Friday, March 30, 2012

ULTRA SEXY PHOTO:Who is Rihanna Trying to Seduce?

Music superstar Rihanna is currently running around London, recording music and attending London Fashion Week. But has the Good Girl Gone... lonely? On February 29, Rihanna tweeted a very sexy photo of herself alone in her hotel room with the caption, “Come here Rude bwoy...”

While about a million fans quickly tweeted replies along the lines of “Be right there” and “I’m on my way,” we can’t help but wonder if RiRi’s photo was meant for the most famous “Rude bwoy” of all.

Rumors have been flying that she’s secretly hooking up with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Yes, that would be the same Chris Brown who’s currently serving a five-year probation sentence after assaulting her in 2009, and who’s dating Karreuche Tran.

If the rumors are true (and with Chris back in the States), do you think that Rihanna’s latest Twitpic was meant specifically for him?

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