Sunday, March 25, 2012

"The North Should forget 2015 Presidency." - Alhaji Al-Mustapha Jokolo.

The Northern states of Nigeria have been advised to forget their aspiration for the 2015 presidential election and allow the South-South for complete their second term that ends in 2019.

The deposed Emir of Gwandu, Alhaji Al-Mustapha Jokolo in his interview with Sun Newspaper said that "the North should only return to power at the federal level, after the Igbos too must have produced the President for one term of four years, beginning from 2019. He claim that this is panacea for restoration of peace to the country, and to further strengthen the country’s claim of oneness without discriminating against any section or ethnic group."

Alhaji Al-Mustapha Jokolo accused the likes of former military president Ibrahim Babangida (IBB), ex-vice president Atiku Abubakar, former Head of State Muhammed Buhari, former National Security Adviser (NSA) Aliyu Gusau, including all the northern governors, of being responsible for the spate of insecurity in the region, saying, if they had played their parts well as leaders in their respective times, the situation would certainly have been different.

"The situation whereby all these leaders, who created these problems will now sit down and claim they want to find solution to the problems they created will no longer be acceptable to us. They should just bury their heads in shame, and allow the younger generations in the north, to take the driver’s seat".

Question: Atiku Abubakar are already jostling for the Presidency, come 2015?
Answer: Look at Atiku, for the eight years he was vice president, what did he do for the North and Islam, apart from the expensive university he built in Yola, which is not within the reach of the poor in the state? With what he is earning from all his investments, tell me what he has done for Islam and the North. Yet, these people will want to lord it over us in the name of North and Islam. I think they should just forget about 2015.

Question: Are you sure northerners will not call for your head?
Answer: I don’t give a damn! Those who want to call for my head can as well go to hell. Don’t you think we should be honest enough by telling ourselves the truth? Tell me which Sardauna’s legacy is still standing today? Sardauna united the north but they have succeeded in dividing the north. I am prepared for whatever that will follow my position.


  1. This is a true i wish the north has two people like him

  2. May Allah bless U for speaking the truth. U are indeed a true leader and also a role model to younger generation