Friday, April 27, 2012

Ramsey Nouah Quits Acting.

Nollywood Star, Ramsey Nouah is say bye bye to the profession that brought him into limelight.
"I think I’ve had my fair share. To my fans and loved ones, I know they’ll always want to see me on screen, but as they say, it’s best to leave when the ovation is loudest. I want to leave a very strong legacy.
I believe I have left a very strong imprint in that line. There’s no possible way you can mention ‘Nollywood’ without mentioning Ramsey Nouah".

"Well, I’ll be going behind the scenes. I’ll still be acting a bit here and there, but it will phase out for directing eventually. For a while now, I’ve not really been on the screen, and that’s because I don’t want to act just because I want to be on TV.
I only want to be associated with the kind of movies that are poised to take the industry to another level, which is were we are headed now. Plus, I want to focus on working behind the scenes."

Best of luck brother

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