Monday, November 21, 2011


A U.S based married woman, Bunmi Ladipo is claiming that Nollywood star Yemi Solade is harassing her sexually by sending her his nude pictures after turning down his advances. (See the picture below) According to Global News Magazine, the lady in question said their relationship started about a month ago when the sent her a friend request on Facebook. “I accepted the friend request because I could recognize him as an actor and I didn’t envisage he would later turn out to constitute a nuisance.”

The lady said Yemi started making passes at her and she bluntly told him that she was happily married to which the actor was said to have responded it’s no big deal because he is also married. To buttress her point, Mrs. Ladipo said she has a recording of their telephone conversation and might be forced to release a graphic image of his partially erected JT.

Denying the claim, Yemi Solade said it was the lady in question that was actually harassing him and got upset when he removed her from his friends list on the social network.

“She is simply a fraudster. She lied to me that she is a lawyer in U.S, but with the way she was speaking, it is obvious that she is not one. She had been disturbing me on Facebook and bb (blackberry) until I deleted her. I’m sure that is why she is saying all these.

“I’m an actor and can take pictures without wearing a shirt or just with boxer shorts, so what she is saying is irrelevant. Even if I want a relationship, there are many ladies here in Nigeria that I could date, not someone like her. I don’t want to join issues with a faceless person like her, so let’s forget it. I don’t even know her.”

So whom do we believe now, the lady in possession of nude photos and telephone conversation or the man who is claiming she is a fraudster?

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