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Mentally Deranged Man Hacks Woman To Death

We must be very cautious about our movements because sometimes you never can tell who is mentally deranged on the streets.This story coming from PM News is so pathetic and this was how it was reported:

A mentally deranged man whose identity has not been known, has hacked a middle-aged woman to death at Alagbado area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.

The victim whose identity was given as Funmilayo Jolamu, until her death, was said to have resided at 6, Lamidi Omotola Street, Alagbado.

According to the police, the suspect with no fixed address, hit the victim with an object on the head. She was said to have slumped and died on the spot.

The matter was reported at Alagbado Police Station and the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, sent policemen to the scene.

The corpse was removed and sent for autopsy.

The case has been transferred to the Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba.

While reacting to the incident, the Lagos State police image maker, DSP Samuel Jinadu, said what transpired between the lunatic and the deceased could not be ascertained, but promised that the police will do everything possible to unravel the mystery surrounding the attack.

“For now, no one can say exactly what happened between the victim and the lunatic. But after investigation, we will be able to know the cause of the attack,” Junadu stated.

In a related development, there was a report at Ikotun Police Station that Sunday Buka of 12, Adebisi Awoloa Street, Ikotun, Lagos State, slumped and was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors confirmed him dead.

Police from the station visited the scene and removed the corpse for autopsy, while investigation is ongoing.

Please SHARE to get more people informed on this,you never can tell,you may be saving a soul....

Source- PM News

PHOTO:Tinubu Case Quashed!!!

Former Lagos State Bola Ahmed Tinubu (2 right) with Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amusu (left), Osun State Governor Ogbeni Raufu Aregbesola (middle) and Senator Ganiyu Solomon jubilating at Code of Conduct Bureau as the Bureau quash the case again Former Governor in Abuja. 
Photo Credit- Gbemiga Olamikan of Vanguard

Nigerian Gay Marriage Ban will not be condone by Europe - UK Diplomat.

The British High commissioner to Nigerian in Dutse, Jigawa state, said that western countries will not tolerate Nigeria punishing gay people because of their sexual orientation.

“It is wrong to punish people for mere expression of their relationships or for choosing to become what they have chosen for themselves. Punishment is infringement upon their fundamental human rights and the western countries would not condone the action,”- UK High Commissioner, Andrew Lloyd discussing with Governor Sule Lamido.

What do you think?

Photo: What is this Goldie...????

What is happening here...???..All I can see is Goldie opening her legs....But what do you feel is happening here...???

14 years jail term for same sex marriages in Nigeria

The Senate, yesterday banned all marriages between man and man and between woman and woman.

It also prescribed 14 years jail term for anybody convicted of aiding and abetting the contraction of same sex marriage in Nigeria and also nullifies certificate of same sex marriage contracted outside the shores of Nigeria.

Seems our senators are doing a very good job this time.


Top actor James Ikechukwu Esemugha popularly known as Jim Iyke seems to be in fresh trouble.

As you read this page,the dark skin sexy dude is no longer sleeping in his mansion at Federal Capital Territory,Abuja.The problem responsible for his escape from home has nothing to do with the alleged N15 million court case.

According to information gathered,he got into fresh trouble over his acclaimed brand new Cameron SS Convertible and Plymouth Prowler Convertible cars worth N16 million.

As revealed by insider sources,Jim is not the original owner of the two wonders-on-wheels which he claimed to have bought last month.

We reliably gathered that the two expensive cars were handed over to Jim by his close friends who is based in UK to take care of pending when they will return to Nigeria and have need to use the cars.

Rather than adhering to his agreement with his pals,Jim not only hit the streets of Abuja with the automobiles but also alleged falsified information that he acquired the two cars for N16 million.

According to his close pals,the truth about the real owners of those cars came to the open last week when they stormed Abuja and demanded their Camero SS Convertible and Plymouth Prowler Convertible from the talented actor.

