Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WONDERS:Pastor's Wife Confesses To Be A Witch

This world is really coming to an end.Imagine a Pastor`s Wife who people in the congregation look up to, turned out to be carrying witchcraft...hmmmm

According to Nigeriafilms,a Christ Apostolic Church (CAC)'s Pastor's wife simply known as Bola, had confessed in public to be a witch.

Bola, the Pastor's wife who the congregation call “Mummy”, we learnt, confessed to be a witch during an anointing service which held at a Pentecostal church led by a popular man of God (names withheld) in Baruwa Ayobo-Ipaja area of Lagos State.

According to a reliable source, during the anointing service on 13th November, 2011 the Pastor of the church, a CAC Pastor and his wife had told the congregation that they had a special anointing service that anyone with confirmed witchcraft would die within seven days if he or she took part in the service.

It was at this time, we learnt that the CAC's Pastor's wife came out to confess. During her confession, she reportedly said that she was the one who turned her Pastor's husband to a wretch, because he used to support his younger brother who is living with them whenever they had disagreement at home.

Bola, who after serious rebuke of the evil spirits in her and persistent prayers, promised to re-instate her husband's glory, said, “I joined the witchcraft when my husband used to support his younger brother when misunderstanding happens in the family. I made my husband poor but now I'm ready to make him rich again”.

Our source said that when Bola's husband was asked if he was aware his wife had witchcraft, the Pastor, we learnt, said that he has been seeing it in the dream for a long while.

Meanwhile, the couple that has been married for 18 years now was then asked to go on seven days fasting and prayers to beg for forgiveness and for God to restore their lost glory.

People have to be wary this days,the bible has said it all,"Do not put your trust in nobles."

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