Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Chelsea sent Pa Okunsanwo to the grave

A 70-year old man, Pa Tayo Okunsanwo, a staunch supporter of former Premier League champions, Chelsea collapsed and died after the team he supported lost 1-3 to defending champions, Manchester United at Old Trafford, September 18.

September 18th 2011, Pa Okusanwo left his apartment at 34 Adebiyi Street Shomolu, Lagos down the street to a viewing centre located about six houses away.

Pa Okunsanwo, was definitely not prepared for what awaited him when he left his apartment to the viewing centre. With a strong belief in the ability of Chelsea players and their young coach, the septugenarian supporter was sure of victory for the Blues.

Before the end of the match Man United were 3-1 up and the Chelsea man began showing signs of distress. He made attempt to stand up to go but couldn’t.

Eye witness account has it that Pa Okunsanwo managed to stand on his feet but soon went down like a sack. “He collapsed and became speechless. He could not talk again,” Debadola Okunsanwo, son of the late Chelsea supporter recounted.

”Soon after my dad collapsed, I was informed on phone and I rushed down to the place. My father could not say one word when we took him to the house. Before we prepared to go to the hospital, he had given up the ghost,” the son recalled.

He said the body of the late septugenerian had since been taken to Ogun state and buried.


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