Jim’s close friends who begged anonymity disclosed that on seeing the cars they became furious and insisted that Jim has on the process of using their cars inflicted damages on them,after minutes of argument they told him that the case will be settled at the Police Station as they were ready to invite the Police over.

Immediately they left his compound,Jim allegedly ran away from his house and left the two cars where his embittered friends can easily pick them and leave in peace.

They equally revealed to us that the Nollywood actor gave the media false information concerning the cost price of these automobiles,as they got the cars with N13.3 million.They insisted that they got the dark color Plymouth Prowler for $43,000 while Camero SS went for $40,000.

However,Jim had already left his mansion when they arrived with the Police;it was informed that they quietly left with their cars.It is not clear if Jim has moved back to his house now,as sources informed that till penultimate weekend,Jim was still unable to return to his house.

It was equally disclosed to us that most of former posh cars paraded by Jim Iyke do not really belong to him,as his friends who are based in UK,US,Europe and Canada usually give him cars to keep for them till their return,while others send cars for him to sell.

In these situations,Jim is said to have flaunted the cars as if they rightfully belong to him.

Such cars include;Chryslers,Rolls Royce,Range Rover,G-Wagon and many others.

Source- Nigeriafilms

Gov. Uduaghan Gives N3m To Enebeli Elebuwa For His Treatment

The ailing actor with Segun Arinze in hospital
Reports reaching us confirms that the N3m pledged to Nollywood's actor, Enebeli Elebuwa, by the Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan has been redeemed.

Segun Arinze,the president of the Actor's Guild of Nigeria (AGN) confirmed this. He noted that Gov. Uduaghan has redeemed the pledge of N3m earlier promised the actor for his paralysis treatment at the hospital.

Pa Enebeli had earlier called on his state Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan for support for his stroke treatment at the hospital. The right part of the actor's body has been paralysed and he is now receiving treatment at the hospital.

Kudos to the Governor for his kind gesture towards the veteran actor and may God heal him fast.
Gov. Uduaghan

WONDERS:Pastor's Wife Confesses To Be A Witch

This world is really coming to an end.Imagine a Pastor`s Wife who people in the congregation look up to, turned out to be carrying witchcraft...hmmmm

According to Nigeriafilms,a Christ Apostolic Church (CAC)'s Pastor's wife simply known as Bola, had confessed in public to be a witch.

Bola, the Pastor's wife who the congregation call “Mummy”, we learnt, confessed to be a witch during an anointing service which held at a Pentecostal church led by a popular man of God (names withheld) in Baruwa Ayobo-Ipaja area of Lagos State.

According to a reliable source, during the anointing service on 13th November, 2011 the Pastor of the church, a CAC Pastor and his wife had told the congregation that they had a special anointing service that anyone with confirmed witchcraft would die within seven days if he or she took part in the service.

It was at this time, we learnt that the CAC's Pastor's wife came out to confess. During her confession, she reportedly said that she was the one who turned her Pastor's husband to a wretch, because he used to support his younger brother who is living with them whenever they had disagreement at home.

Bola, who after serious rebuke of the evil spirits in her and persistent prayers, promised to re-instate her husband's glory, said, “I joined the witchcraft when my husband used to support his younger brother when misunderstanding happens in the family. I made my husband poor but now I'm ready to make him rich again”.

Our source said that when Bola's husband was asked if he was aware his wife had witchcraft, the Pastor, we learnt, said that he has been seeing it in the dream for a long while.

Meanwhile, the couple that has been married for 18 years now was then asked to go on seven days fasting and prayers to beg for forgiveness and for God to restore their lost glory.

People have to be wary this days,the bible has said it all,"Do not put your trust in nobles."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G!!!.... Dr Conrad Murray,Micheal Jackson`s Doctor Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Dr Conrad Murray was this evening jailed for four years for involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. The sentence will be served in the Los Angeles County jail.

Will Four years bring Micheal back alive...???

