Thursday, April 26, 2012

Subsidy fraud:"I will Spare No One" - President Jonathan.

President Jonathan will not spare any official indicted in the subsidy scam exposed by the House of Representatives, his parliamentary adviser Joy Emordi has said.

The House yesterday concluded debate on the report of its subsidy inquiry committee, recommending trial of top officials indicted for complicity in the mismanagement of more than N1 trillion in 2009-2011.

“He (Jonathan) is not going to spare anybody who is found wanting. I bet you nobody is going to interfere,” Emordi said at a news conference in Abuja, in response to allegations that the president would not allow the prosecution of highly-placed indicted officials.

“There are no moves being made to cover anybody because the president has zero tolerance for corruption,” she added. -

Courtesy Daily Trust.

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  1. We thank God and we thank the committed Nigeria we have a lot of money but, some key people are killing this great country nigeria.
    I want to tell mr president that this is only solution that solve all problems in this country that is fraud.
    Mr president we pray 4 u may Almighty Allah guide and protect you. Amen.