Saturday, November 26, 2011

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Hon Obahiagbon on The Removal of Farida Waziri

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon on the Removal of Farida Waziri as EFCC's Chair Person.

The Vaudeville of ratiocinations as to why Farida Waziri was committed to Presidential harakari is not of the moment to me hoc loco. It suffices for me to reiteratee for the upteenth time that for any serious pugilism towards cleansing the Augean stables and cesspool of corruption to suceed in Nigeria. Our major anti-corruption armanda-the EFCC-must per force be extricated from executive suzerainty which renders it susceptible to odoriferous and harum scarum paternalistic invention. Save and until this is done in the mode of appointment of the anti- corruption czar, a guareanteed tenure and an unmanacled modus operandi, I dare posit that the fight itself suffers from an institutional thalidomide, abovo. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

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