Same-Sex Marriage Banned In Nigeria

The senate passed a bill on Today outlawing same-sex marriage in Nigeria as well as banning public displays of affection between homosexual couples.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that his country will consider withholding aid from countries that do not recognise gay rights.

Senate President David Mark replied by saying thus: “our values are our values.”

“If there is any country that does not want to give us aid or assistance just because we want to hold on to our values, that country can keep her aid and assistance,”

“No country has the right to interfere in the way we make our own laws because we don’t interfere in the way others make their own laws.”

I think we Nigerians are beginning to recognize our moral values,one oyinbo cannot just come and intimidate us..abi I lie..????

"I married Chinedu Ikedieze,I did not marry Aki" - Nneoma Ikedieze

The Mass Communication graduate of Enugu State University spoke briefly to Uche Olehi of Encomium mag during her wedding ceremony last weekend. Excerpts:

How did you two meet?

Nneoma: We met in Lagos. We worked in a production together. I was a costumier. I have always been seeing him, I just like his lifestyle. So we became friends and from there the journey began.

How did you know he was your man?

Nneoma: I am not a friend keeping type, but when I meet my friend, I know. We have been friends and I think I saw what I like in a man in him

What are the qualities you saw in him?

Nneoma: Chinedu is very intelligent and smart.

What was your parents reaction when you told them you are getting married to Aki?

Nneoma: They were not surprised. My dad was like 'waoo, you go ahead if he is your choice.

Would you say you it is a natural love you have for Chinedu?

Nneoma: Yes. I just love him naturally.

What do you really want changed in Chinedu?

Nneoma: Nothing to be changed. He is okay for me.

Many people believe you are going for his money and celebrity status?

Nneoma: That is cheap talk. They can say whatever they want to say. I married Chinedu Ikedieze, I did not marry Aki.


That's what News of the people is reporting.

Here is the full story.

Sultry actress Mercy Johnson is no doubt a woman that cannot be toyed with in the Nollywood when the names of who is who in the Nigerian movie industry or even in the world for that matter are mentioned.

This is based on the agility she applies to her craft to dish out what she knows how to do best,which has untimately made her a celebrity to reckon with,but that is not the story for today.The one now is very disheartening if not unpalatable.

Not too long ago,precisely August 28 2011,the actress was in the news,putting an end to a conflicting story which emanated at a scene on the he above mentioned date.But this time,it might definitely not be the best of time for the Kogi State born diva,Mercy Johnson as the news you are about to read may sound bizarre.

Undoubtedly,Mercy Johnson is one of the best actresses in Nigeria who has carved a nitche for herself before her much publicized marriage to Edo-born prince,Odi,which might not even confuse one whenever she is being link to several scandals.

According to the information,Mercy Johnson was said to have engaged in a combat on a movie location in Asaba Delta State,with a colleague whose name has not been revealed to us.The brawl,we gathered,made her to lose one of her eye balls in the ensuing brouhaha.

Information from other sources however claimed that ever since the unfortunate incident,newly wedded Mercy Johnson has found herself pitiable in the unbelievable situation,as her family members have been running helter-skelter to ensure a surgical operation for her in London,so that the eye can at least return to a manageable state as the damage done to the right eye is very gory.

On the heels of this,we placed repeated and anxious calls to Mercy to know the truth of the matter before going to press,but our efforts proved abortive as her phone kept ringing without response.

But before the temper of you lovers of Mercy begin to palpitate,let's quickly tell you that the flick we are referring to was written by Micheal Jaja,continuity by Prince Apex,costuming by Chioma Okafor,props/set by David Aginwa(Ghana) make-up by Gabazzini,managed by Boniface Ogbonnaya,produced by Magic Movies,and finally directed by Micheal Jaja.

What a great combination of talented hands to give out such a great piece of work.

Who wan fall this babe carrer nah?The picture was a make-up of a yet to be released movie.

Late Ojukwu’s body to tour 4 countries before burial

Former Biafran Leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu`s body will be flown to three African countries and one American country before the final burial in his Nnewi country home, according to his will.

Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, who gave the indication, yesterday, in Awka said that Odumegwu-Ojukwu listed where his body would be taken to before burial.

The countries are nations that supported the Biafran struggle and recognised Biafra as an independent state. They are Gabon, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Haiti.

"Obasanjo foisted unhealthy Yar’Adua on Nigerians as punishment" – Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has launched a blistering attack on former President Olusegun Obasanjo, accusing him of deliberately foisting an unhealthy Umaru Yar‘Adua on the country as a punishment for the rejection of the third term constitution amendment in 2006.

Atiku who also accused Obasanjo of seeking to be Nigeria’s version of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe cited the memoirs of erstwhile United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, as evidence that Obasanjo lobbied for the third term constitution amendment among world leaders.

The attack from Atiku followed a newspaper interview where Obasanjo was alleged to have described Atiku as incompetent, unworthy of the presidency and untruthful.

Read the rest from Vanguard

Monday, November 28, 2011

OPC Warns Boko Haram: Steer clear of Yorubaland

The game is getting tougher,we have heard of MEND warnings to Boko Haram,now OPC has voiced out.According to Vanguard,Chief Gani Adams,the national Coordinator of Odua Peoples’ Congress,OPC, has warned members of Boko Haram to stay away from the South-West, threatening to demystify the group should they perpetrate any violence in any part of Yorubaland.

Adams, who spoke in Ira, near Ofa, Kwara State, during the celebration of Oya festival, said: ”We have sent a warning to them many times that they must not attack Yorubaland. We do not have anything to deny them. If they have any issue with the Federal Government, a Yoruba man is not in power now. So, I do not see them coming to Yorubaland.

“Our duty is to protect the interest of Yoruba people and to defend the interest of Yorubaland. If they plan to come to Yorubaland and attack Yoruba people and their investments, definitely, they will be OPC’s number one enemy.

”OPC has never gone to the Northern state to attack them. So, I do not see any reason, they do not have any record that our organisation has done any negative thing Kaduna, Jos or Bauchi State; why should they come and attack our region,” he added.

He said “We believe that there is a freedom of religion. We do not have religious crisis in our region. You will see muslim and Christian and African religion believer, they intermarry, they relate and they have very good relationship. Like this our festival, we have a lot of Christians participating.

“We do not have crisis of religion and we do not believe any group should come, attack or bomb any strategic place in Yorubaland. If they do, definitely there will be a serious problem”.

Chief Adams however said “before we can active unity in Nigeria, there must be unity in the regions including the Yoruba land. If you want to build a house, you have to start from the home, from the region. By the time we have unity in Yoruba land, it will serve a very good example for other regions because there would have been a precedent laid down by one region to other people to follow.”

Source-Vanguard Nigeria

Casablanca!!!....Prostitutes Rape Pastors In Delta

Wonders shall never end!!!....But who is to be blamed,the prostitutes or the pastors??....Read on...

Two men of God were over the weekend allegedly lured to patronise harlots at a popular brothel at Cable Point, Asaba, the Delta State capital, when they went there to preach to the ladies of easy virtue.

It was learnt that the pastors from a very popular church along Ibusa Road in the state had visited the area to convert and win over the sex workers to their church, but they were themselves seduced by the prostitutes who had sex with them and later burnt their Bibles and clothes.

Sources said the men of God (their names withheld) had resolved in one of their meetings to win many converts, especially the prostitutes who stay in brothels, in order for them to grow their church’s membership.

Cable Point is a notorious stop-over for hoodlums and has the largest number of brothels and casinos in the south-south region.

An eyewitness said that preachers had gained audience with the harlots but after a period of time they were disoriented by the sudden display of breasts and other revealing body parts which reportedly hypnotized the preachers. Their hosts then took them into their rooms where they were said to have performed ‘quickies.’

