Monday, March 26, 2012


This may rather sound ridiculous but it is nothing but stark reality.More and more Ghanaian women now beat their husbands.

In year 2011 alone Two thousand four hundred and seventy four men(2,474) were beaten by their wives last year,according to statistics from the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit(DOVVSU) which was released recently.

This Shows an increase of 62 per cent over the 1,528 cases recorded in 2010.

The women are said to have attacked their partners with harmful implements such as knives,sticks and hot pressing irons over issues like poverty,irresponsibility,alcoholism,drug use,frustration,intimidation, and denial of sex.

Mr . Freeman Tettey,DOVVSU Public Relations Officer(PRO), who spoke on the latest figures said more men are now reporting all forms of abuse by their wives.

He said the development was mainly as a result of the intensive educational drive by the unit.

In the past,most men do not have the confidence to come out and report any form of abuses from their partners.

Men are now reporting abuses against them because they do not want to take the law into their own hand he explained but added that the women invariably claimed they acted in self-defense.

This latest discovery further buttress how powerful women are in the scheme of things in Ghana.

Recall that in the past,it has been reported that the Ghanaian women have the upper hand when it comes to the running of a home and family.

The society empowers them more than the men.

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  1. These are lies,if the men didn't make any attempt in beating their wives I don't think the women will just develop abit of carrying intrument that serve the men right anyway.