Saturday, December 31, 2011

UNBELIEVABLE:Raped and pregnant, test says lady is still a Virgin

Miss Chinelo
We are indeed in the last days,so many unbelievable things happening.Imagine a teenage lady whose virginity was said to be intact after being tested positive of pregnancy.According to Vanguard, Chinelo, a fair-complexioned young lady, darting nervously between the floor and her hands narrated  how her second cousin, Onyeka, put her in the family way. She had gone to her mother’s cousin’s house in Ihiala, Anambra state for her UME exams and had slept on the same bed with her second cousin, Onyeka.

According to her, she woke up late that fateful morning and found herself wet with semen. She asked Onyeka what it meant but he was said to have waved it off as nothing important. Chinelo, naive, accepted his excuse and moved on.

“I woke very late, very dizzy even his mother noticed and asked me whether I was feeling alright that morning. I told her I was okay but when I went to the bathroom, I discovered I was wet but did not feel any pain. I asked him but he smiled and waved it off. I did not disclose to anybody. I just cleaned up.

“I finished my mensuration five days before then. I also wrote my NECO there but left after a week I finished my exams. I went back to Onitsha, and on the 27th of July, I came to Lagos to my sister’s house. There I missed my period. I told her and she advised that we should wait for some days, saying it might be a shift,” Chinelo said.

Chinelo began to notice symptoms of pregnancy after a month. “A month later, I felt sick. My sister and I thought it was malaria. But what later convinced my sister was when I started vomitting. Our neighbour advised we should go to the hospital. My sister obliged and we went to General Hospital, Aguda. They even gave me money for the test.

“It was on Sunday, so the lab personnel did not come. We returned home and went back the following day. A test was conducted and we waited for about 30 minutes. When the result came out, they wrote ‘malaria not seen and pregnancy positive’.

“While waiting, my sister had also taken her sick daughter to see a doctor. I approached a woman sitting close to me to explain the result to me and she looked at me and asked whose result was it, saying it indicates pregnancy. When my sister came, I gave it to her and she asked how come I became pregnant.

“I told her I didn’t know that I didn’t have a boyfriend. She took me to their head nurse who also is a counsellor. She tried to convince me but I maintained my position knowing it was the truth. They decided to take a virginity test on me with the aid of a machine. The result came out and it was confirmed that I am still virgin,” she narrated.

Then the pressure came. The medical team and her sister probed further and Chinelo broke the ice saying: “I remembered the incident in my aunty’s house and I asked whether if someone was wet without making love could result into pregnancy? They asked me who was with me and I told them how I saw myself wet that morning when I woke up. I further told them how I drank the juice and slept off. I did not know what happened again.

The medical team and her sister concluded that pregnancy could occur without a penetrative intercourse since her virginity was intact. But Chinelo maintained she had no idea of how it happened as she suspected she must have been drugged with the juice she was served after dinner.

In a raspy voice pausing briefly and looking down again, she continued, “They asked me to call him (my cousin) and tell him the situation to know his reaction. I did and I threathend I was going to tell everybody what he did if he did not tell me the truth. He pleaded that he would call me back.

He immediately sent a text massage to me, recommending some drugs to terminate the pregancy, asking me to go get it and take it immediately. I called him back asking him if he did not know anything about why he sent such message to me? I later got to know that everybody in the family took him on and he confessed to have done it.

Since then, he stopped picking my calls until last two weeks when I called him accusing him of causing my problem.”

She stated that it was not the first time she would sleep on the same bed with Onyeka but insisted she did not know how he did it.

Chinelo has already gained admission to study Mass communication at Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State but she would have to suspend her quest for further studies pending the delivery of the baby sometime in March 2012, all things being equal.

She however explained that the incident was too painful to contemplate but she had forgiven him, and would relate with him well anytime they meet again. Her words: “Forgiveness is of the Lord. I have already forgiven him. Recently, some people were of the view that I should call him with another number and reign curses on him but I said no.

“So also, when some of my brothers decided to involve the police, my mother objected, saying they should allow the sleeping dog to lie. Even if I see him anywhere I will relate with him well, I have forgiven him,” she said as her words fall over each other in a bid to assemble.

The overwhelmed lady is currently taking refuge at the Tamar Rescue Foundation, Lagos, a non-governmental organisation that sensitizes young girls on the menace of sexual abuse and rape and offers advice to victims and mentors them through lectures, seminars and empowerment programs.

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Culled from Vanguard