It was later learnt that fight broke out when the evangelists regained their composure and insisted on not paying the harlots’ bills, arguing that that was not their original mission. During the scuffle, they ladies reportedly burnt the pastors’ Bibles and clothes.

Hmmm...I can`t shout,who do I blame now...???


"I saw Ojukwu through bad times"-Bianca

Bianca with late Ojukwu
Bianca, wife of the late Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, says she is grateful to God to have been able to see her husband through “his very bad times and life challenges”.

She spoke in London when she received Dr Dalhatu Tafida, the Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK, who led senior officials of the mission on a condolence visit to the family.

“Like other times, I will always say I have seen him through very bad times.’

“When the doctors would tell us he wouldn’t make it to morning, but he would always struggle and in the morning he would still be there. But this time, he didn’t struggle; he went peacefully.” she said

Recalling Ojukwu’s last days, Bianca said he had just been discharged from the hospital and was doing very well.

“I have never seen him look so well. He was interactive, very alert and aware, and we will sing him songs, cracked jokes.

“Very surprisingly, his situation which we thought had improved remarkably, suddenly took a turn for the worse.

“I remember I was saying to him, it is getting very cold in this country and we must go home. Are we going to go home? He would nod very emphatically, but he never did make it home.

Ojukwu is a man Nigerians will live to remember,his death is really an end of an era..

Culled from Vanguard

PHOTOS:Mercy Johnson Still looking HOT on set even After Her Wedding

Kristofer and Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson on a movie set in Abuja last week,she still has that hot body after her wedding. 


A picture from the set of her new movie titled The Meeting.She still looks beautiful even though she acted Old woman.

Can you guess this actress?

Patrick Obahiagbon Drops More Missiles On The Death Of Odumegwu Ojukwu

 Make sure you carry your dictionary oooooo

 "The invitation to the Celestial Lodge of the Soul Personality of the irrefrangible and sui ge.neris Ikemba himself-Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu-brings again to focal hiceps and biceps the ephemerality of life. Beyond the state of lachrymoseism his celestial ascension has and would continue to righteously bestow, I do hope however that we take immutable cognition of the fact that the fundamental issues which Ikemba confronted has now even coagulated and ossified into gorgon medusa."

El-rufai's 25 Year Old Daughter Dies In London

The eldest daughter of the former minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nasiru el-Rufai, was found dead in her residence in London yesterday. She was 25 years old.

The cause of her death is still unknown but there was a suspicion of domestic accident.

May the Almighty give him and the rest of the family the strength to bear the loss...So sad!!!!

Photo Credit- Linda Ikeji

BBA Presenter IK Osakioduwa and wife welcome baby girl

Presenter IK Osakioduwa and his beautiful wife Olohi, just welcomed their second child, a beautiful baby girl. Big congrats to them.

Cute baby....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Revealed!!!...Nigerian Pastors Who Are Enemies

You can call it subtle enmity, if you like. But the truth remains that some of our leading pastors are not the best of friends. As a matter of fact while some have been hiding theirs for years, there are those that even up till now cannot stand each other. Not only do they not talk, they readily abuse themselves whenever time permits. Come with us, and let us unmask these preachers of the word as well as serve you the genesis of all their quarrel.


We doubt whether there’s been any war like theirs in Christendom. Hugging the covers of nearly all the major papers in the country for weeks, even the Nigerian police, Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria and Christian association of Nigeria had to wade in at some point.  Okotie, founder of household of God church, accused his next door neighbour, Oyakhilome, of Christ embassy, of hobnobbing with Joshua, whom he described as a shamman, thus, contaminating the Body of Christ. And hell was literally let loose. Other men of God took sides and the war raged and raged. Till today, Okotie and Oyakhilome don’t relate. Likewise Okotie and Joshua, front man of synagogue church of all nations.

