Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Girl Molested For Stealing Blackberry(BB) Phone

From Reports,this is the third girl caught and posted on the internet for stealing a BB phone.But is it a must you use BB and why is it girls all the time....???


  1. What a hell z all dz rubbish how can they naked woman because of stealling bb phone & r proud touching her breast,why cant they hand her over to police,all these rubbish has to stop

  2. A theif is a theif. Yes understøod. But a molester is also a molester. They should all be thrown in jail, theif and molester alike. It is bcos those men are jobless dats y they have time 4 this. It is said 'the idle mind is the devils workshop' i rest my case.
    As for dis bb virus. I undastand it perfectly. It is nt a bad gadget but it also comes wit a spirit. Little wonder it was banned in some Arab countrie. Lets just be careful, if u dnt have money take ur mind off it or work for it if u want it badly enuf.
    As for me. I will wait until it is sold at #15,000 b4 i think about it. I advice u to do the same.
    Adios Amigos.

  3. so is that why them dey ping from her own BB

  4. dis thing na trash o

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  6. Very concerned about this madness in our nation...


  7. Why are you people supporting the lady,if she has not debased herself to go and steal,will anybody dare molest her.This is jungle justice,though bad,but this should make our ladies know that to steal is to be molested,take her to to the police,you must be joking,she will buy herself out by copulating with the Policemen and get away free to steal again.Have you not heard of lynching before,so why must a lady steal in the jungle and not expect to be molested.Thank GOD she is not burnt and beaten to a pulp,i have no pity for her,imagine if its a man caught with the stealing.

  8. That's too bad,learn how to browse for free with your phone,laptops and desktopsclick here to see that.

  9. iam sure dis girl didnt stole any phone bcos frm d pic u can see dat the men there are playing with her nipples this may be another
    rape picture! pple think!

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