned about the huge pay out her family received. “I will go through with helping you, but … all that money they gave us, I mean me, I don’t want to have to pay that back,” Gibson said on tape. She later refused to repeat her story to prosecutors, but her videotaped confession was enough to exonerate Brian. Read the full story after the cut…

A young athlete’s dream of a pro football career was rekindled on Thursday when his conviction for raping a high school classmate was thrown out after his accuser admitted the attack never happened.

Over the cheers of his family and supporters, Brian Banks, 26, called it “the best day of my life, by far.”

“If I can do this, I can get through anything,” he told The Daily just after leaving a Long Beach, Calif., courtroom. “This was my hardest part, and, as they say, good things go to people who hustle while they wait.”

In a strange twist, Banks got the chance to clear his name in February 2011 when his accuser contacted him through Facebook and asked him to “let bygones be bygones.” Wanetta Gibson later admitted on tape that Banks had never raped her, setting the stage for yesterday’s dramatic reversal.

When the judge agreed to throw out his conviction on Thursday, Banks lowered his head and wept.

Later, the burly onetime linebacker said he had left behind anger but had not lost his ambition to play in the NFL. “I knew by hanging onto bitterness, it would keep me strangled,” he said.

It was unclear on Thursday whether Banks’ accuser would face any charges. She did not attend Thursday’s hearing and efforts to reach her for comment were unsuccessful. In a videotaped interview with a private investigator, Gibson admitted repeatedly that the rape and kidnapping story was fabricated. She also voiced concern about a payout — $1.5 million — she received from the Long Beach school district while Banks was in prison.

“I will go through with helping you, but … all that money they gave us, I mean me, I don’t want to have to pay that back,” Gibson said on tape. She later refused to repeat her story to prosecutors, according to court documents filed by Banks’ attorney.

In 2002, Banks was a 17-year-old senior at Long Beach Polytechnic High School with big dreams. The school’s legendary athletic program has spawned dozens of pro sports careers, and was once named the best in the country by Sports Illustrated. A standout linebacker and special teams player, Banks was headed to the University of Southern California on a full scholarship after being heavily recruited by other powerhouse programs.

But his hopes appeared to come to an end in July 2002 after Banks and a 15-year-old Gibson ducked into a school stairway to make out. They did not have sex, but the girl later claimed Banks dragged her across campus and raped her.

The story didn’t hold water, said Banks’ attorney. Gibson gave varying locations for the alleged attack. No DNA was found. Also, how was she dragged across campus in broad daylight without anyone seeing them? Despite the lack of evidence, prosecutors offered Banks a difficult choice: Take a plea in hopes of a short sentence, or face a sentence of 41 years to life.

Banks said he agreed to plead no contest after his lawyer said a jury would see “a big black teenager, and you’re automatically going to be assumed guilty.”

While Banks was behind bars, Gibson’s family successfully sued the school district, claiming it had failed to adequately protect her. The school paid the family $1.5 million, according to Gibson.

Banks said he was shocked when she contacted him online. He was even more surprised when she agreed to speak with him and a private investigator face-to-face, and then admitted fabricating the tale.

“The case was built on nothing,” said Banks’ attorney, Justin Brooks, director of the California Innocence Project. “He took the plea because he was scared and facing 40 years in prison, and his lawyer was telling him to take it.”

Brooks said Gibson admitted she became upset during the encounter when Banks “said something obnoxious to her, and she stormed out and called it rape, and it just snowballed from there.”