Their disagreement then shocked a lot of people. Do you know why? Both of them used to be so close. They attended the same University of Nigeria, Nsukka where the fire of their friendship was ignited; were each other’s ‘best man’ and so on. Even when Okotie was reigning as a pop star, madubuko was backing him up from a corner as a D.J.
With the coming of household of God church, Okotie put Madubuko in charge of the healing ministry. Then, one day, one unforgettable day, he ordered madubuko out of the church – with a stern warning never to step into the church again. Of course, things ceased to be the same again for the two former close friends – even though, lately they’ve been trying to patch it up.

Hate him, like him, Pastor Tunde Bakare does not care. One other noticeable thing about him is that there is nobody he cannot chastise in the body of Christ or take on, one on one.
Obviously the Pentecostal radical, Bakare is not a supporter of some of the things they do Oyedepo winners chapel – for example, anointing oil, handkerchief and so on – and repeatedly, he has criticized that. Even though Oyedepo has never responded to his criticisms, it should be expected that he wouldn’t be happy with him. Bakare pastors the latter rain assembly while Oyedepo is the G.O of winners’ chapel.

Anwuzia and Agboli are brothers. They both come from Delta state and used to have a very chummy relationship until a wedge of asunder was put in between them. Like Adeyemi and Adegboyega, Agboli used to work for Anwuzia. But upon deciding to run with his destiny, palaver started – and till today, it still hasn’t been properly sorted out. Anwuzia started Zoe Ministries while Agboli is behind Victorious Army Ministries

Adeyemi pastors Daystar Christian centre while Adegboyega  is in charge of Rhema Chapel International. Before now, however, the former used to work for the latter. In fact, he was in charge of the latter’s Lagos branch and until he exited the ministry, both of them had a fantastic relationship. The rythm of the music only changed when Adeyemi said he wanted to be on his own. And till date, the relationship hasn’t been restored to its former state – owing majorly to how some issues were handled at the thick of the crisis.


Culled From Yes! Magazine

Photo of the day!!!!!...Headless Driver

Imagine u a passenger inside dis car,U didn't notice until 12am but u are already on d highway travelling to East.....wetin u go do oooo??

Another Girl Molested For Stealing Blackberry(BB) Phone

From Reports,this is the third girl caught and posted on the internet for stealing a BB phone.But is it a must you use BB and why is it girls all the time....???

Boko Haram attack police station, bank and beer parlour,3 injured

Boko Haram is at it again,but let`s give glory to God that no lives was lost this time.This is how Vanguard reported the incident:

Three policemen were shot and injured when suspected members of Islamist sect Boko Haram attacked a police station, a bank and a beer parlour in Yobe state, a security official said Sunday.

The gunmen threw explosives into a police station and an abandoned beer parlour in the town of Geidam, 160 kilometres (100 miles) from the state capital Damaturu, residents had said.

The attackers, armed with Kalashnikov rifles, also bombed a bank near the police station and carted away money from its vault.

Six churches, a shopping complex owned by a Christian and 11 cars parked therein were also destroyed by the assailants, he stated.

During the police station attack the assailants freed detained suspects and set the premises ablaze, making off with arms and ammunition, a senior official of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in Geidam town said.

A resident who stumbled while fleeing the scene of the attacks on Saturday also sustained injury, the source said, adding that the four injured people were being treated on Sunday at the town’s government hospital.

“Three policemen sustained gunshot wounds and a civilian resident also sustained injuries when he tumbled as he was scampering to safety,” the official said via telephone from Geidam.

Geidam is the home town of the Yobe state governor Ibrahim Gaidam.

Seven other shops were also broken into and looted, the source said.

“It was a miracle that no deaths were recorded given the scale of destruction resulting from the attacks,” said the official.

Police authorities on Sunday declined to comment on the incident.

The Boko Haram sect has claimed responsibility for multiple gun, bomb and suicide attacks this month in Damatur, targeting police and churches and killing 150 people.

The group also claimed responsibility for the August attack on the UN building in Abuja which claimed 24 lives.


