Monday, March 26, 2012


Ms. Henshaw has managed to pull out of the discouraging shell of allegations of incidents leading to her marriage crash,as she has once again hit the social circuit again.

Few weeks back,she stepped out in one corporate event held in Lagos,wearing dreadlocks that brought out the young babe in her.She was filled with healthy smiles and interacted freely with everybody present.

At the premiere of Phone Swap,Ms. Henshaw stepped out in a dark color micro mini skirt that revealed all the fresh part of her body which has bounced back in few months.

With a Mohawk hairstyle that gives her an amateur facial appearance,Ms. Henshaw is currently retracing back to age 25.

Once again the actress has revived her confidence,groove and natural endowment.

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  1. You can be the best of who U are when you work on what you've got to do to get to where you want to be, people's opinion is just a part it. It gets better when U pay less attention to what people think or what they've got to say. Be best of you by doing the things that makes you happy, cos life is only getting better when you are happy. Keep it Katy, I love ur styles.