Friday, April 27, 2012

Between 2Face, John Mikel Obi, Who Is More Popular?

There have always been argument that 2Face is more popular than Chelsea FC footballer, John Mikel Obi.

This argument may have risen when it was rumoured that Mikel allegedly snubbed 2Face in a London club about two years ago.

When 2Face then did the 'Only Me' track, some said the song came as a result of that incident.

Mikel plays for a very popular English club while 2Face is a BET winner, MTV Base winner and also had his song in Hollywood's Phat Girlz.

In your view, who do you is more popular between 2Face and Mikel Obi?

Source- Nigeriafilms


  1. Eface and Mikel Obi who is more popular? it is a very complex question on a broad view but simple when narrowed down. To lovers of music, 2face means every thing to them becos they feel happy when listening to his numerous tracks. Women will take Eface becos they listen to music more than watching football. Also more young boys may preffer Mikel becos they like football more than women. So, its a fairly balance contest. But I feel another important area Mikel will defeat Eface heavily is in terms of morals. 2face amorous relationships with women and fathering many children out of wedlock is a very sad thing for such a young man. So to elderly people and religions minded people, 2face have faile. He can't be a role model to young ones. While to Mikel he has an enviable clean report that every parent will be pround of. So Mikel and 2face means different things to different peoplspe. For me I will give it to Mikel Obi.

  2. No doubt about it, def 2face.What makes one popular is the no of times we talk about them.We dnt get to remember about Mikel's existance until he plays a match.But with 2face,the paparazzi is enough to make him the most popular in the country.