Picture:Susan Peters shows love to Enebeli Elebuwa

Multiple award winning actress Susan peters during the week joined the rest of her colleagues in the movie industry to show love to the ailing veteran actor, Enebeli Elebuwa as she visited him at St Luke’s hospital, Sabo, Yaba, where the actor is currently on admission.

Other Nollywood practitioners who have equally visited the ailing actor at the hospital included Omotola Jalade, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Emeka Rising, Alex Eyengho, Segun Arinze and a host of others.

Enebeli needs the support and encouragement of well-meaning Nigerians to stay alive. Let’s join hands to save a soul .

Source-Vanguard Nigeria


This Wiz-Kid sef,the guy no dey tire...????....I wonder what this little boy sees in older women.Now the news circulating round town is him dating a lady much older than him.

 The lady,Lillian Unachukwu,a Lagos big babe and the brain behind Liam, the Nigeria’s first fashion consulting agency, is alleged to be having a sizzling romance with rave of the moment Wizkid.

According to source, the two have been in the guarded relationship for some time now but only few people close to Wiz kid were aware of the relationship.

The two have been spotted many times together at a couple of shows.

Wizkid’s alleged love for older women is what sent tongues wagging about their romance.

Lillian is said to be the most prominent among is numerous girlfriend.

Lillian has styled likes of 2Face, Dakore Egbuson, Gbemi olateru, Funke Akindele, Mo’cheddah, Betty Irabor, Toolz, M.I, DIPP, Bracket among other top celebrities.

Three Men Rape 16-Year Old Girl

Three men were on Thursday arraigned at an Ejigbo Magistrates’ Court in Lagos, for allegedly having unlawful carnal knowledge of a 16-year-old girl.

The accused, Lateef Basiru, 26; Hassan Asunmo, 20; and Niyi Oni, 21, were arraigned on a three-count charge of conspiracy, abduction and rape.

The prosecutor, Inspector Olakunle Shonibare, told the court that the accused persons committed the offence on November 13, at 16, Adegboyega St., Akesan, Ejigbo in Lagos.

Shonibare said that they abducted the girl on her way to school and unlawfully had carnal knowledge of her.

He said that the offence contravened Sections 225, 357 and 516 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Lagos State.

The accused persons, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Magistrate, Mrs. S. O. Solebo, granted them bail in the like sum of N200,000 and two sureties in like sum each.

She adjourned the case till January 18 for definite hearing.

Source-P.M News Nigeria

Saturday, November 26, 2011

MORE PICTURES From Chinedu Ikedieze`s(AKI) Wedding.

 Chinedu Ikedieze(AKI) got married to his lovely fiancee of three years, Nneoma  Nwajah yesterday in Mbano Imo state.It was real fun as you can see from the pics.Some governors even attended.The church wedding is coming up on Dec 10th in Lagos.

continue to see more pics after the cut:

Pics from Chinedu Ikezie(Aki)Traditional Marraige Earlier Today

Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikezie(Aki)married Nneoma Hope Nwajah today at her home town in Mbano, Imo State.

Big Congrats to the newly wedded couple

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Hon Obahiagbon on The Removal of Farida Waziri

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon on the Removal of Farida Waziri as EFCC's Chair Person.

The Vaudeville of ratiocinations as to why Farida Waziri was committed to Presidential harakari is not of the moment to me hoc loco. It suffices for me to reiteratee for the upteenth time that for any serious pugilism towards cleansing the Augean stables and cesspool of corruption to suceed in Nigeria. Our major anti-corruption armanda-the EFCC-must per force be extricated from executive suzerainty which renders it susceptible to odoriferous and harum scarum paternalistic invention. Save and until this is done in the mode of appointment of the anti- corruption czar, a guareanteed tenure and an unmanacled modus operandi, I dare posit that the fight itself suffers from an institutional thalidomide, abovo. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

Husband Catches Wife Having Sex in Car With Boyfriend at their Son's Funeral

A Norton man has been left traumatised after he stumbled upon his wife bonking with another man in a car, just two days after burying their son.

