Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WOW!!!...Crude Oil discovered In Taraba State

Russian scientists from the Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation have discovered deposits of silver and traces of gold and oil in central and northern parts of Taraba.

Mr Valery Shaposhinkov, the Economic Counsellor of Russian Embassy in Nigeria, disclosed this on Monday in Jalingo while briefing Gov. Danbaba Suntai on their survey for mineral deposits in the state.

The Counsellor noted that Russian scientists had vast experience in mineral exploration across the world and were sure of their findings.

“Of what we have found, silver is the largest in deposit in the northern part and traces of gold and oil, which are at a middle level in central and northern parts of the state,” he said.

The lead scientist, Robert Mukhanmedyenov, who spoke through an interpreter, explained that deposits of lead and zinc were also found in the northern zone.

He said that precious stones were also discovered along the Benue trough in southern part of the state.

“This is our first contract in Taraba and we hope to continue our survey of the state for more information on the discoveries especially gold and crude oil.

“Silver deposits we have so far discovered, cover 1.7 km in a 1,000 square kilometres,” the lead scientists said.

Responding, Suntai said God was about to open the state to greatness.

“God is about to open the great riches with which he has endowed the state to us.

“If we are able to exploit this great opportunity, we will become a self-sufficient state.

“We will commit funds to the project to ensure that the journey of becoming a rich state starts soonest.

“Even if it does not happen in my own time, it is going to happen in the next generation and Taraba will be able to stand on its feet,” he said.

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  1. Northerners can now finally form their so much anticipated islamic country and therefore leave us...(Peace loving south) alone. Afterall they hav their own oil now!