Sunday, December 18, 2011

PICTURES:Wife Catches Husband in her Car with Another Woman

This one na serious wahala oooo....I just imagined if it were to happen to someone closer to me or probably witness a similar scene,what would I have done???..hmmmm...This was how the news was reported in

“I ONCE caught you with a boyfriend, but I forgave you so why can’t you do the same?” was the question Obert Gondo asked his wife after he was caught with an alleged girlfriend near a bottle store in the city centre along 9th Avenue and George Silundika Street in Bulawayo yesterday. Clara Mapfumo from Mzilikazi caught her husband with Memory Maza his “small house” from Fairbridge.

Mapfumo was so incensed to the extent of physically tackling her husband. The other woman could not stand the embarrassment and she vanished as quickly as she could.

“I don’t want anything to do with your girlfriend, I want to deal with you. I want my car keys. I worked so hard to get this car and all you can do is spend the day cruising with prostitutes in my car. Kumusha kure (home is far)”, said the visibly angry Mapfumo.

The two caused a scene and a police officer tried and failed to separate them. At some point Mapfumo was crawling all over the police officer who was trying to pull her out of the car her husband had been driving. Meanwhile an eager crowd had gathered round to catch a glimpse of the fighting couple.

The police officer tried in vain to pull her back and at some point she was suspended in the air with the police officer holding her upper body while she was trying to kick her husband who in turn was pushing her out of the vehicle. The crowd began calling on the cop to hold the “casanova” Gondo as he rained punches and slaps on his wife who was demanding keys to the vehicle. People who were at the scene took out their camera phones to get clips of the action.The wife used her teeth to leave a mark on her husband as a reminder of the confrontation as more police officers came to the scene and tried to reason with couple. Gondo continued to beat up his wife in front of the hundreds of people who had gathered around the kombi. When police finally managed to stop the fight they were taken to Central Police Station where upon arrival they started fighting again.

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