Saturday, March 24, 2012

Husband Divorces Wife For Giving Birth To 5 Female Children

It pains me whenever I see a married woman taking the blame and suffering for a situation that is no fault of her. For how long will 'literate' men continue to reason like 'illiterates'? It is disheartening to learn that someone who is expected to be well-informed on a very sensitive issue such as gender discrimination is found to be a protagonist of the act.

And it is no other person but Mr. Tajudeen Adenekan, a director at the Federal Ministry of Finance, who chased his wife of more than 10 years and his five daughters out of their house. The Director decided that it was a 'do-or-die' for him to have a male child and so he picked a quarrel with his wife. As if that was not enough, he approached an Igando Customary Court where he instituted a divorce case against her on "trumped-up" allegations that she insulted his mother and threatened to kill him.

Sadly, he had his way. The court dissolved their marriage and asked Mr. Tajudeen to pay a paltry N100,000 to the wife, an amount obviously not enough for her to cater for their five children.

The wife has alleged that the court was under the influence of the husband who is suspected to have paid for the judgment for the dissolution of their marriage.

The woman who is a tailor has since withdrawn their first child, Ruka from Command Secondary School she was formerly attending to a public school close to their home. According to her, the younger ones were also sent back from school when she could not afford to pay their fees.

The N100,000 awarded her by the court, she said, was used to secure an accommodation for them to lay their heads.

When reached for his own side of the story, Mr. Tajudeen confirmed that he had indeed divorced his wife on the basis that she threatened to kill him. Asked about the welfare of his children, he claimed that the wife kidnapped them on their way to school.

But reacting to her husband's claim, the wife disclosed that the eldest child still attended the Command Secondary School for some time until the school fees were due and she could not afford the payment.


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