Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PHOTO:Davido Flaunts N10M Cheque On Twitter,says Chicken change

19 Years old Music Star, Davido re-defined the meaning of being disrespectful by posting his latest paycheque of N10M (£40K, $72K) on twitter and calling it a little chicken change. Many fans are angry about this and described the young successful artist as being arrogant.

To be fair on Davido, a lot of Nigerians abroad work couple of years to get that kind of money, don`t post it because you make it in a day!


  1. he has apologised, see it below:

  2. he has apologised nah? see the confession below!

  3. He apologised alreaddy naa.bsides its his money let him flaunt it if he wnts 2.any1 whoz jealous shld go n make theirs.

  4. he shld learn to be humbl 'cos he has a great future ahead of him _ KC