Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pictures:Gay Wedding In Lagos @ last

I was shocked when I first saw this initially as you are right now.Anyway,this is a scene from a Nollywood movie coming to your way soon.

Continue to see more pics after the cut:

Considering our move to ban gay marriage and the way gays are generally regarded and treated in Nigeria, What's your take on gay relationships though, are Nigerians being too harsh?

Anyway sha,me go watch the movie when its out ooooo...


  1. Nigerians aren't harsh abt d matter considerin dat our roots both traditional n religious stand AGAINST homesexuality. Am sure dre's somtyn altogeda wrong wit it cos even our forefathers who hadn't read d bible were against it.

  2. It's insane thinking about same sex marriage, how dem wan take f**k, abi dem no one reproduce?