Sunday, December 25, 2011

PICTURES:Catholic Church Bombing In Niger State(IMAGES ARE GRAPHICAL)

Images from the scene of a twin bomb attack on St. Theresa's Catholic church in Madala, Niger State.PLEASE NOTE:THE IMAGES ARE HIGHLY GRAPHICAL....VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED.....Continue to see the pics after the cut:

PHOTO CREDIT- Sahara Reporters


  1. Father in heaven; i have but one question which goes thus: why is the heart of man desperately wicked? People have completely sold their souls to the devil. For what gains? We call on you oh Lord to come down and pass your judgement.

  2. Nigeria: revolution beckons. Mr President, you make Nigerians weep. Where is ur security promised during campaign?

  3. may Allah swt expoz and deal wiz any livng creature dt hv a hand in ds madness. Boko haram cannot be a religios bt a politicl sect. Technically, D only way our usless leaders in power cn achiv thia devllish polical targets is thru dvidng d head of d masses. D so calld gudluck is truely d baddestluck dt eva happn 2 our nation.