Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pastor Kills Wife Over Sex

A senior Pastor of United Evangelical Church,Rev. Sunday Alfa has murdered his wife,a mother of 4 for refusing him sex.

The wife,Mrs. Rose Alfa was murdered in the Mission House at about 3am in Igojo,Ubali Village near Okene in Kogi State.

We learnt that before the woman gave up the ghost,she had confessed to a Policeman,who was taking her to the hospital that she did no wrong to her pastor husband and that the man came in the night in the room she was sleeping to demand for sex, but she refused because she gave birth to her last baby in October last year through cesarean  section and the doctor asked her to abstain from sex for some time.

We gathered that the woman had divorced the pastor and went to Benin City to live with her brother,Mr. Alex Abah.

Four years later,the pastor went to meet the wife relations to beg for forgiveness and pleaded with them to allow his wife come back to him because he had been promoted to Senior Pastor and it was compulsory for him to bring back his wife before they could effect the promotion.
The wife’s relations agreed and allowed her to  go back to the husband.

It was during his stay with the wife that the pastor eventually murdered her over sex.


  1. O lawd Lawd lawd...... Hmmmmmmmm how God wan take judge this one!?!..... Every hour, another sad tale of abuse!!!!

  2. Lord have mercy,even if murdering her was not intensional but why must a pastor fight over sex ar dey not suppose 2 keep themselves holy at all times,even when is fully aware of her condition or doctor advice,what is our country turning into men ar all becoming women beaters I think they shuld inpose a law on this,that who so ever beats his wife will be jailed,am sure d rate of men killing their wives will be limited....why must u beat ur wife in the 1st place?