Monday, October 24, 2011

"I love cool sex" – Biodun Okeowo

Courteous actress, Biodun Okeowo of ‘Tolani Oshinrin’ fame, is unarguably one of the actresses swiftly expanding in profile in Nollywood. The graduate of Communication Arts from Lagos State University has got good talents in interpreting movie roles. And coupled with her alluring beauty, titillating looks and intelligence, she emerges one of the most-sought-after actresses in the Yoruba variety of Nollywood.

Enjoy the excerpts from the interview she had of recent:

 So you do eat in public like this?

Yeah, but I do that only once in a while.

I see you’re not taking meat; why?

I don’t eat meat.


I’m a vegetarian.

Anyway, what are you cooking movie wise?

I just completed the shooting of a new movie entitled Ife Nsiere, meaning love is crazy. So expect it between now and maybe next year.

Why would it take so long for its release?

It’ll take long because we have to do the editing, the sound track, and so many other things. We also need enough awareness for the movie, if you’ve forgotten.

What’s the story line of the movie?

Ife Nsiere is about lesbianism, marriage, betrayal and love. I’ll take it up from the area of lesbianism. It centres on Tayo, a married woman, whose husband loses his job at some point. Despite that, she remains a very good but very fashionable woman. In the long run, she meets with some old friends, who introduce her to the world of lesbianism. From there, trouble ensues.

Who’re the cast in the movie?

I’ve Fathia Balogun, Kunle Adegbite, Ayo Adesanya, Lola Magret, Kola Olaiya, Ajala Jalingo and many others that did extremely well in the movie.

What message are you trying to pass across to your fans through this movie?

I want people to know that there’s no profit in lesbianism. I want to also fault this common saying that love is crazy; love’s not crazy, neither is it blind. I want people to also know marriage is meant to be persevered. House wives shouldn’t just jump to conclusion when, maybe, they see lipstick stains on their husband’s clothes and think that he’s had something to do with another woman. Maybe, there might have been a collision with a woman while on his way home, who knows? More so, the story teaches that we shouldn’t take matters to our friends. Take your issues to your mother in-law or elders in the family; they are in the best position to guide you. Or, at best, take it to God in prayer. Your friend may mislead you if he or she lacks experience. Above all, the story teaches that all that glitters is not gold.

Was the story line carved from your personal experience or from imagination?

I got the inspiration from what’s happening around me.

Have you once been accused of lesbianism?

Yes, I’ve been accused once with a colleague, Dayo Amusa. I wasn’t even aware that such an act was going on in the industry until I read the story. To me, the act is simply immoral.

You’re one of the single mothers around in the showbiz industry; how’s it been coping with two kids?

I’m no longer a single mother. I’m now married.

Who’s the lucky man?

I’m sorry, no comments on that.

What qualities do you look for in a man?

I love a caring, loving and God-fearing man.

What about sex, or are you shy to talk about your take on sex?

No, sex is good, and it should only be done between married people. As for me, I love it cool.

What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage?

I learnt perseverance and patience.

So, what are your thoughts about marriage?

Marriage is a learning ground. It’s supposed to be something every human being should aspire to and be proud of. But it’s not a bed of

What’s your take on Baba Suwe’s arrest?

I’m so sad. The truth of the matter’s that I cried when I got wind of the whole issue. I pitied him so much when he lost his wife, Moladun. And now that this is happening, it’s like double tragedy for him. I only pray that God will bring him out of this.

Of what effect do you think this issue will have on the industry?

It’s going to have a very, very bad effect on the industry. Peoples’ impression about Nigerian artistes may begin to change drastically, that we are drug pushers. It’s too pathetic! I’m sure that when anyone of us wants to travel henceforth, they’re going to scrutinise us to the extreme.

Some actors I spoke with not quite long ago attributed the silly act to the poor living condition of some Yoruba actors, do you subscribe to that?

I don’t! Those that were arrested don’t make up one percent of the industry. Those who did it may have done so because of covetousness.

Do you also subscribe to the insinuations that Yoruba actors are not well remunerated?

That’s a blatant lie! We’re well paid. It’s only the quacks amongst us that would make such a ridiculous comment. I just finished shooting my movie. I’ll tell you that not less than N3m was spent on the movie. Artistes that featured in the movie were well paid. Go and ask them.

Some Yoruba movies are quite below standard, why?

It’s the loafers amongst us, as I earlier said, who produce the low standard movies. And I pray that God will soon sweep them away.


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