Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BlackBerry(BB) Phones- A Blessing Or A Curse To Nigerians?

Have you ever come across some of these our nowadays Nigerian girls, who have just BlackBerry and maybe a Mexican hair as their only asset, with less than N20,000 in their bank account? Imagine a girl that's still a student, not even from a middle class family, without a job, no business, no income besides inconsistent dash from male admirers, few relations and stuffs like that, and when she gets the little money she's supposed to use to start a business for herself to become an entrepreneur or save for her future and educational advancement, etc, she ends up using it to buy just a Black Berry handset of N60,000 and maybe a Mexican hair of say, N90,000, and still climbs on top of okada doing "iyanga toro-toro" in her useless mentality and utmost stupidity? Honestly, this is an economic wastage that must be addressed in Nigeria,

Also, we learnt that my brother that had an accident early last month and died, was pinging on his BB while driving on a highway, pondering on all these shabby situations, makes me to wonder if really Black Berry is a blessing or a curse to Nigerians?

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