Saturday, October 29, 2011

Revealed!!!...Reason Why Sam-Loco Never Allowed His Children Into Acting

Bismarch Efe
Sam Loco’s eldest son, Bismarch Efe explained why his Dad did not encouraged his children to take after him in the area of acting.This was what he said:

"We grew up in Benin and we are also popular in our own rights not because of him. But because of who we are, he never encouraged us to go into acting.

Maybe, he didn’t really like acting as a profession. He may have liked it for himself ,but not for his children to be part of the profession. Until recently, the industry was not very rewarding. He suffered a lot and went through a lot of difficulties to achieve what he achieved in life. That could be part of the reason he didn’t want us to go into the profession . Because he never knew what the future would hold in stock for us."

This is not the only experience we have heard of some celebrities not encouraging their children to take after them,but what do you think could be their major reasons,because,it is the joy of every father to see his children took after him,but its a different ball game,most especially in the celeb world?

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