Mourners were left shell-shocked after Nelia Mhlanga (25) was found pants down with Jason Sibanda who is also married in the back seat of the car parked near Kudzanai Beerhall.

“What we witnessed here in Norton this morning is taboo,” said one of the mourners. “Imagine a woman who buried her child two days ago is already having sex with a married man before the relatives depart.

“Kusiya murume wake akarara nehanzvadzi yake iye kwava kunotora murume wemunhu; zvinonyadzisa,” said one of the mourners. (She left her husband and her brother who were both asleep in the house and proceeded to go out and have sex with a married man; it is shameful.) Nelia buried her child on Friday and relatives were still gathered at House No. K1219 Katanga where she sneaked and had a quality time with Jason over night.

Nelia told her husband Hardlife Manduka (30) that she was going to collect her mobile phone from a friend before spending the whole night with Jason.

Nelia confirmed that she had been having an affair with Jason.

“Yes I was found having sex with Jason this morning,” said Nelia. “We have been doing this since June in the car and in my house when my husband occasionally visits Botswana.

“I discovered later that Jason was married and we continued after his wife stumbled upon us twice in my bedroom as we had sex.”

“Hardlife has not been supporting me and the two kids financially. In fact my child died due to malnutrition. If he fails to forgive me I will go to South Africa to look for a job because all my relatives are against me after this,” said Nelia.

Jason fled the house leaving his car.

Jason’s wife Melissa Shoko (27) said that she discovered the affair after Jason left Nelia’s mobile phone in his pocket.

“He lied to me that he was arrested for public drinking last night and I quickly suspected that he was with Nelia,” said Melissa.

“I found him twice on Nelia’s bed. I knew that he was lying to me this time around. At one time I called his sister named Charity and we found them naked in Nelia’s bedroom some time in June when my child was just three-months-old.”

Hardlife said that he was lucky to discover this while Nelia’s parents were there and he will leave everything to them to decide the way forward.

Hardlife felt pained as he was still mourning his one-year-old child who passed away last week. “I am still mourning my child and this pains me very much,” said Hardlife. “I did not look for her after she told me that she was going to collect her phone from a friend. Little did I know that it was a boyfriend she was with before I was called by my friends at around 6am to find them busy in that dirty old car!”

“I am lucky that her relatives are here including her brother who disciplined her with a whip. They will talk to me and help me find a way forward. As of me; I love my wife and I did not expect this from her,” said Hardlife.

“Ndabatwa sha chihure chaicho handichazvipamhidza zvakare,” said Jason. “It is my third time being found having sex with that woman and I feel ashamed of that now. As we speak my wife is very cross about it and I love my wife I will never bonk that woman again, it is over.”

Nollywood Actor Chinedu Ikedieze(Aki) weds Nneoma today

Nollywood bigwigs will gather in Mbano, Imo state today for the traditional marriage between star actor, Chinedu Ikedieze (MFR) a.k.a Aki and Nneoma Nwaijah.

The ceremony which will hold at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church Primary School field, Obolo Isiala Mbano, Imo state will witness scores of Nollywood stars like the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN) Segun Arinze who we gathered had put aside every other engagement for today’s event.

Others are Oby Edozien, veteran actor, Ejike Asiegbu who hails from Abia the home state of the groom, among others. The Bende, Abia state born pint-sized actor will on December 10, 2011 seal his marriage vows with Nneoma in a white wedding.

Osita Iheme(Paw-Paw) is expected to be his best man.
osita iheme(pawpaw)

Its Don Jazzy`s Birthday Today!!!!

Nigeria's number one music producer and C.E.O of Mohits Records,Don Jazzy adds another year.Today also happens to be his father (Mr collins)'s birthday.

We wish them more fruitful years ahead...

Follow this link to check on Don Jazzy`s Father picture.


Breaking News:Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu is Dead!

Reports reaching Naija gossip now is that Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu(The Ikemba of Nnewi)is dead.This is a big loss to us in Nigeria.

More details later