Monday, April 30, 2012

Bomb Scare in Adamawa: Street Deserted.

A red metallic Honda car, found parked at a Yola lower magistrate court, just about 100 meters away from the Headquarters of the Adamawa Police Command, and suspected to be bomb-laden contains no bombs, the police have said.

Nemuel Yoila, spokesperson for the Adamawa Police command, confirmed the bomb alarm was a hoax, saying no explosive was found in the car.

He however defended police action on the car, which has aggravated fear within the city.

"This is measures the police take to protect lives and property," he said."It is a normal police routine that any vehicle we suspect to contain any incriminating material or any vehicle we discover abandoned we cordon off the area and search."

Meanwhile, the police said the owner of the red metallic Honda with plate number AJ 23 JMT is yet to be identified. The car has been towed to the police headquarters and would remain in police custody until the police is satisfied it was not used for shady purposes.

Although normalcy is gradually returning to the city after its scared residents ran indoors for safety, an atmosphere of fear still lingers in Yola and residents say they are still too scared to venture outside.

- Premium News.

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