Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Boko Haram Attacks is Inhuman and Wicked.” -Islamic scholars

Islamic scholars in Kano have condemned the bomb attacks in churches around the country on Christmas Day.

The scholars described the attacks as “inhuman and wicked.”

Sheik Muhammad Isa described the attack as “unfortunate and heartless,” adding that that no worshiper should be attacked at a place of worship, especially on holy days.

He said the attackers were not adherents of any faith as no true believer could cause such harm to innocent people.

Sheikh Usman Saif, another cleric, said God would not spare the bombers “for using a religious period to shed blood and upset people.

“How can a person or a group of people, who believe in God hurt people at such a period when people were praying to their God?”

He urged the government to step up security measures.

Culled from Vanguard

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