Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Popular Yoruba actor, producer and director, Ibrahim Chatta, got more than he bargained for over the weekend as he was beaten to a pulp at the Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos, by film pirates, who were selling copies of the producer's films.

According to source, the film pirates thought the talented thespian was coming to confront them when they sighted him, so they allegedly launched a surprise attack him.

In a chat with a celebrity blog,the ace filmmaker opens up on his ordeals in the hands of the pirates. He was quoted: I was on my way to an event, but because my partner couldn’t see me, I parked my car and crossed the road on foot to call him where he was standing and suddenly, some guys just pounced on me. While beating me, they said I had the guts to arrest them for selling pirated movies. I cried that I wasn’t after them, but they continued to beat me mercilessly.

“It took the prompt intervention of some mobile policemen on duty at Iyana-Ipaja to rescue me, they would have lynched me. It took some minutes before I regained consciousness after the beating.”

Mr. Chatta is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Lagos.

Culled from Nigeriafilms

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  1. Well too bad he was beaten but it good to teach him some lesson he is too proud and full of himself and its would send some note of warning to him.my big brother once called to appreciate his work and all he could say is am I your mate how dare you adress me by my name......mr old man as a celeb u don't sound like dat several time we av called plle like ogogo femi adebayo etc to appreciate them and non has ever been rude like u......